Steem News, Reviews and Gossip #3

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Hay everyone and welcome to my weekly Dtube video

STEEM is at an all year low price, down to 0.74 at the time of writing, the lowest I remember seeing it and I am here over a year now. But fear not fellow steemians and dtubers, this is the most awesome time to be on steemit, watch this video now to find out why.

With the pricing down so low, votes are also worth less, that means for those with lower SP, you really need to keep an eye on your voting weights used. try keep your voting % above 80% and if you vote at 100% strength, then only vote 10 times a day. You can keep an eye on your voting power at

@curie has opened up applications for community support, you can check out their post to see if your community would be eligible

Finally @steemcommunity witness is now bigger and stronger after joining forces with @c-squared. you can check out the announcement posts here:

and the @steemcommunity update is

That's it till next week.

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all time low price

All time low is 7c back in 2016 and 2017. We're 10 times above all time low.

what I was meant to say was the lowest price this year. Oppps

Are you buying some then? :)

You selling at mates rates 🤑

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I will be soon :(

Hmmmmm hmmmmmm

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I'm looking to get a job and being a net buyer again.

7 cents was the lowest really.

Thanks for posting this video!

yes you are correct, what I was meant to say was lowest price this year

Yes you are correct,
What I was meant to say was
Lowest price this year

                 - paulag

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

For all the whale complaines : now is the time to actually buy some Steem. Maybe if it goes down to 50 Cents (everbody is paying for steemfest) xou her 200 sp for just 100$. That will be fun if btc goes up the Hill again.

Do you attend steemfest @paulag?

I wish I was going to steemfest, but family commitments don't allow it.

You don't see me complain, although even though I have never powered down, in Jan my wallets was reading more that $20K, 8 months later and hours and hours of work and now its only worth $5K, but hay whats price when your not selling :-)

You dont complain but i hear it quite frequent as an issue. Some people expect paradise without doing anything for it.

oh the famous expectations gap, lol the publicity for steemit was bad but it never said come and get paid for nothing

And the 2000$ for a cooking recipe are defintely over

That STEEM is getting mighty cheap at $0.71 now. I wish I could get some more but paying for that Steemfest has made a hole.

ah man I wish I had spare fiat

I have also been seeing a lot of voting power depletions lately and I think it also has to do with the amount curation trails being done automatically. While this is a great strategy to support communities, I think it also hurts the user by not leveraging their influence and growth potential by engaging with the trail they support. I continue to prefer manual curation as I find more than enough content to support on a daily basis and have actually needed to lower my upvote percentages to adjust and throttle my own voting power daily. Thanks for the update!

yes I do think for smaller accounts these trials hurt and they are used because people dont understand. Might cover that aspect in next weeks video

I just gonna stay positive (:

Thank you @paulag! and I agree with everything you had to say, so much so, that I'm not going to upvote you now haha. Actually, I let my voting power get down to 70%, so I'm forcing myself not to touch it until I get back to near 100.

Nice haircut too by the way :) And I love hearing what your voice sounds like too (I've been meaning to say that after I first heard it :)

glad you like the hair, it was a rather dramatic change

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