Brittany Pettibone reveals Pizzagate Truthers' Ultimate (Censorship Resistant) Weapon -- hint: its being sold off out of Naive fear!!

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Brittany Pettibone joins @titusfrost as the 2nd Pizzagate Movement's Leader advocating Steemit as THE PLACE for Open Source Pizzagate Research

This is an important message that, if you care for the safety of our children, is imperative to heed.

Over the past months, I have reached out both publically and privately to high "ranking" generals in the pizzagate media ecosystem. When Reddit banned you, they moved you to, a centralized clone of reddit that is just as easiy compromised as Reddit itself. When twitter began shadow banning comments, they promoted the centralized (and easily coopted)

The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over expecting a different result...

Though these failing platforms can be used to reach out to audiences, it is imperative that the key platform used by pizzagate and alternative media researchers protects their work from deletion and unwarranted alteration by those with admin privileges on them. Unfortunately, many of the pizzagate community's representatives with the most reach have sadly failed all of us.

Though I will not name names in this post, those who wish to know who these people are can do so by looking through the history of the @beyond_bitcoin twitter account. It is here where I expressed my concerns over the choices of current pizzagate and alternative news research "leaders" to advocate for the insanity of shepherding a wonderful community of researchers into another centralized (and easily infiltrated/censored platform)...

This is a decentralized movement and these leaders have gained significant audiences who trust their judgment and research in the pizzagate/pedogate arena. Leaders, first and foremost, must protect those in their care. In this they have failed you. This may not be intentional in the case of any of them, but I must admit that it is becoming ever clearer to me to realize that as a community there is an ever-growing group of oppressed truth seekers who need a powerful tool that protects all them from being oppressed by the those who would hide the truth in the social media outlets they use. latest sad story

Recently it has been made known that, the popular reddit alternative that many pizzagate leaders have promoted to the community, has been I warned on the @beyond_bitcoin feed within (the coopted) twitter platform.

Watch here:

Sadly, if you are a fellow researcher, these leaders have paved the way for your engagement and hard work to depend on failing centralized technologies! While everyone uplifted them for helping to shed light on the darkness, most of these leaders (other than titus frost) have in truth been simply rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Some, perhaps, intentionally...

Of course many may believe no alternative as powerful as Steem in the fight against censorship even exists. To many, the chance to forever log your research into an immutable database that is seemingly impenetrable to censorship via deletion and alteration from actors both outside and within would seem far too technical to understand let alone expect as a real option. But these are just excuses...because the fact is that open source blockchains with open source front ends are a very powerful means of fighting censorship and even empowering individuals in other ways. When so many are working so hard on putting the pieces together, why risk losing access to your work because you chose the wrong platform?

Though I do not expect them to be experts in Information Technology and Information Security, many of these leaders do not deserve the privilege of this excuse. This is because I personally contacted many of them with warnings against their insanity of supporting failing centralized platforms. But even worse...I also informed them of an epic weapon that could replicate into the hands of any protectors who joined...

I must reemphasize: these leaders were aware of alternatives and either actively or passively chose to promote platforms built on easily co-opted technologies. Before very recently, @titusfrost was the only one I saw in pizzagate who understood the value and intelligence in using and promoting Steem's blockchain for this job. he recently has even been forced to attack one of the leaders in the pizzagate research arena who has actively ignored Steem's existence despite his apparent vast experience in crypto (and guaranteed awareness of steem). But the difficulty of outreach did not stop me and so I have been blessed to offer you each the good news. We have another Pizzagate leader waking up to the tool our community offers!

How it started

Approx 2 weeks ago I reached out to some people who included a good friend of mine, @krnel with some great news. My attempts at outreach in the pizzagate community had finally, after months of behind the scenes messages and requests, caught someone who really listened to me about the dangers of where pizzagate's leadership was directing individuals to do research. Though I did at one point mention that some pizzagate researchers were getting paid to post their research to Steemit, my Leading and Most Salient bait was that Steem is extremely costly (and maybe impossible) to truly censor! I was very serious about this in my explanation and warned her that it was extremely easy for the deep state and corrupt cabals to get to these platforms I kept hearing pizzagate leaders directing others to use.

I gave him the above screenshot from my cell phone that he could use (to cover myself from the "Screenshot or it didnt happen" crowd) and told him to feel free to break this news--which he did at the following link: @officialfuzzy Exclusive on Britt Pettibone to Recommend Steemit on SGTReport

Sadly, she did not bring it up in her SGTReport Interview as she told me she had planned in our twitter private messages (either that or SGT Edited her plug out)...but when I came home from my (nearly internet-free) vacation to see my wifes family in the Philippines, I logged into twitter to receive a great update! Brittany had replied to me with an update on her actions to help the Pizzagate and Alternative media communities.

Below is a screenshot!

She Plugged us on an even Bigger show than SGTs!

When I finally got the chance to sit down and listen to the Hagmann and Hagmann episode I could tell that she cared enough to ensure the (basic) message was given to those who respect her in Hagmann and Hagmann's circles! To me this says that she either forgot to mention in the SGT interview or simply was edited out when she did promote it. Still hoping to find out the truth on this one. But it is safe now to say that Brittany Pettibone actually does care and is not a shill for the pizzagate movement with ulterior motives.

I offered her no money. Only the truth: That there was only Steem. The only thing that exists like steem IS STEEM. And that those who lead the well meaning crowd to centralized systems with an unchecked level of control over users content instead of to the place that made She listened and made a decision based upon the merits of my (at times stubbornly intrusive) arguments. Because I didn't give up and she listened/learned...she finally took a step very few other pizzagate research leaders have taken. As a result, I suspect steemit will reach many thousands of actively searching citizens who want the tools they need to clean up a mess we never wanted to even exist..

Watch the Clip where she Plugs Steemit Below:

Morale of the Story

If you know about the problems people with unpopular opinions/research are having with other Social Media networks, it should be blatantly clear to you that the price of the Steem network is severely undervalued. IT IS THE FIRST blockchain with usability and the power of its own cryptographically secured economy powered by open source journalism and the support from our own Webs of Trust (WoT). People are Searching for an answer and that answer is HERE!

And you are Here:

But we could do so much more if you would help me!

@ everyone
All I need is for people to share this post to twitter using the tool native to, adding @BrittPettibone and ASKING HER TO POST HER NEW PODCAST TO STEEM!
And while you are at it, check her youtube podcast "Virtue of the West"

@ whales
Consider supporting valuable content in the #pizzagate tag to help show these researchers that steemit is a welcoming place for helping give funding to those seeking truth.

In Closing...

I want everyone to realize it only takes 20 minutes per day to start collectively adding to a community outreach effort. Instead of complaining about the price, reading about the price, considering where the price will go...if we all took that time and used it to continue bringing more people to join us, it would give us each far more positive control over the value of steem. And who knows...maybe the process of outreach will help remind you just why Steemit is a sleeping Giant that just needs us to feed it...

And unleash it...

Never give up on what you believe in...

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Article I wrote about how we should reach out to citizen journalists to use steemit


That was an incredibly good post. We agree, this platform is prime for citizen journalists from all walks. The open source nature of the platform will allow the more accurate intelligence to rise to the top.
"get more eyeballs on it, no bug is invisible"
~The Management

Also check out @citizenpresscorp


Thank you! I will check that out!


Sorry for not seeing this response sooner!

Awesome, just flippin' AWESOME!!

I am in contact with her as well, I told her to join. I have told everyone in the #PizzaGate community to join because we have to use platforms like steemit that are decentralized so we are not censored like reddit.

This is an amazing piece of news. Glad to have caught up to it.
Will reshare @phibetaiota and will up-vote and follow.
Thank you for posting this story.
We broke the story of Robert Steele endorsing SteemIt
on the Alex Jones Show and he's mentioned it before on Hagman and Hagman as well. This is getting very interesting!
Keep up the good work!
~The Management

369 votes and 472 views, The powers are watching helpless to do anything for a very pertinent reason :NO IP TRACKING!
Great post and awesome news, don't be disheartened by the experiment, they are not doing anything but trying to help.

Wow. Looks like this post has upset @abit. Good job abit. Use that power you get for running a witness so u can 100% flag my legitimate work!??
ridiculous man...


This might explain it:

It is a test to reduce whale influence and increase dolphin/minnow influence for a brief period.


it is not a well run test though...
i have an idea or two about how to run them. this is more a wildly drawn and half-assed designed experiment. To the point where I would put it on par with throwing spaghetti on the wall and calling it "an experiment" to see what sticks.

does Brittany Pettibone have a steemit account?