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So you might be new to precious metals, you might be new to the STEEM Silver Round, you might not have ever seen a Flash Sale.


Okay so let me explain a Flash sale.

Flash sale in the Prcious metals market is a sale, usually happens when a company has an over abundance of an item or when the price of precious metals drop all of a sudden. Well guess what? We are currently seeing a drop in the silver price.


Well this is pretty simple but a little complicated, see when you are minting a round you must lock in a silver price. Usually this price is at spot price. With a project like the Steem Silver round we lock in Silver prices a few times during the pre-sale period, this is one of those times. Well today silver dipped below $17.50. This means that the Team at Steem Silver Round will lock in as many Oz of silver as we can. Which gives us a much better price average.


This also gives the buyers an opportunity to lower their price average to. So lets say you bought 3 rounds at $25.00 and the those same rounds go on a flash sale for $21.00. So the first 3 cost you $75 and the last 3 cost you $63 that would give you a price average of $23. See how it works? So if everyone understand the purpose and the reasoning, the only thing left is the sale!

24 hour flash sale on STEEM Silver Rounds!

Now this sale will only last 24 hours. If you have already made a purchase, you can send me a DM in discord and I will privide you a free shipping code, since you have already paid for shipping once. So lets move on to the good stuff and what you have been waiting for. Now this will be a 3 coin Minimum buy.


Thats right 15% for 24 hours with a minimum buy of 3 rounds. This puts your cost at $20.88 per round, which is almost $4.00 off per round. Plus if this is your second order you will not have to pay for shipping. (You must get the free shipping code from me on discord)


First you gotta go Here then at check out you have to enter coupon code giveme15.

Little something extra for you 1st time buyers. Free shipping on orders of 10 rounds or more, send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you the free shipping code.

Steem Silver Round project is brought to you by @sevinwilson and I am @raybrockman

Here is the link to the Steem Round Website

Remember the giveme15 code only works on orders of 3 rounds or more. Thanks for your support to The Steem Silver Round Project.

Have an awesome weekend!!

For more information on precious metal investing visit us at #steemsilvergold



Done and done buddy!! Hopi g I put the right numbers I to the text box I was so excited!! Thanks!!

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Got the 3 request, appreciate it dwings!

Appreciate all the time effort and sweet sale!!!

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Going to pick up a few but didn't get the email yet :)

Usually takes about 45 mins at the max to recieve the steem to dollar email.

Awesome, sent the order in! 🤑

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Great deal!!!

Thanks saver888

Ah man, missed it by this much.

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Blasted Barnacles.

You jist need to get you 10 so you can get the free shipping as well.

Yes I have, sorry for being so slack🤷‍♂️ 1 for you with 3 for me.

Super tempting to order more....

Damn me and my little spare funds!

Good time to pick up a few or 20 more😎👊

You do have some money in savings still... 😀🤔

Bugger. I should of held off ordering my 10. I don’t have any more funds until after the 1st October

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Very nice idea Ray. Wish i could take advantage

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