C² Curation Collective 3 month update | Partnership with @steemcommunity witness | NEW @c-cubed curation trail

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Three months have flown by and the C² Curation Collective continues to grow. Nearly 8,000 posts have been upvoted & resteemed through the @c-squared community account after manual curation & review in the C² Discord server.

@c-squared has consistently upvoted over 500 posts each and every week!

What is C²?

The Curation Collective, AKA C² / @c-squared, is a community intended for curators

on the Steem blockchain. Curators share curated links in the C² Discord server; C² voters review submitted posts for spam/plagiarism then upvote & resteem on the @c-squared community account.

Any individual or curation group is welcome to join C² on Discord and request the "curator" role:

  • There are currently 1653 members of the C² Discord community
  • There are currently 213 active curators in the C² Discord community
  • There are currently 35 active voters for the @c-squared community account
  • C² currently supports English, Dutch, Filipino, Indonesian, Spanish & Turkish language posting, with plans to support more languages where there are multiple interested curators and an active community of posters producing content in the language. All non-English posting is reviewed by TWO curators who speak the language before upvote.


  • Provide a community where curators on the Steem blockchain can come together and receive support for their curation efforts;
  • Upvote & resteem under-rewarded authors and great posting on the @c-squared community account;
  • Promote engagement in comments on the STEEM blockchain.

C² - upvoting real posts by real humans


in the #guidelines channel in the C² Discord community (check the pinned notes, pushpin icon upper right, to read the guidelines in the correct order).

Partnership with @steemcommunity witness

@steemcommunity witness

C² is very excited to announce a partnership with the @steemcommunity witness, a witness project run by @abh12345 and @paulag. The @steemcommunity goals fit very nicely with C²:

  • Empowering Curators, Community Leaders, and Minnows.
  • Valuing engagement and positive interactions.

The "curation" part is an obvious fit, and C² also values and promotes engagement through weekly contests. This partnership has already yielded a 500 SP delegation from @steemcommunity to @c-squared to help the curation effort. C² and @steemcommunity witness are looking forward to helping each other grow and achieve our complimentary goals.

Learn more about @steemcommunity witness:

Please consider a vote for the @steemcommunity witness

C Cubed logo 150 px transparency.png

NEW C³ curation trail

We are excited to announce a new function of the @c-cubed account as an available curation trail at SteemAuto.com. Unlike the @c-squared account which upvotes 70-100 posts daily at an average of ~13% vote strength, @c-cubed will cast ~ 10 upvotes daily, all 100% strength votes, on the very best posting curated through C². @c-cubed is already available as a curation trail and voting on the account will begin in the coming week pending some development on the vote bot.

C² recommends that any smaller accounts wanting to support a C² curation trail should follow the @c-cubed trail. The 100% strength upvotes allow a vote trailer without much SP to still leave a vote above the dust threshold.

Curating the Curation Collective. Hmmm, that is C³!

@c-cubed will also continue to be a blog about C². You can expect to see updates about the C² Curation Collective, as well as semi-regular curation posts featuring authors upvoted by C², published on the @c-cubed blog.

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So happy to be partnered with the next big inclusive curation initiative!

This post was shared in the Curation Collective Discord community for curators, and upvoted and resteemed by the @c-squared community account after manual review.

A partnership made in heaven @carlgnash! I can't think of a better connection (both paulag and Asher) who focus so much on engagement, and to hook up with c-squared ... curation and engagement. Perfect :)

I LOVE the idea behind c-cubed too! I had c-squared on auto vote, but get having to turn it on and off during the week because, with all of my own upvoting, it just sucked me dry :) Who was so brilliant to have come up with this one?!! So darn clever :)


C4!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!

awesome initiative :D curation is the name of the game to create a high quality blogging platform~ yo~


C4 haha... I like this. We the bomb



yep! we the bomb!!! XD


I want to apply for curator role in C2 channel.


I think Sir Alien Eyeballs got you sorted out :D Welcome to C2!!!


Yes. Thanks.

fantastic works, your community is really growing. it superb that you have that many curators.

Im so excited about the partnership with @steemcommuity too. I know both my self and Asher are really delighted and we see a bright future together


The future of curation on Steem :D

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as an Indonesian curator, I'm really happy hear it.
A good of collaborations

Congratulations on the partnership! It sounds like an exciting project! :)

Awesome thanks for all that you do :) Hopefully one day I'll see @c-cubed stop on by

Wooo hooo I like it when the best projects start teaming up!

Thanks always for the support. Manual curation is the goodness of the platform

Yeah.. lets curate all together nowww