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Find some support around 0.80 as big brother btc hover around the 6450 zone. Likely similar movement of light bounce and continue to bleed with the trend. Tested 0.75 when will it test 0.60.

On hourly steem/btc after test new recent low of 0.00012 sure it did attract buyers as steem on discount sales again. Bought some for a short bounce play till around 0.00013 zone which now likely to become a strong support/resistance as multiple touch points in the past. Possible consolidation to continue as we wait for btc to make it's further move.

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stockpile for short : high (more slow bleed)
Short term moving average (day candle) : downtrend
RSI : -
SBD/STEEM : 1.09
Weekly Timeframe : -
24hr change : 6.46%
Marketcap : 238 mil
Volume : 1483 btc i can tell without looking at it, most of it from bithumb again

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