The Steem News @ 8 April 2024 : A PR Service for Steem...

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Top 20 Witness @pennsif asks whether a Public Relations service is needed to promote Steem.

The new Season 17 of the Engagement Challenge has now started with seven new challenges.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about a Steem Video Contest, Promoting Steem on Instagram, Steem in the Web3 Era, Bookmarks for Steemit, a Steem Meetup in Uyo, and Contests on Steem...

1. A PR Service for Steem

Top 20 Witness @pennsif asks whether a Public Relations service is needed to promote Steem through the world's press and media.

It could help rebuild the awareness, the visibility and the credibility of the platform and its community....

What do you think? Would a PR service help Steem?

2. Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 17 - Week 1

The Week 1 Challenges for the new Season 17 of the Engagement Challenge have now been posted...

Pennsif the Witness

After almost 2000 days on Steem I decided it was time to take my contribution to the platform to the next level.

I have therefore set up as a Steem witness... @pennsif.witness

If anyone would like to support what I already do, and what I am planning to do, by giving one of their 30 witness votes to @pennsif.witness I would be hugely grateful.

You can read my full witness announcement here...

@pennsif.witness is now at #19. Thank you to everyone who has voted to help get to this position.

3. Steem Video Contest

@xpilar has launched a contest for people to make promotional videos about Steem.

There is a prize pool of over 46,000 SP in delegations. The judges for the contest will be @xpilar, @stef1 and @pennsif.

The contest will be open until 15 April...

4. Promoting Steem on Instagram

Steem Rep @o1eh has posted the results of his trial paid promotion of Steem on Instagram.

A test budget of around $28 brought in 9 new followers...

5. Steem in the Web3 Era

Korean witness developer @etainclub has now released another instalment of his book on Steem and Web3.0, this time covering voting services like UpVu...

6. Bookmarks for Steemit

Witness developer @moecki has posted an update on his project to develop 'bookmarks' for

7. Steem Meetup in Uyo

Steem Rep @goodybest is hosting a Steem Meetup to celebrate her third anniversary on the platform.

The event is in Uyo, Nigeria on Saturday 13 April...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 98 contests in the latest list with over 650 STEEM in prizes...

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Thank you for the Urdu translation of Steem News.

If I may ask, what kind of translation do you prefer?
Word-for-word or literal (sense-for-sense) translation?

More literal would be better.

What is your first language?


Erm... I dare say, more like word for word. But what difference does it make? If you translate it back to English, it does a fine job.

The problem lies with the Steemit editor, not the translation, and perhaps not even the translator. The Markdown style doesn't support Urdu at all.

I have written something about these issues here some time ago:

In my opinion, the Steemit editor is definitely not equipped for the Urdu language. Formatting can't be done in a reasonable way. The Urdu script flows from right to left, unlike English and most other languages.

Thank you for the Spanish translation of Steem News.

Thank you for the Indonesian translation of Steem News.

Hi @pennsif, Thank you for the steem updade news.
Here is the Hindi translated version of latest Steem News : स्टीम समाचार @ 8 अप्रैल 2024: स्टीम के लिए एक पीआर सेवा...

Thank you for the Hindi translation of Steem News.

Thank you for the Bengali translation of Steem News.

It’s my pleasure.🥰
Thank you very much for presenting all important update news to us. What you are doing is absolutely admirable.

@ pennsif pregunta si se necesita un servicio de Relaciones Públicas para promover Steem a través de la prensa y los medios de comunicación del mundo.

Definitivamente se necesita el servicio de prensa, necesitan mas personas que ayuden a hacer visible a Steem en las redes sociales. Tuve un pensamiento similar, porque no combinar esas noticias que serían regulares con señales de trading en el mercado de criptomonedas?

Creo que además de atraer personas interesadas por las noticias, atraerá traders buscando sacar rendimiento

Yo recientemente inicie otra vez en X (twitter), debido a que perdí mi cuenta anterior :(, comencé a seguir a muchos Steemians por alli incluyendolo a usted amigo

Siga con el buen trabajo, ¿esta vez será mejor un café con crema? ☕

Thank you for your support for the Public Relations service.

How would you combine news about Steem with trading signals in the cryptocurrency market?

Navegando un poco en Twitter, pude notar que las personas además de entretenimiento y noticias, buscan aprender algo y en este caso creo que el enfoque de aprendizaje podrían ser las señales de criptografía


Aquí es donde los traders podrían lucirse con gráficas de señales diarias o semanales, según el conocimiento que hayan adquirido. Tome ese usuario trader como ejemplo, que ha creado una comunidad de más de 65,000 seguidores en twitter haciendo sorteos de criptomonedas, llamando la atención con sus señales de criptografía y además dando cursos a grupos VIP. Pero principalmente mostrando de igual forma casos de exito de operaciones y rendimientos

Noticias de criptografía, señales del mercado, noticias relevantes sobre Steem y sus proyectos a nivel mundial, regional y estatal. ¿Crees que no sería buena idea? ¿O suena complicado?

Screenshot por mi

I am not sure how well that would work on X for Steem.

Entiendo que idea no suene llamativa, de todas maneras seguimos picando piedra amigo, en busca de buenas ideas 💡

Встреча для празднования третьей годовщины на платформе - здорово!

It is good to celebrate anniversaries...

Excelente 🤗

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