It’s that time again . Don’t miss out

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It’s back with a little twist For 24 hours I will upvote every comment that is following me with a 100% upvote . For the 1st 12 hours and a 50% upvote for the final 12. This is a way to help the community grow a little. I hope my voting power runs out! I will continue doing this every week going forward as a way to help the community . Only one comment will be upvoted per steemian. And you must RESTEEM It.

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This is cool, thank you Sir! upvoted & still following :P

You did great less than 30 minutes . Now waiting on resteem.

i did, later!

Awe man I wanted to be first...but my browser crashed!


Lol , “sorry try again next time”. #2

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

ok, i put out the words to the comedy community, you should have a mob coming soon :P

Thanks you for information in Discord

you're most welcome @armiaaceh

Thanks my friend

Thanks @richard-921, will bring in more friends here too!

Thank you very much

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great stuff mate! Upvoted and Resteemed


Yeah....another round of mindless free upvotes!

100% upvoted to the Big R!

Thanks only way for it to go viral is for everyone to resteem!

Honestly my follow list is dead to none, seriously doubt it would help but resteem to help out, hope others will help spread the word, personally, I was told by dj123, that's how real word of mouth start spreading.

BTW. not everyone can resteem, serious bloggers will support you but they may not want to clog up their feed, just giving feedback, hope it helps!

True I noticed it.

Thank you Richard, appreciate your generosity. When you have time come have a laugh at #comedyopenmic, lots of great entries and fun people there!

Thanks Richard! Followed and upvote 100%

Thanks a lot

First!!! Ooooh goddamn internet explorer.

It happens

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i saw what you did there punk!

oh yeah congrats on your Rep 50 achievement!

I love this so much @richard-921 . I've taken your lead and decided to search out my followers and vote them up. You're right this does help the community grow and it is very encouraging for new users especially. You rock!

I’m trying last time it took hours to get first comment. #1

well, I happened to be checking my feed and you were on top. I followed you a few weeks ago. Im glad you are getting the attention you deserve. Trying to get noticed and good things on this platform is really tough. If only the whales would take the time to encourage random people who follow them there would be a lot more interest and growth here. We need to hit critical mass before the competition catches up.

I am new here, but I think I am generally on board with this community support venture.
There are so many interesting posts on community issues, so much to learn for a newbie to start out on the right foot, so to speak.

you win @cflclosers..... argggh! Will try to beat you next time :P

Incredible movement of you my brother, I really hope this is always there to grow. already I follow you, vote you and resteem!


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you're such suck-up Rassy! Dick is cool, but COM (@comedyopenmic)...that's an outstanding movement! ;)

COM is growing, it's also because of your hard work. I always support!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

daem it your suck-up is like A-grade Rassy! Now learn to upvote others.

Ha ha I’m watching and listening

these are some of the guys from the #comedyopenmic community, we're mostly just mucking around ;P

Watching you guys and gals

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi Richard,

I see a potential in your to become an influential curator, but before I make a suggession,

I want to ask you a question, do you think this post is successful mainly because you did something special the last 2 times (like asking for re-steem) that you didn't do before, or because you got leaders here with influence that brought a generous, united, etiquette communities to come support your generosity:



Also notice the ratio of quality=generous viewers jumped up?

8 upvote: 71 views (1 : 8.8)


80 upvotes: 365 views (1 : 4.5)

Did you think this was like mostly your effort, or mostly a community driven initiative?

Okay, always my bro ;)

What no token thank you upvote u still haven't learn huh? ;)

Yes, thank you so much for your support.

lhieh,,, hahaa

Thanks Richard, all the best with your upvote drive.

Done! Resteemed hopes this goes viral for you, good luck Richard!


Thank you @richard-921, really appreciate your generosity!

My pleasure you are # 3 don’t forget to Resteem!

done! Resteemed!

Great now sit back relax till payout

I dig this so much! Keep dreaming big!

This is actually a really generous promotion, thankyou.

Yes Commander! Re-Steemed and already Followed!

Thanks @richard-921. Hope this brings you more followers.

Thanks @richard-921, the steps you take are very beneficial for the development of communities and individuals. as well as inject new vigor to the steemian around the world.

best regard,
Chairman Of Steemit Community Indonesia

Thanks @richard-921
Hope u can help and always respect to build anyone

Thanks @gentlebot

@richard-921, i know this information from @dj123 and he congrats me for getting upvote from you.

you're welcome

Nice!! Thanks @dj123 for the link!! Following now!

nw, early steemian gets the upvote :p

Thank you!

Glad to be part of the sausage party,very nice of you Mr. Richard. #comedyopenmic

Thank you for your kindness.
This is very helpful.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you :)

stop unfollowing & following me 5 times per day.


This is super cool

Resteemed and upvoted at once!

thanks for the opportunity

Following, thanks for the love!

Well done 👏

Paying this forward! Great stuff!

The fcuk am i late to the party!

Nah you not late, manual upvoting be patient Richard will be back soon

Man you really are awesome...

Right. A good person will not change his promise. It's just that we need to be patient.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Incredibly good for you. Following a public comment will get results. You are one of the kind people for your fellow human beings. From that you will gain enormous success. I risteem you to let people know

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Resteem + Follow CHECK!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

You are amazing, because it has awakened the spirit of a sad plankton like me.
Thank you friend.

Just gave you a follow and resteemed it, thanks in advance richard!

followed and upvoted. This is cool.

Wouldn't it be much more efficient to just delegate SP to people who need the help and putting out good content/curation effort. This seems lazy and pointless.

No fun that way .

love this idea!

Oh this great,i didnt knew that people on steem also happen to be this way..
Thanks buddy...
What should i call you GodFather..

Done resteem @richard-921

Oye ... Lets kill ur VP then

that's the idea...but dang show some gratitude yo

your turn now...

not even a token Thanks....geez tassi you gotta learn to be a better Steemian

Ok imagine you went to visit your aunt and you say hello, walk in and then say ....serve me now...

don't tell me your mom won't slap the manners back into you

Thank you, Boss a real thanx, actually i was like i will thank after an upvote

ooh @richard-921 this is really awesome thanks for giving back to the community . You are so generous

This is so encouraging... thanks for being this generous. You have taken the right step in the right direction.

Good morning @richard-921
This is great work by you. Thanks for being amazing. Now following.

Umm I got to see this post from someone I am following (she resteemed this post). I have to say, this is quite generous of you.
Resteemed for more visibility!

Wow... This is so amazing.
You are such a rare gem. Bless you darling

@richard-921 thank you for a kind heart. You are my mentor. I follow you now. I resteem your post.

Thanks for the opportunity, keep up the good work

Thanks very much for this help I followed upvoted and resteemed

thank you @Richard-921 hopefully sustenance you increase

Oke @richard-921

I am resteem
I am vote
I am follow you

Oh great.. Now that's generous.. And I ain't missing this man.. Hehe

Excellent! I should do this for my followers. Sure, my upvote isn't worth anything, so it's not much compensation for having to read my interminably pretentious semi-Marxist whining, but those poor buggers need to be compensated somehow.

Thank you very much @richard-921 for this show of love to this community. Your type is rare.

Its great offer by you to help community. Impressive one. It will definitely help steemians to grow here. Well done. Now following you and resteemed :-)

It's really good, that you help the community by giving upvotes, thankS!!

Dam I hope am not too late for this upvote party

Great work there!👌💯

Thank you buddy

When I see generosity of this magnitude in supporting others, I feel so humbled.

Thank you for the support and this post has been resteemed.


Thanks for hoping on but it ended at the 24 hour mark . I have to stick to it so that my voting power can recharge. But as they say “Try again next time”

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Great, i upvote and resteemd your post 🙂

Awesome initiative. This is really healthy for the community.

You are too kind sir @richard-921 I dream to grow in this platform to be like you.

It's rare to find kind hearted fellows like you. I follow and resteem this post.


Hello @richard-921

This is a cool and great way of giving back to the community and help the community growing.
I really commend your effort on this.

This is great and encouraging. Welldone and keep it up.

Hi @richard-921

You are really committed to show love through your act of giving back to this community. Kudos to you.

Loyalty. 😊👌👌

i think this is a really great initiative sir richie, am glad to be a pertaker.


Thanks Steem On

I had to rush in to partake of this....

Didn't want to miss the fun

Thanks much for this initiative....
It is very rare to see Philanthropists like you...

This part got me....

I hope my voting power runs out! kind of you...
Thank you!

Wow, already over a hundred comments on this post! It's a good idea though

thanks you dude, thats very kind of you to upvote our comment.

Thank you @richard-921. You're one of a kind on steemit

I hope I didn't come too late. I'm looking forward to more of these twists.

Is it too late? Hope I don't miss out on the next time. Thanks for supporting newbies

Ok you've got my attention - here's my comment and resteem :)

A DJ brought me here! This is very nice of you!

Enjoy was a small reward because voting power was depleted

thank you! Yes I was late... Maybe I'll be first next time :)

Good luck

Up vote and Resteem bro @richard-921. It is rare to find people like you who want to share each other.