Hi @nickyhavey

Congratulations on your first year at Steemit.

I read with great interest and there are many who will recognize what you are writing here on your journey in Steemit.

You are a very talented writer and I hope that many will read your post and give you a voice


Thanks a lot @xpilar for the kind words and awesome support here. Here's to the next year, who knows where it will all be but an exciting time to be involved for sure. Take it easy 🙂

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Cograts on your steemversary and glad you took the time to learn and explore all this place has to offer! I only hope more people will take the time to enjoy what we are all working towards doing here

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Thanks a lot @chekohler, I still feel there is much to learn but the only way to find out is to dive in and explore hey! Patience is key and there definitely is a lot of potential with steem. Take it easy mate 🙂

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Thank you for sharing your journey. Mark Down ^^ hahah. I am hopeful that great content will ultimately be recognized. And thanks for the mention :-)

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Haha Mr Mark Down has been my nemesis at times. So often I have posted and there's a # where there should have been a heading in the blog... Damn him 😂

I agree though, great content will be recognised and I am sure this philosophy will win out. Take it easy big man and thanks for being a supportive legend!

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Nice review of the year with the rollercoaster carousel of feelings 😊.
Be great to see you if you can get to SteemCampUK, but otherwise have a great holiday and see you another time!

Haha roller-coaster carousel is a GREAT way of saying it! Will have to play the April Steemcamp UK by ear I think, would be cool to meet fellow UK steemians. Is there a link for the event or a place I can keep up to date with?

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From the moment I saw, 'Sod it', I knew you were from the UK. Great story and you joined the same month as me. It was very different then, and I think I had an easier time than you do.

There are a lot of us in the UK if you know where to look and there's a SteemCamp in Leicester on April 6th, hosted by @shanibeer and @lloyddavis.

Don't know where you are in the UK, but it will be worth while you coming and getting to know us.

I might just do a story just like yours now.. as Im technically eligible!

Haha, yep, no escaping the slang! Thanks for checking it out and seems like we had a different journey this last year then.

I have seen @steemclubuk and @pennsif post a fair amount about steem activities in the UK, good to know there's a strong contingent here! I'll check the diary for that weekend but it is the weekend just before I go travelling so may have to see where and when the next one is planned for :)

Please tag me in your birthday post then, would like to see another perspective on it all!

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out :)

I'll tag you so you see it. There's a lot of digging to do to get a good story. I'll have to get to work!

Sweet, look forward to that! Better get digging haha

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Well certainly Happy Steem Birthday to you @nickyhavey! This is a great article on your story, your experience on Steemit, and where you’re headed. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by man! Glad you enjoyed the journey! Feel like I need a break after writing that. See you in a year haha 😂

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Good review about your journey steemit is couple with great achievements. Your reputation and posts shows that you have put much work on the platform

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Thanks a lot for checking it out man, appreciate the kind words as well. Here's to another year hey 🙂

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Yes, I believe this year will be more blossom than last year

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There's definitely a lot more activity I'm seeing on social media outside of Steem about this blockchain which is good to see. Let's see how it blossoms 🙂

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What an EPIC journey!!!!! hahahaha!!! I love how CANDID you were with it all! This is honestly the best "1st #STEEM Birthday" post I have ever read! And definitely one which all noobs should read! - @nickyhavey, I am SO glad that we met, that you joined our crazy little family and most of all that despite the frustrations... you decided to stick around!

Oh, and happy birthday sweetie xxx

Haha thanks Jaynie! I can only say it how I see it and glad you enjoyed it, think it will be a while before I write a 4,000 + words blog again though 😂

I am glad we crossed paths as well my friend! A crazy gang in #powerhousecreatives but a very talented one that I am really happy to be a part of!

Cheers me dears 🍷

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Thanks for the mention.. I was going to wait and comment
glad you stuck around #powerhousecreatives ..

Haha thanks for reading through @rebeccabe! Damn you're fast lol! Glad I did too otherwise we wouldn't have met! Take it easy now #powerhousecreatives

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What took me longest is getting through all the names.. haha! Just kidding.. great post .. glad you like it here. And yes I can read fast, depends if it is technical or not.

There are a lot of names haha but that's a good sign that we're growing. I would love to be able to speed read. There's a technique from another book I need to try out as I have 2 x 300 books to read before I go away lol!

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Enjoyed reading that cheers!

A really nice thorough up and down story.

It does seem you have to be technical and get involved with discord to make this place really work for you.

But I'm like you.... now I'm embedded I'm not going anywhere.

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Thanks for taking the time to read it man. I didn't even mention Discord haha, would have made it another 4,000 words lol!

Embedded, now that's a great word! Definitely have a few fingers in pies with the steem blockchain now lol

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Wonderful write-up. It clearly shows just how inactive steemit became last year and the lack of work and effort on their end. It was not till 2019 when some people took it into their own hands and it has been evolving nicely.

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Thanks for stopping by man, let's hope that this new evolution will take the platform to where it should be 🙂

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You made made it possible, you’re blessed with many talents brother, and joining us here is another wonderful thing to all of us. Happy Steemit birthday!

Best wishes in your next coming years @nickyhavey

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Thanks for the look out mate! It's certainly been an interesting journey but there's a lot of good stuff to sink your teeth into here, catch you around brother!

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It's been a pleasure meeting you here mate!

Likewise mate, good banter as always on the SOTA show 😀

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Congrat on your amazing journey! We love to feature your work for @Artzone, I really enjoyed your tutorial lately as well!

The legend himself @edprivat! Thanks for commenting here man and I would have done another walk through video today but this blog pretty much took the whole day 🤣 soon 🙂

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Weeeeehhhh!!! Happy 1 Year Steemitversary!!
Excellent post my demented & euphoric friend!!
I am happy you found your way onto Steemit a year ago & that our paths have crossed, weeeehhh!! <3

Hahaha weeeehhh! Thank you D-vine my demented and euphoric liquid dnb friend! That is one D & E Daffy lol!

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For all your humming and drumming, brother ... you are an excellent writer. As I've said before, the way you employ subtle humor is ... sublime.

"Who is Mark Down?"

All I could think was ... damn, why didn't I think of that?

You have definitely developed "Voice" and that is something most writers never develop.

Glad to have your bruised, battered and war-torn soul still with us. Keep doing your thing and I'll keep doing mine and, in 100 years ... we'll own this place!


I do feel like steemitboard should have a Quillington Badge of Honour on their board whenever you give praise. Thanks for the thumbs up and Mark Down literally came to me as I was writing this one earlier so it was spontaneous rather than planned, as are much of my ramblings.

Is that 100 steem years or 100 human years because the two are vastly different! 1 steem year is about 23.7 human years 🙂

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I agree with you on the 'Quillington Badge'. :p

And... how the heck have you come up with 1 steem yr = 23.7 human years? I say we own it in 7yrs. ;)

Haha, you read my post right? I feel like I aged 23.7 years as I wrote it and read it back lol. 4,000 words... That's almost as long as my undergraduate dissertation haha

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J'ai pas fait le lien :( Désolé.

I read your post when it was 10:30pm and I was completely drained from the day I had. You have my permission to slap my fingers and tsk me, as long as you forgive me. :p

De rien meuf 😁

Haha if I ever make my way to meuf land, I'll remember to give those wrists a slapping and get a tutting haha

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Excellent News - human years!!! I'll be 151, but hey ... age is just a number, right? :-)


It is indeed! It's either 131 years or 2,401 steem years for me. Almost as old as the Grand Sequoia max age!

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Such an inspiring story AND with loads of humor. It's so great that you decided to stay and were able to connect with all these wonderful communities.

I know, the trending section isn't actually "trending" and is filled with posts upvoted by bots. I was shocked too when I first noticed this. It was kinda disappointing, tbh.

But just like you, I got to meet some amazing people which made me wanting to stay. I tried growing my audience and taking part in contests and enter various discord communities to gather attention on my work.

It's difficult to grow organically, I know, but it's so much more worth it when you see people genuinely reading and liking your content.

This was a really awesome read! Thanks for making it. I'll make sure to come back and read it again when I'm writing a post for my Steem anniversary on May ;)

Cheers, buddy! I wish you great success.

Thanks a lot @ayushjalan, appreciate the kind words there.

It seems a few have felt that way regarding the trending page. I think we still have to remember that this platform was the first of it's kind and still in beta so hopefully this creases can be ironed out.

Other than that, there are some amazing communities on here and really think there is something for everyone and if there isn't one for you yet then why not make one?

Seems we are on the same page though with organic growth and it is a great feeling when you've earned a curation vote as you're heading in the right direction.

Please tag me in your 1 year post, would love to read it!

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Sure. I would love to see you there :)

What a great summary of your year on here! I think a lot of people can relate to your journey. It took me well over a year before I found the #powerhousecreatives crew, but by golly I'm glad every day that I finally did! Like you said, there's still plenty of negatives stuff that goes on (kind of like life in general), but there's a whole lot more positive momentum right now to keep us all excited to be here! I'm glad you're sticking around. Now I believe I owe you a check in about the contest...🤣

You and me both @plantstoplanks! I'm grateful to have met you guys and gals in there, crazy bunch that we all are haha!

There is a lot of positives I agree, just feel that something can still be done about the negatives that happen though. Time will tell and let's see what happens in the next year!

Now let's get cracking on the PHC contest you're on the panel of 😂

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Congratulations mate! You have covered this interesting way this year, and I am glad that now you can remember all this. You are a talented musician and this is a fact! I like your music, especially in the style of liquid funk, I know few musicians on Steemit who do it as beautifully in the style of drum and bass and liquid. I'm only 58 days on Steemit and I think that when I celebrate the year on this blockchain, I will also make such an interesting article, and remember how it all happened. Thank you dear friend, I wish you only the best! Keep it up bro! :)

Thanks a lot for the epic words mate and glad you're enjoying the liquid dnb vibes! I heard some of your beats the other day and you have some great sounds too! Need to stop by your profile and see what you've been up to!

Hope you hang around and get a feature on @spotlight.artist as well. Be good to hear the man behind the heaven haha! Enjoy the platform 🙂

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Hehe Happy birthday @nickyhavey!!! I'm glad that after so much 'problems' you've faced and noticed on the blockchain and with people, you're still here and I'm glad that we have you in the family, #powerhousecreatives. I wish that your journey ahead will continue to be awesome! This is a great post summing up everything that means to you in a year journey on Steem and how it has affected you personally. :)

To more years ahead

Thanks a lot zord man! Change is in the air I feel and I am optimistic about the future but I have certainly learnt a lot. I am glad you guys still have me over in #powerhousecreatives and there's so much talent to be inspired by!

Here's to the next year

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Oh god the infernal actifit lol ....



Haha shake your shimmy TygerTyger! Gotta burn those pie calories off 😀

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Interesting read about your last year mate, I still have a way to go since I came to the party late (better late than never right?), been great reading your posts and interacting with you on here =)

Conga rats on your 1 year too =)

Thanks for reading it Don Skaarlioni! Been great to catch you on here as well mate! Look forward to reading your 1 year when you make it there 😉

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Think I jumped on here in about May, I think my post may lack so much detail though lol
“Came to Steemit, posted some stuff...1 year later....still don’t know what’s going on” =P

Haha don't give away everything for the post 😂

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This must be the best 1 yr "review" I have ever read! And this my friend, makes you Steemit citizen of the year award! :P

I like and appreciate all the mentions you put in here that have helped you along the way. Makes people feel good about what they do!

You are a very talented person and Steemit is lucky to have you here. I am glad you are still sticking around. Who knows there might be another talented writer out there who could use the boost in confidence ;)

Cheers to you, your hard work and dedication! <3

Haha thanks a lot meuf! Steemit citizen of the year? Wow, what an honour haha!

It did turn in to a more colossal post than I was anticipating for sure haha. As I was going through it I was remembering all the different communities I joined and the impact they have had on my steem journey. Turns out you can do a hell of a lot in a year without realising it. It's why it's good to look back at what you've done so you don't have that sense of "drifting" - sorry, turning into a blog reply here haha!

I aim to inspire meuf, hopefully this will give hope to those who need it and are wondering if it's worth sticking out. There's a chance to shape the future here, just need to iron out the creases 🙂

Catch you on the inside 🐶

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Absolutely! There so much a person can do to impact another in such a positive way, and in a year, you make waves not ripples, at least you do :p

Haha you're too kind to me meuf 😊 I am but a small drop in this ocean but together we can all make a splash 🌊

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Now it is you that is underestimating yourself. Look at all that you have accomplished! Not many has done as much as you have.

Together we make tidal waves ^_^

Ah gee meuf 😊 I always think I can do more. Maybe it's a result of being constantly told at school that I never reached my full potential, failed tests all the time, had detentions for being a dunce.

Even looking back at what's happened the last year, still feel like I could've done more haha!

Drip drip splash 😁

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Drip drip splash eh ... interesting :P

I understand where you are coming from and even though things for me at school were different I still wanted to help more and thus brought a change of events for me. Now I am tired and have to choose what I do wisely when it comes to helping out. The platform is an awesome way to do it and it makes me feel like I can get somewhere and that it may be truly appreciated. Know that what you do for people is being appreciated as well :)

Haha very interesting 😛

Yes I am getting to the stage where I am going to have to make choices about what I do and where I will be next. Helping and inspiring people is very much a part of the picture and my mission to support as many people as possible remains strong.

This platform could be the place we can push on from and make a big difference to people's lives. Whether it's just a comment, resteem, chat or (eventually and hopefully) getting to a point where our upvote worth will make a big difference to people!

Let's do this meuf!

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I love how you say that there are problems, but you're buoyant about the future.

I am too, let's all build that reality together! (Not without PHC and other fantastic communities) (':

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Thanks @joeylim! I am optimistic but I couldn't stay silent about the problems on the platform, everyone can see it but there's a lot of good eggs here and communities will be the foundation of a strong steem.

Let's keep it going fellow #powerhousecreatives legend 😀

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Great write up. Following your encounter with Sir Mark Down, you seem to have gone from strength to strength and accomplished a lot in one year.
My husband is a web developer, he schooled me in the mark down process. It feels fairly second nature now, but without his early guidance I think it would have been a huge impediment to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and I appreciate the feedback! Yes I like to think I know a little bit more about Mr Mark Down and his wicked ways now 😁

When I looked back to my first blog, there was hardly anything like this. Just some text and pictures and away I went. Now I find myself really taking a lot of care to use the services of Mr Mark Down and it's helped more with structure for sure 🙂

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Happy anniversary. We hope can reach the top. We learn and earn

Thanks a lot @rokhani! Keep going with it too, let's show what hard work and dedication means on the steem blockchain 💪

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Thanks Nathan mate. Seen your tweets about 7 push ups challenge. I have an idea for another challenge - "Touch Your Toes"?

I don't know about you but most concrete blocks have more flexibility than I do so maybe once you've done the push ups, we can get on the flexibility train? What do you say?

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Sorry for the late response!

The #Seven77 is called Seven creative push-ups for 77 days.

So Touch your toes will is cool 😎

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Congrats on your anniversary on Steemit.

Thank you! Here's to the next one 🍻

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Wow congratulations for your birthday! what a comprehensive story you have that i could learn as iam newbie.

Thanks a lot @kheys and I hope you enjoy your steem journey. Look forward to your 1 year post when it comes my friend 🙂

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Happy Steemversary @nickyhavey. Glad to know your journey here on Steem.

I can't get this out of my head now

Who is Mr Mark Down?


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Thanks a lot man! It's been a roller-coaster for sure haha! Oh yes, Mr Mark Down was watching my blogs like a hawk, not much got past him lol!

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I blessing you one year old happy Birthday

Thank you mate! Take it easy hey

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