Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame Week #29 (with @curie sponsorship)

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Welcome to the Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame. Its week 29.  This week we have no  new graduates. There are now 89 redfish growing with us and tracking their road to minnowhood and also 37 graduates. I wish each and every one of you success in growing your account on Steemit. The aim of this challenge is to grow your own SP to 500. To learn more about this initiative please do have a read of the introduction post  .  

 Shameless Promotion

 Like what we are doing?  Dont forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here: 

Do you want to join?

You can join, or leave at any stage, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know that you want in or out.   

Support Each Other

This league gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the accounts you would not normally visit.  Take a look at the league and visit the profiles of one account above you and one account below and lets show each other a little support.

I would like to very much thank @sparkesy43 for doing this the last while.  Its really encouraging to see you use this league to support other like minded people.  We are all trying to grow our accounts, lets support each other.

Redfish Power UP League

Every Wednesday I will be connecting to the SteemSQL database managed by @arcange and gathering details on the Owned SP for each person in the league.The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held when the person joined the league and the average weekly % SP growth will be calculated. The person with the highest % weekly SP growth will be on top of the league. When a person reaches owned SP of 500, they will be removed from the league and added to the Wall of Fame.   


accounts with no growth or powerdowns are not included in the list above


Well done @cadawg being first in the league with a massive power up of 131.467sp since the last league post.  This puts you first in the league.  You will be sent an SBI unit.

@heartbeat1515 you are so close in second place I just have to send you a prize too. 

Congratulations also to @cyrus33, @uyobong, @akomoajong, @wonderwop, @bien   @handofzara, @marblely and @pawpawpaw  as you were all in the top 10 this week with fantastic growth.

Spot Prizes

Lucky number 5 @akomoajong you will be sent 1 SBI unit

Lucky number 15 @buckaroo you will be sent 1 SBI unit.  Congratulations.

 Lucky number 20 @bluerobo you will be sent 1 @SBI unit.

Wall of Fame  

3 new Graduates this week. A big big congratulations to @cryptoyzzy who has been with us for the last 26 weeks.  Also congratulations to @mango-juice and @minhaz007.   You have now graduated and can swim away with the rest of the minnows.  Hope to see you join the Minnow League on @steemcommunity.  You will be send an SBI unit.  You have also earned a place on the Redfish Wall of Fame


Shout out to @cadawg, @akomoajong, @wonderwop , @handofzara @pawpawpaw, @altobee, @cryptocopy, @buckaroo, @zemiatin, @diogosantos, @ykdesign, @theexcelclub, @miguelvargas, @purpletanzanite, @por500bolos, @markgritter, @cwow2, @johnstone, @wizardave. You are all on the home stretch.  Wont be long now before you are minnows.  Keep going everyone.          

Minnow Power Up League

I am delighted to tell you @steemcommunity witness account is now taking names for the Minnow Power Up league.  If you have SP of 500+ we would love you to join.  You can read the introduction post here   

 Help me thank our sponsor

For the last two months we have had sponsorship from @curie.  A big shout out and thank you for the support.  We have also now just secured funding for another 8 weeks.  A second massive thank you!

I would also like to thank @simplymike  and @bengy for their previous support. 

All prizes have been sent

Understanding the STEEM Blockchain Economy

STEEM can be rather complicated, with STEEM, SBD, Resource Credits, Voting Mana, Power UP's, Power Downs, getting your head around it all can be a little daunting.  If you are finding this complicated we have a Free video course explaining it all.  Please do check it out and dont forget to leave a review

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Thanks for the mention. I know my dusty little vote really isn't worth much (yet), but we all have the same goal. We're all powering up and increasing our stake in Steem and every little bit helps. I figure if I can support two fellow league members each week (the ones directly above and below me on the list), then we can all win in the long run.


You are so right. and votes of support have more value than just financial rewards. I really hope more people start to do this. Thank you for being an inspiration


I can't claim the credit for the idea. I saw it elsewhere and thought it would be good to do here.

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Congrats to @altobee and @udow who keep their course better than I do. Keep going, my dears! :)


Thank you so much for your continued support and I keep powering up, slow and steady is good

Thank you for the SBI.
Usually I have been hovering around rank 30. Hopefully I can hang around position 20 a little longer.


you are most welcome, every bit helps. Keep going and you will become a minnow

I made it to first place!!!📣📣📣🎖. Yay! Not too far away from being a minnow now. 😀👍


great work @cadawg, congratulations yeppeeeeee


Also just remembered I unvoted a witness a couple weeks ago (can't remember who), but that means I had a free slot, guess who got it! Hint (image.png


nice, thank you so so much for your support

I didn't expect I went that high. This make me really happy. Thank you all.

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yepppeeeee you did awesome, I am so glad you are happy, keep it up :-)

I did power up from 492.849SP to exactly 500SP. So, I can't understand the figure above 🤔

Thanks for the sbi

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I just looked at your account and see that yes you are a minnow. Im not sure what happened here but do not fret because next week you will be a celeb and be on the wall of fame


Okay. Thank you!

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I expected to see more first timers on the board given the recent increase in sign ups but I guees they have been slow to start. I will try to send some over as I curate some introduction posts this week. Thanks for the continued effort!

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I plan on trying to recruit more too, looks like steemit inc got on top of the signup backlog. thank you for all of your support

Oh you made me Power up real fast.. Suddenly the idea of having liquid steem dnt matter anymore, i powered it all Up.
Hopefully il be a Minnow by next week

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lol awesome, I will for sure keep my eye out for your 'im a minnow' announcement post :-) and I look forward to you become a celeb and joining the wall of fame

Thank you for keeping Steemit fun!


no problem @handofzara it is my pleasure :-)

Would like to join :)

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no problem, I will add your name for next week, delighted to have you on board

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Good idea - please take me in.


Awesome, glad to have you on board, you will be included in the new post tomorrow

Congratulations to the winners. I muat make it to the top list next week.


is that a challenge you set your self? the new post will be out tomorrow, best of luck

@mamadragana here it is where you can get some powerups. ;)

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Hi, I would like to join.


fantastic, your name has been added and will be included in todays post

This is an awesome projects to help a lot of redfish, thanks for doing this league.

I would love to join it as well 😌


you are most welcome and I would be delighted to have you join. the new post will be out later today