It's really difficult for me get whale's attention

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It's 7:30 in the morning. I just got out of bed but were still lying down awake for some time and thinking what I was planning to write to my followers. Now I'm remembering that I created a draft yesterday for my next post and I'm ready to roll.

In the comments of my yesterday's post about what would it take to make it full time on Steem, @robertoueti wrote that it's really difficult for him to get whale's attention. And of course you need those high value accounts to upvote your posts, if your goal is to make a significant revenue from Steem.

So today I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts about earning whale's attention.

Let me say 3 things before I start: you can get this attention by accident. Just all of a sudden your ideas might start to resonate with one or two whales. But you can't count on it because just like that they can stop upvoting you too.

If this happens, don't get angry at the whale or even upset. It's a fact of life. Focus on your work, not on the result. You own your work, but results are difficult to predict. It's better not to feel entitled to get those upvotes but continue to work on your craft.

The second thing is we have to presume you are creating real value in your posts in the form of text, pictures, photos, audio, video or any combination of them. Whatever your medium, accompanying text is preferred because people like to skim things for information. This is why longer written posts attract more engagement that a simple picture of my Pinky and Spiky comic. Of course, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. But not everyone feels that way.

And the last thing before I share my ideas is that I don't do any strategic planning, I engage organically with the community regardless with their account status. But this will be my advice for people who like to do things strategically.

OK, with this out of the way, I think you can act very strategically and attract whales attention over time.

The first thing you have to do is to select a whale who is sharing your values. This is very important. There is no point of following a whale who does opposite of what you believe in. Because if you earn theirs attention, then they will click through to see what you are writing about. And if their opinion and value is different from yours, then they will move on or may even give you flags.

The next thing is to read and upvote everything they write for one month. Every post, every comment. Become their shadow. If this is a thoughtful whale, their posts and comments will generate you ideas to leave a comment of your own on their posts every day. And even on their comments of other people's posts. But again, try to add value to the conversation. Never spam. The goal is for you to read as much as possible, to think as much as possible and to give the whale your related ideas to think about.

You don't have to agree with every idea they write about. You can have respectful discussions.

Little by little inevitably this whale will start noticing you. If your ideas add value to the conversation, probably they will start upvoting your comments first. This will not be high value upvotes, obviously. Just a few cents per comment.

You don't stop there, though. From every thoughtful comment you make, you can grab your main idea and expand them into a 500 word posts of your own. This way you will never be short of ideas to write about. You will only be short of time.

It's a good start, right? Because later, if you continue to engage with their posts and comments, they will inevitably click through to your profile and what they will find there will determine if they will want to give you an upvote or not. Of course, you have to understand, good whales are always upvoting many people a day. Therefore they most likely only will give a certain percentage of their vote per post.

One last thing: If you read not only what this whale writes but also what they read, then you can create your posts based on your comments that were inspired by their posts and also inspired by the posts of their network. Always tag your source of your inspirations so that they would be notified. Just like I tagged @robertoueti who inspired me to write this particular post.

If your ideas continue to add value to the conversation, the whales and their friends will come to read your post and give you the upvote.

I hope you will never complain that whales don't upvote you. Remember, attention is never given, attention is earned.

But before earning attention, you have to earn their trust first. That's how it works in real life too. People don't give out 5 dollar bills to strangers.

Hope this helps!

Now my hour is up and I'm ready to go to feed the birds outside and do my 12 pull-ups.

Do you have an experience of attracting whale's attention? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments.


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Again friend terrific advice, I pray again for you my friend, that for all the love, wonderful advice, caring for other’s, that you do, the same will come back to you ten folds. I pray that you will become that whale that you want to be and that you receive your dream. Amen 😇

Thank you my friend! Unless Steem price drops to 5 cents, I don't think it will be possible for me to become a whale any time soon because I would need to earn/invest almost 400000 SP. In today's prices that's over $167000.

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Actually it is true, it is difficult to get whales attention but I stopped worrying about their attention a long time ago. I believe I can build myself up to become a dolphin or whale by making valuable comments and post.

Yes, reaching Dolphin level is possible, but not a fast process just through posting and commenting. Need lots of will to push through every day even when no progress is visible.

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Hi @organduo,
First, thanks so much for the post. That helps a lot to clear my mind to maybe one day I can get attention from some whale.
I'm trying to do a few things that you said, as looking for some themes that they are talking about and put my way of thinking in the posts. I think that the only thing that I need to improve is getting more engage in their posts.
That said, I think that at least I made a huge important friend, which be you ;)

You are welcome, my friend! The future is bright...

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