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Time flies! The night from yesterday to today it's been exactly 1000 days since I mined my steem account.

A lot changed since April 2016, for me personally as well as for all of us in this project as well as in the whole blockchain space.

I met so many awesome people here that I don't even try to start tagging individuals. Thank you all for being a part of this journey, I'm looking forward to add the next 0 together with you!

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This is the first 1000 day post I have seen =D

Congrats mate and thank you for all of the support over the last two years I have been here. When you first fired up the mining rigs, did you have an idea of where it would lead?

Not at all. I was asked by a non-technical friend to help him mining this new thing, and agreed for a share. I didn't even know what it was intended to be. When I found out by reading the whitepaper some days later I figured it may be huge though and set up a few machines of my own.

lol, how awesome is that.

Aww! ^^ Congratulations! Now that is a number and cheers to adding the next zero!

Also, thank you for making me part of this journey too! :) As I am learning more and more about blockchain lately (trying to be a good student of the block and instead of avoiding it actually read and study it), I think I only now realize slowly how lucky and fortunate I am to be here and that for sure wouldn't have happened without you.

Thank you so, so much for all the work you've done and keep doing for Steem, the community and for all your support. It is greatly appreciated and you've always have set an amazing example to follow. Steem needs people like you!

I'm so glad I helped you find your way here. It's been a perfect match!

be honest... I know price is a low end convo topic... but do you see steem going back up to $3 again.... or was that a short lived moment thanks to those who exited bitconnect buying up all the orders on the market last year? and also that tether fud that shot up the demand for sbd for its pegging utility

Depends on the overall crypto market I'd say. My hopes for Steemit Inc to deliver something good are at an all time low, but when the space recovers and the community keeps creating awesome projects there's a chance.

Nice to see you haven't given up. Witness is up and running again?

Never been down (except for some crashes)

Hm. I guess I was checking my votes at the wrong time.

Wow! Congratulations.
This number 1000 sure looks impressive. More eye catching than if say "3 years".

I can't wait for mine, which is coming next month, FEB-11

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The ocdb whitelist is managed by the ocd curators, they need to find a post of you and upvote it for you to get into the whitelist. Sometimes they make a post where authors can be suggested.
I think it's best to join their discord and get in contact with them directly.

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Congrats! Thanks for everything you've been doing!

herzlichen Glückwunsch @pharesim.
Schön, dass du da bist 😀

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Vielen Dank 🤗

Happy Steem Birthday! Any chance for being in Hamburg mid January? ;)

While we actually are in Germany right now, Hamburg is too far in the north. I had enough cold this year, as soon as we're mobile again we're heading towards Spain.

I have not any other European trip planed for now, except inside France. I will let you know as soon as trips will get planned.


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Thank you!

Amazing milestone @pharesim
1000 days is a great achievement. I wonder what is your rank id on steemd. You must be one of the earliest members right?

Wish you all the best!

ID is 746, but that doesn't say much as how the mining worked it required everyone to have a lot of accounts. If I should guess I'd say probably one of the first 50 users, the number of persons mining was tiny.

I am kinda jealous:P

Good thing we have you around.


Congratulations pharesim... !
I got to know your account when you trailed minnowsupport bot.

Thank you for all you do for the steem community!

Few days ago was my 1 year anniversary but your milestone is far more impressive. Congratulations!

Auf 1000 weitere Tage hier auf der Blockchain! :)

Congratulations! 🎆

Congratulations on achieving this Huge Milestone :)

Congrats! :) Hopefully another 1000 to come.

ein Dino :D

Gratz ! o/°


Hey @pharesim! I still remember when I first joined steemit in summer 2016 and noticed your interesting contribution. Congrats on the 1000 days!

It's been an honor to have met you here!

Is interesting as you are the first one to count the days. People celebrate usually one/2/3 years, other growth in reputation (my case), other the number of followers. Each mark is important if does matter in your world so I am happy for you and I totally agree that people here are one of a kind. Towsands more :)

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That is a lot of days eheheh and I thought I was old in here... Happy to see a lot of the old school and first people that believed from the beginning going strong ☺️👍

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And we remember your name @pharesim ! When you giving us your "LIKE", the day was happier!

Wow, das ist schon mal eine Hausnummer lieber @pharesim! 1000! Viel länger geht doch gar nicht, oder? Schön, dass du immer noch dabei bist - trotz Auszeit. Liebe Grüße an euch drei und einen guten Rutsch in ein spannendes gesundes (gilt auch für das Auto) Jahr 2019 ! ;-)))))

Danke liebe kadna! Wir wünschen dir das selbe!

Glückwunsch @pharesim!

10,000 Tage wären ja echt eine Wucht. Was bis dahin wohl noch passiert.. Naja, auf die nächsten 9000 Tage!

keep it up buddy . lets walk together i. steem

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in steem

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Congratulations on the 1000 days pharesim. I've heard a lot of chatter about how many early adopters to steem ninja-minned a huge chunk of SP in the early days. It must have been such a wild ride from a few cents up to $6-$8 at the market peak.

I'm glad it has changed so many lives for the better. Heres to another 2 years of prosperity on steem 🙂

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The ninja-mine was committed by Steemit Inc to secure their long term funding. Us early miners were risk takers who were lucky enough to find the rudimentary announcement and silly enough to mine a coin we didn't know anything about.

Ha ha. Just shows how much history I don't know fully about. I didn't know exactly what the term ninja-minned was referring too and assumed it meant everyone who minned when steem was so cheap that they got loads in payout for completing the blocks.

I guess it means steemit Inc minned a load before anyone else had access to the blockchain? To secure their funding.

Anyway, it seems like the risk paid off for all the early miners. I'm glad it did 🙂

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Usually new coins were announced with a well made post explaining what it's all about, a link to a whitepaper, descriptions how to mine and precompiled binaries for everyone to participate in the mining process.
Dan only write a few lines with an anonymous account about starting an "experimental blockchain" and gave us a link to the github without further instructions. Most people in the crypto scene those days didn't bother to dig further and skipped it.

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Dan only write a few lines with an anonymous account about starting an "experimental blockchain" and gave us a link to the github without further instructions.

Wow... I can see how it was a risk. Basically, a complete gamble even if you DYOR and found out what the basic concept was, Interesting.

I, like many people, have a 'should have' crypto story. I was working in an easy job that payed quite well in 2010 just after finishing university and a friend advised me to throw a couple of hundred £ into buying bitcoin. I could easily have afforded it at the time but was such a technophobe then that I gave up when I saw that it wasn't simple. Really gutted I didn't get it together to buy at $0.20/btc. My friend sold a portion of what he bought at that time last year and retired at 40.

Life lessons can be a bitch sometimes. Ha ha, he lives on a small holding now growing his own organic food just for something to do. At least I've got somewhere nice to visit in Shropshire 😂

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congratulations, I wish you to double them, good night

Congratulations @pharesim the truth is that I have seen how you support us
Congratulations, I hope you add that 0 I know that if

Congratulations! 10,000 days is something like 27 years, I think. I remember because the Tool album with that name came out around when I was 27.

Congrats @pharesim on 1000 days on Steemit. That’s wonderful and thanks for all you do. Celebrations all around. 🥳 Happy New Year 🥳 🎉

I read your HF 18 Rejection post earlier today as I was reminiscing about the whale experiment.

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Congratulations @pharesim, for 1000 more! exit........

hey ..that made me think of 1000 and 1 night...

as long as the story continues...
happy new steemit year!

Damn almost 3years already here on the platform, I'm still so young compared to you...😅

Congratulations on this BIG achievement! 🎉

Gratulation #pharesim und auf die nächsten 1000.

Noch dazu 1000 Dank für all Deinen Support

Wow what a great milestone and a journey you had :D congratulations

A true Steem Grandpa! Congratz!

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Caught this when I peeked on acidyo’s page. You always came across as down to earth to me. I remember you retired from being a witness, but I never removed my vote, since I was lazy and I just associated you with one of the good guys on this platform. I’m not even sure if you are still a witness! I just know you play SM now. Lol. Congrats on the milestone.

Congrats man ! It was awesome meeting you as well :)

congrats on the super special milestone @phanansim ... hope the new year will be crypto special for all of us :D

wow!!!!!!! i'm only at 600 and something or 26 moons as steemdb says, here's to another 1k!!

Congrats dear @pharesim

Congrats man. This surely feels awesome!

I'm soon coming to my 1st anniversary and it feels like time just ran passed me. I know every day was a hustle but when I look back at it, it was worth it and I hope it will be more worth it in coming years.

Nonetheless, I met a lot of awesome people and I'm eager to find out who I will meet next.


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Congratulations... (I think..) :) Enjoy the next thousand as well.
I agree with your comments on how much things have changed in the crypto space in general.

Congrats I am one third of the way!

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Congrats! Good to have you here. :)

Congratulations! @pharesim

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Congrats man! We haven’t got chance to meet during all these SFs but glad to have you here supporting everyone in any way you can.

It's a mystery to me how we managed to do that. Next year! ;)

Du alter Sack Glückwunsch!

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Congratulations for your 1,000 days this is really somthing special ;)

I'm looking forward to add the next 0 together with you!

man and this is a long time to go and a hopefully high rise for the value of the STEEM coin, and a strong growth of the community ;)

wish you a happy and bright new year 2019

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with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

Oh, I'm jealous. We wanted to be on the way there too at the moment. Unfortunately the car didn't agree, so we're stuck in Germany for some more. Soon, hopefully :)

no reason to be jealous then just later, you can drop by then if you like ;)
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with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

Congratulations @pharesim!
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Congrats on 1000 days ... that means I should have 60 or so days to go for my celebration! Cheers! Look forward to see where this will all be in the next 1000

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