MARKETING STEEM # 2 : Steem PR : researching Crypto News Sites

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From the feedback to my previous post there seems to be a general consensus that establishing a Public Relations service to promote Steem is a good idea.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment on that post.

I am still working through and absorbing all the feedback but the positive response has spurred me on to make a start on establishing the Steem PR service.

The first stage is research.

I begin that research now with the crypto news world.

Crypto News Services

While the Steem PR service will eventually be targeting a broad range of press and media, the starting point will very much be the crypto news and media.

The two main crypto news services I believe are...

  • Cointelegraph
    Founded in 2013, Cointelegraph claims to be "the leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends".
    It has 8 million users per month.

These two are very much the prime targets but there are many other smaller crypto news services where we are likely to have easier access and better success - certainly initially until we have built up our contacts and awareness of Steem.

These other sites include...

For each of these crypto news sites (and many more I am sure I will find) I will be researching the best entry points to get coverage, as well as building up a list of journalists with their interests and contact details.

Once I have got the crypto news space well covered I will expand my research to the wider press and media around the world who might be receptive to more 'human interest', less 'hard crypto' news from Steem.

How You Can Help

This initial research phase will be a big (and probably never ending) task.

There are many more crypto news sites out there.

If you know of any reputably sites that you read regularly please do put the details in a comment below. Please include the web address, and also any particular journalists you see on the sites who you think might be receptive to stories about Steem.

Developing this Steem PR service is going to be a fascinating, challenging and I hope fruitful journey for all.

I look forward to learning and sharing more.

Thank you



I didn't find time to respond to your previous post, but I'll sneak some thoughts in here. I guess my position is somewhat nuanced. I agree with the sentiments here from @chriddi and here from @danmaruschak. Bringing people in just to have most of them turn around and leave might not be very fruitful. In fact, it might make growth harder since those people may be less likely to come back later. But, I do agree that PR could be helpful.

To me, there are different aspects of promotion to consider. Authors should promote their own blogs (and promoting a blog is more than just dropping a link on Twitter). Community leaders should promote their communities, and general Steem promotion should be targeted at an audience of developers and entrepreneurs. I think that targeting generalized Steem promotion towards an audience of possible bloggers and crypto traders would be less effective, and it might be counterproductive.

I agree with this in your reply to @danmaruschak:

Unfortunately that risk of the initial bad experience has been the case on Steem for as long as I can remember.

But, that means that we already have plenty of evidence of what happens to new social media arrivals when a high percentage of rewards is captured by value-free content. And it's not just here. On the rare occasions when I venture to glance at our breakaway sibling chains, it's mostly just the same content by the same people I was seeing 5 years ago.

Right now (IMO), what we need here are not more authors competing for the SC01/SC02 vote. What we need first are the developers and entrepreneurs who will create the ecosystem that will keep people's attention here. So my strong opinion is that right now efforts at promoting the blockchain should be targeted at that audience - the builders. (If we build it, they will come? 😉). Maybe it would be worth broadening your list to Open Source and Entrepreneurial publications(?), although I can't say that I have any good examples in mind at the moment.

If you know of any reputably sites that you read regularly please do put the details in a comment below.

The ones in my RSS reader are CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk, and you already have those.

The other one that I check regularly is Yahoo! finance. Scrolling through my feed there, most of the stuff comes from CoinDesk, though. So, maybe you've got that covered.

Thank you for this reply. You make some very good points.

I would agree targeting developers - particularly from the Open Source community - would be a very strong play.

Steem has traditionally served as a very useful 'incubation platform' for a variety of projects (which sadly have now departed).

We need somehow to offer a 'Field of Dreams' package for developers and entrepreneurs.

We have a community for testing, and can offer financial support at various levels. Straight up community voting support is the easiest, but there are possibilities with the DAO and maybe the DIP if that is still available.

I wonder what the best places are to reach that open source developer / entrepreneur community? I have never really investigated that area.

It's a great initiative

But the idea of @remlaps is also good

Maybe it would be worth broadening your list to Open Source and Entrepreneurial publications(?)

Thank you.

I am definitely going to investigate the Open Source Developer / Entrepreneur space to seek out some suitable publications.

Happy to help out where i can. If you need a hand just ask

Thank you @welshstacker. Are there any particular sites you use that aren't on my list already?

Thank you for the translation.

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