As I said yesterday, bankruptcy is here STEEM = $ 0.12steemCreated with Sketch.

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In today's graph we can clearly see the price drop of STEEM against the USD, reaching a value of $ 0.12 and going down without a brake.

Why does STEEM fall?

For the same reason that the envious did not vote yesterday's forecast, because they believe they know what will happen, and it is not so in bsolute. BitCoin is falling and as is well known, STEEM follows the race, this is because the AltCoin does not have a value by themselves, but as simple copy monkeys follow the trail of the worst cryptocurrency that exists, but at People love shit and swim in it, this is a given.

Tobacco kills, everyone or almost everything smokes; Car smoke pollutes and kills cancer even more than tobacco, everyone has a combustion car; Precooked foods are bad for your health because of the amount of chemicals they carry, everyone eats precooked foods; And so we can continue ...

More than 80% of the western population is silly in the ass, so the tremendous world population expansion will soon be solved.

In short, you warn people to take action, and they do the opposite that you tell them, they even go from reading the truth.

They are cheating you, if you don't believe it, you are a fool


This makes me worry and makes me sad

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I've been warning this since the famous meeting was held, that everything was going to be fine and investors were going to see color.
Luckily I have not put all the capital in STEEM, I would have lost a lot of money.
Either they are linked from BitCoin or this has no solution, as BitCoin does not; Ripple and Stellar remain the only two feasible alternatives, they are a very powerful cryptocurrency technology, transactions in 5 seconds and implemented in almost all Exchanges.

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