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Applications are now open for Season 5 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Abuse-Watcher is back and fully loaded.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about a Steem Video Contest, Boylikegirl Club, the Free Education Centre, Steemit Philippines, Zero to Witness, and Contests on Steem...

1. Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5

Steemit Inc is inviting communities to apply for Season 5 of the Engagement Challenge.

The closing date for applications is 11:59 pm UTC, on Sunday 2 October...

2. Abuse-Watcher is Back

@abuse-watcher, who was previously active about a year ago, is now back with considerably more downvoting power.

They have the ability to downvote $2,000 per day, and will be on the lookout for plagiarists, spammers, reward farmers and other abusers.

@abuse-watcher will be operating from the Steem Watcher Community run by @rex-sumon and @rme.

In a comment @rme states...

abuse-watcher will only downvote the posts involved in plagiarism, copyright infringement, identity theft, fraudulent activities etc. But, before that we must warn the abuser several times.

We skip steemit investor's micro posts...

@rme has also expressed concern that "there are many communities that are involved in spamming, farming and other types of abuse activities".

These communities are a threat to the entire Steemit platform. Their aim is nothing but looting the reward pool...

3. Video Contest coming up...

Top 20 witness @xpilar is planning a video contest about Steem.

There will be a prize pool of at least 10K SP in delegation.

Look out for the official announcement in World of Xpilar shortly...

4. Boylikegirl Club

Top 20 witness @boylikegirl.wit has posted an update about the development of their Boylikegirl Club app.

One added feature of the app is that it links with the likeID system for extra LIKE coin rewards...

5. Free Education Centre

@klen.civil has posted a progress report on the building of the free education centre in east Aceh.

The construction funded by World Smile Project is now 60% complete...

@irawandedy has also published a finance update for the World Smile Project.

World Smile is currently supporting projects in Indonesia, Venezuela and South Africa...

6. New Moderators for Steemit Philippines

The Steemit Philippines Community, run by @loloy2020 and @juichi, has announced the appointment of @julstamban and @beyonddisability as new Moderators for the Luzon area...

7. Zero to Witness Take 2

@michelangelo3 is following @rexthetech's step-by-step Zero to Witness guide to set up a witness...

8. Contests on Steem

@disconnect continues to publish his comprehensive daily list of current contests on Steem.

There are 67 contests in the latest list with over 500 STEEM in prizes...

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Demasiado se está moviendo el mar, ¿no es así? esto solo me causa mucha emoción, esto hablando con respecto a @ abuse-watcher, será interesante verlo actuar sobre los abusadores dentro de steemit

También voy a estar atenta a la publicación del concurso de Xpilar, esto solo nos llevará a mejor! muchas gracias por compartir toda tu recopilación de noticias

Desempolvaré mis talentos para hablar hacia la cámara jajaja


Yes, both very interesting developments to follow.

Amigo, ¿me recomendarías una publicación para aprender a votar por los testigos?


Very interesting updates, time passes quickly, and the fifth season of the engagement challenge will begin soon.

Today I voted for the new witness @bangla.witness. And I am waiting to see what they do through their reports.

Thanks for sharing.

It will be interesting to follow the reports.

Thanks for sharing conclusion of useful information to us

Thanks for your work! great info.

Dear sir, posted with very important information.💝💗

Thanks for such a details information

Thanks for sharing

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