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Finally, it happened. Remember my old post about writing to Binance and ask them to list STEEM and SBD?! It was 2 months ago and was one of my best receiving post ever. The community really railed around it and even some Steemit INC people seen it.

Apparently it finally worked.
I'm not taking any credit, I know a lot of other people and popular Steemians did the same but the community effort and I'm sure some of INC efforts finally manged to make it happen!! It's a day I feel very happy to be part of this Steemit adventure :)

I'm really excited for what this says about the future of our community. It shows that we can be very strong as a community and that STEEM is a coin to look for this year and the next.


This is beyond amazing as Binance is a great excahnge and having more options is always great ( especially that it is now hard to make Bittrex account until they fully reopen their doors). I think a lot of Steemians will be happy.

If you do not yet have a Binance account:

Now, when is SBD listing?! :)

Congratulations, all!!!


hmmm, this is a very GOOD NEWS for steem. Long talks away, I do hope that everybody understands this just as good as me.

Congratulations Steemit'ians !

This is so great, man I just can't believe this is finally happening. This will rise Steems price for sure.

It's a very good news, but Chinese new year is coming, I think after the new year, in March, Steem will boom!

This is great news, i know you said you are not taking any credit, but i give you the credit, because you did great in that post and created awareness.

Thanks a lot!! I'm more of a "team-effort" kind of guy to be honest!! But means a lot :)

You are welcome👍

Both modest and with a fabulous beard...

I am about to start trading on Binance, so it is really great news. Thanks for sharing @razvanelulmarin

I think a lot of people will trade more in Binance now!

well maybe not now, when the correction is done

Yes, Binance is a good trading platform in general. I've tried nearly all popular exchanges and found Binance to be most user (trader)-friendly, so to speak.

This is really a big news ... and thanks @razvanelulmarin for proposing it initially, you deserve all the appreciation and accolades.

I honestly would not say this!! I know a lot of other big steemians proposed it as well. I just did my part :)

That is the quality of true gentlemen...never take all the credit.

this is awesome news,now i can ditch poloniex and go binance, i stayed at poloniex cause there was no steem on binance now am moving

holy shit.jpg

Lets see steem grow exponentially!!

Wow, finally! So I don't need to create another trading account to buy and sell steem. I only have binance for now. Thanks for your effort @razvanelulmarin

how good is that -- ooh yeah -- upvoted

Hey i upvoted you so your commitment to list steem and SBD on Binance is a little bit more worth ;) Just a few cents but hopefully due to the Binance listing we will reach moon soon :D Thanks and have a good day.
Greetings from germany

well done!

Amazing like woah! I have been wondering on another means of trading steem, binnace is really an assured link to do so and am really happy this news is coming at this point in time when crypto currencies market trade its at the peak .binnace got a good transaction rate per trade compare to others and am really pleased this community is being favoured because its a platform for tomorrow. Thanks for this great info i will tell out the good news to other steemians who aint aware ..👌👌

Thanks for the news, I was lucky to get into Bittrex before, but I also have a Binance account and might be easier for some other friends. I am still powering up.
Spor la treaba :P

Some sweet sugar

i've posted this comment, or similar to the other posts where i've seen it. great great news, especially in the bitcoin downturn fantastic to see more exchanges listing steem and the price is looking nice too ;)

i've posted this comment, or similar to the other posts where i've seen it. great great news, especially in the bitcoin downturn fantastic to see more exchanges listing steem and the price is looking nice too ;)

Thanks @razvanelulmarin for this info.

a lot of people will be happy about this news. no wonder Steem is doing well with this blood bath.

This is a breaking news indeed! You made my day with this info ;)

Great news...We did it...We will even do more...

U did great,what a milestone.

Next stop, JAXX wallet for SBD?

Or it could have been my post on Dec. 28th, where I actually filled out the coin listing request that did it. Help Get STEEM Listed on Binance.

Thanks for your effort as well.

Was about to Telegram you about this. Hahaha. Our wishes have come true 😄

that's a great new!!

Awesome job man. I hope more news like this will follow.
I had some nearsighted adventures today in the mountains and I'll write about it in the coming days - the "game of the sensorially impaired" has just started -( humming game of thrones theme: nnanannananannanan)

This is really great news @razvanelulmarin! I can see why everyone in the community is excited, rightfully so. When you get listed (finally!) on the #2 exchange, it is definitely something to celebrate about.

I would expect a short term gain/pump...but with Steem, it may keep going!

I would like to note that this is just a small step on the path to the growth we all want & expect to see. Steem is only listed on 5 of the top 15 exchanges now...Binace(2), UpBit(3), Bittrex(10), HitBTC(11), Poloniex(12), Korbit(24), OpenLedger(103) according to CoinMarketCap.


...we still have a LONG way to go, but what a great victory! Let's celebrate the moment and keep steeming on!

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