The Steem News @ 23 August 2021 - Crypto Academy Recruiting Professors & Promoters

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The Steemit Crypto Academy is recruiting Professors and Promoters for Season 4.

The Cotina team of Comunidad Latina have launched Cotify - a new Telegram notification service.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Scribe & Steemcryptic, the Highest Paid Authors of July, Steem Entrepreneurs Magazine, Steem Kindness Magazine, Communities & Community Accounts, and many more contests...

1. Crypto Academy Recruiting Professors & Promoters

With Season 3 of the Crypto Academy now finished, Steemit have announced that they are recruiting more Professors for Season 4 that will be starting in a couple of weeks.

They are also recruiting for the new role of Crypto Academy Promoter.

Applications for both roles should be made by 11pm UTC on Saturday, August 28th...

2. Cotify - a new notification service

The Cotina team of Comunidad Latina have launched Cotify - a new Telegram notification service for the Steem blockchain.

The service is available in Spanish, Portuguese and English and provides notifications for all the usual activities - votes, comments, replies, delegations etc

3. Scribe is now Steemcryptic

Developer @starlord28 has now moved Scribe and his other tools on to a single home at ...

4. Highest Paid Authors of July

Country Rep @sapwood has produced details of the top 100 highest earning authors on Steem for the month of July.

In top spot is Italy Country Rep and witness @girolamomarotta, followed by @adeljose, @italygame, @wilmer1988 and @beckie96830...

5. Steem Entrepreneurs Magazine

@irawandedy has published the 4th edition of the magazine of the Steem Entrepreneurs Community...

@tucsond has been getting new banners made to help promote the Steem Entrepreneus' 'Go Around' campaign to recruit more businesses to Steem...

One business recently recruited by Steem Entrepreneurs is @moer's Grant Store in North Aceh.

Local Steemian @fajrulakmal99 tested out the STEEM payment option at the store with his purchase of some flipflops, soap, shampoo and toothpaste...

6. Steem Kindness Magazine

@klen.civil has posted the 3rd edition of the Steem Kindness Magazine featuring the activities of @hope.venezuela, Steem Women's Club One Child Thousand Happiness project, and a neighbourhood feeding project in the Philippines run by @sweetspicy, @georgie84 and @steemitcebu...

7. Communities & Community Accounts

Country Rep @toufiq777 has posted an updated version of his list of Communities.

@toufiq777 has included the ranking of the communities by percentage of Active Posters to Total Subscribers...

He has also updated his list of Community Curation accounts and their Steem Power...

8. Contests

@slon21veka's long running 'Graffiti of My City' contest is back for another week.

There is 30 STEEM in prizes, and entries must be in by 29 August...

The Recreative Steem community is running a 'Sports Selfie' contest.

There are @booming votes for the winners, and the contest runs until 26 August...

Round 15 of Steemit Iron Chef is all about potatoes.

As this is the final round of Act 1, there is an extra 50 STEEM in prizes this week...

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