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Steem's train goes full steam ahead

Promote posts, shake up the Promoted section and raise the value of Steem's currencies.

Your Vote Counts

You can find the details in this post and in previous #steam4steem posts as well. Also, feel free to ask me in the comment section.
In short, I will use 90% of the posts' reward to burn (delete, deflate) SBD by promoting steemians' posts that someone thought worthwhile to promote already.

This week's promotion amount per post is 0.04 - 3.60 SBD (randomized).

Thank you for supporting this project with your vote! Pipes makes this kind of promotion fundraising post only about once a week, so you can help a lot by spreading the word.

A @tibonova project

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you but I still haven't worked out what all the different values mean. I am doing well (I think) on Steemit after one month however my total is just over two dollars despite really writing and putting stuff up there and finding good things to say about other posts rather than a one word response. I keep on moving some kind of rewards at the top of the wallet because it looks like a good thing to do, I do it randomly because it's there. I am not in this for the short term and hope that my good posts will continue to attract attention without flashy videos or photographs (not that I don't like videos or photos, au contrare) it's just that I'm not ready to put them up yet. So can you explain how to get the best out of my wallet? I am confident I'm doing what I can for the Steemit community otherwise. In careful and easy to understand instructions please. Thank you JV


First: Fill up your profile with avatar, bio, etc.


Will get round to it thank you

good job guys... nice concept...!!!


Thank you!

My upvote for you... Please check my blog and upvote.. Happy steeming !!!



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