Full time on Steem?

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I was thinking for a long time about this. What it would take for a person to earn a full time income on Steem?

Obviously, much higher Steem price and it depends on where you live in the world.

Remember the days in the past when the posts would get high rewards? This was largely due to the price factor (coupled with the inflation rate which has been going down every year).

But still some people in my network are making around $12 per post. This of course takes a huge dedication. They post 3 or 4 times a day extremely interesting and useful content and are very active with engagement through comments and curation. They have at least 5 thousand followers. This probably let's them earn close to $1000 worth of Steem a month at current prices.

Obviously this is nowhere near the full-time income in western developed society's but in places like Venezuela, where they say average income per month is around $10, such earning on Steem would be quite easy to make.

Imagine if a person is living in Venezuela, one would need only to generate $0.33 a day. That's less that 1 Steem. And if leaving 25 % for the curators it would be around 1 Steem. But because we get author rewards as 50 % Steem and 50 % Steem Power in reality we need to earn 2 Steem a day then.

Posting 4 times a day that's 0.5 Steem on each post. That's certainly possible within a few months of dedicated engagement and activity.

Also let's assume that a person is actively involved in the curation as well. Then the Steem Power they receive as curation rewards would go towards building up their account without the need to power down.

Yes, earn 2 Steem a day and you can move to Venezuela.

What about 20 Steem a day? That's $100 per month (if we count only liquid Steem). Are there countries where a person could live with $3.33 a day? There probably is. In order to reach this level, you would need to post 4 times a day and each of your posts should earn around 5 Steem. Again, we don't touch the curation. It's for growing your account.

Multiply this 10 times. What about 200 Steem a day? That's $1000 per month (if we count only liquid Steem). In Lithuania it is a good salary. But for this to happen each post should earn around 50 Steem. That's really difficult today. Quite a few of the whales and orcas should be upvoting your posts then.

Multiply this 5 times. This would be 1000 Steem a day or $5000 per month. This is the full time salary in the US. Personally I don't believe it's possible to earn this much Steem today without significant financial investment and be reliant purely on other people's upvotes.

Do you expect yourself going full time on Steem in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Thanks for noticing my post. I hope the community will find it useful.

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Personally I am using steemit as a back up source of income and an investment. Hopefully Steem shares rise enough to make it a legitimate full time option.

Good for financial independence...

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Hello, by chance do you understand the Spanish language, to better comment to this publication ...?


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Hola, no escribí antes por lo que te comenté. Ahora fue que me prestaron la laptop.

Tu publicación ha llamado mi atención por los datos que suministras acerca de Venezuela. Como ya sabes, soy venezolana, y nadie mejor que yo para mencionar algunas cosas al respecto.

but in places like Venezuela, where they say average income per month is around $10, such earning on Steem would be quite easy to make.

1$ en Venezuela, equivale HOY a 2460 bs. (moneda venezolana). El salario mínimo actual MENSUAL en Venezuela, (desde la semana pasada) es de 18.000 Bs. lo que equivale a 7,32$

La inflación en nuestro país avanza enormemente a diario, por lo tanto hoy tenemos un precio en los productos y mañana hay otro precio, destacando que los productos y servicios están cada día más elevados, lo que hace imposible hacer un mercado completo con el sueldo mínimo en Venezuela.

1 kilo de queso, "el día de hoy" está en 8.000 (3,25$), como puedes ver, si una familia compra un kilo de queso, gasta casi la mitad del sueldo. Imagínate cómo una persona alimenta a su familia y paga servicios si solo comprando un producto ya gasta la mitad de su sueldo. Cabe destacar que los 7,32 son mensual por lo tanto, en una quincena un empleado cobraría 3,66$ y los obreros que cobran semanal cobraría en su semana de trabajo 1,83$

Aquí hay muchos casos de desnutrición por esa situación, el salario no alcanza realmente para nada, sin mencionar la escasez de alimentos y medicinas, es por eso que miles de personas salen a diario del país para buscar mejoras en otros paises y poder ayudar a sus familiares que se quedan acá.

Yes, earn 2 Steem a day and you can move to Venezuela.

steemit es una bendición, una gran ayuda para nosotros los venezolanos, una alternativa para poder comprar lo que no se puede con un salario normal aquí en Venezuela, pero cualquiera diría que es mucho... pero la realidad es otra... Hoy tuve que cambiar 20 steem solo para comprar 1 kilo de leche para mis niñas. Si te doy una lista de por lo menos los productos de la cesta básica en Venezuela, te horrorizarías!

Lo que nos queda es orar mucho por mi país para que Dios mejore la economía y la política, lo más pronto posible.

Espero que entiendas todo lo que he escrito. Por eso te pregunté si entiendes el idioma español porque si usas el traductor puede cambiar algunas palabras.
Si hay algo que no entiendas me puedes preguntar.

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Thank you for such a thoughtful comment! In fact, you can expand it a little and it will be your own post. Make it bilingual with translator to maximize engagement.

I'm glad to know Steem is a big help for Venezuela. You can also cross-post on Whaleshares (already on Rudex exchange), Weku (not yet traded on exchanges) and Trybe (not yet traded on exchanges) to maximize your revenue and have several streams of income. This will give you a peace of mind if one stream dries up.

Whatever you do try not to power down Steem Power. Just use the liquid Steem or SBD you earn. This way your account will still be growing and you won't eat everything up. Also when the bull market returns you will be very glad you did.

What tools do you use to exchange Steem to VEF?

En whaleshares tengo que volver a registrarme, se me olvidó el usuario jajaja... aquí también cambian la moneda de whaleshares pero es poquito. Yo uso varias casas de cambio porque verifico cual está pagando en ese momento.... Las que pagan mejor son https://orinoco.io/#/ https://capybaraexchange.com y https://steempays.net/portal (pero esta cobra comision, sin embargo es una de las que paga más) Hay otra, pero solo está en discord que fue la que utilicé ayer, tenia la mejor tasa: cryptoespacio
Gracias por tus consejos. Yo quisiera invertir un poco para multiplicar steem, me llamó la atención tu publicación acerca de invertir en steempower porque escribiste que gana intereses, pero si se presenta una emergencia y lo necesitara, lo devuelven en 13 semanas...imagínate sería mucho tiempo.
y también quiero buscar otras paginas como las que me has mencionado por si acaso ocurriera algo en steemit. Pero que se puedan cambiar, ya que por ahora en Venezuela es dicifil ahorrar... Cuando todo mejores, si Dios quiere, esta seria la mejor manera de ahorrar.
y muchas gracias por la sorpresa... veo que visitaste mi blog. Muchas gracias Dios te bendiga!

Wonderful! With time your situation will improve. I have no doubt about this. Keep up your faith in the goodness of the people...

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That is, Amen.

Happy day.

Some people are getting huge upvotes by bots, so don't let the amount shown make you think they are getting such amount. Many are delegating Steem power which makes their curation upvotes to be decreased.

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Yes, bots make a wrong impression about potential rewards to newbies...

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In Brazil A dollar costs 3.75 BRL. So, I need 1,350 SBD per month to pay all my bills and have some money to invest too.
That means that I need to have 45 SBDs per day. If I lend all my Steem at 17,5% APR, I will need 73000 SP to live just with steem, based in SBD and Steem at a dollar.
I am far away to leave with steem, but and least I can say that I am trying to reach this amount.

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Is 1000 USD a good salary in Brasil?

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It depends... for the majority of capital cities, no. But for cities that are in countryside, yes. It is a good salary.
For me, that live in the Sao Paulo, the most expensive city in Brazil, With that money I pay my rent and my food only.

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Then you must catch the attention of 5 or more whales and 10 or more orcas.

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Yeah.. But it's really difficult for me get their attention :(

I'll try to write my tips about that tomorrow.

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If it is possible, please, send me your post after you finish to read, I won't want to lose that.

Yes, I will do that.

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