The Steem News @ 5 February 2022 - Community Curators & Academy Professors announced...

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Steemit has announced the Community Curators for February.

And also the Professors for Season 6 of the Crypto Academy that is about to begin.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SPUD4STEEM February Winners, Powered Up STEEM, SteemFoods, Steem For Better Life, World Smile Project, a Steem Fast Food Shop in Nigeria, and Contests on Steem...

1. Community Curators for February

Steemit has announced the Community Curators for February...

These new teams will be curating posts in their selected areas with the @steemcurator04-08 accounts now being doubled to 500,000 SP...

2. Crypto Academy Professors for Season 6

Steemit has also announced the Professors for Season 6 of the Crypto Academy - @abdu.navi03 (Pakistan), @dilchamo (Sri Lanka), @fredquantum (Nigeria), @imagen (Venezuela), @kouba01 (Tunisia), @nane15 (Venezuela), @pelon53 (Venezuela), @reddileep (Sri Lanka), @reminiscence01 (Nigeria), @shemul21 (Bangladesh)...

3. SPUD4STEEM February Winners

Organiser @kiwiscanfly has announced the winners of the February SPUD4STEEM - @eii, @mesonia, @abdu.navi03, @malikusman1, @malihafarhan...

4. Powered Up STEEM moves up

The latest stats from @remlaps show continued growth in the amount of STEEM that is powered up.

The past week has seen a 770K increase to 146,000,866 STEEM powered up, equivalent to a value of $46,441,269...

5. New Moderators

@jyoti-thelight has joined the SteemFoods team as Moderator for India...

@bien has been appointed as Philippines Moderator for Steem For Better Life Community...

6. World Smile Project Update

@klen.civil has posted a progress report on World Smile's latest project building a Water System and Public Latrine in Aceh...

@miftahuddin has published a budget report for the project...

7. Steem Fast Food Shop in Nigeria

@eliany has opened a Steem Fast Food Shop in Uyo in Nigeria.

DD's Bukka's menu includes Jollof rice, chicken, Shawarma and pizza - and all can be paid for with STEEM, SBD or TRX...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 107 contests in the latest list with 1,300 STEEM in prizes...

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An awesome Report from you @pennsif. The Grand opening of Steem fast food shop in Uyo is a fine way to create more awareness for Steemit

Buenos datos, muy interesante compartir el artículo de @remlaps, es una información muy valiosa y todo lo demás que compartes aquí.

Thank you so much sir @pennsif for featuring my grand opening post I really appreciate. May you remain blessed

It's a good article where we're aware of new information, current news. Thanks. 👍

This report is great , thank you for updating us


Thank you firiend, you've published the steem news about the new moderators of steem for betterlife and The World Smile Project Update, have a nice day.

We from the Sevengers Team, are very happy to have the opportunity given by the Steemit Team as Community Curators for February for the Theme of Science, Technology & Computing. Thanks You Steemit Team and Steem News.

It is good information for all steemit users to know what is going on and what is what and who is who?

Nice report . ...would love to check out the Steemit restaurant one day

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