My 2nd Year on Steemit Anniversary

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It was just an ordinary day in crypto in July 2016, another brand new coin called Steem pumped to 4$, nothing new, but once you started to explore what the coin was about it took me literally 10 minutes to join and create an account. Steem already had a working paying social network platform called Steemit.

Back then Steemit was like a wild west, everything was allowed, everyone wanted to make that special post to attract the whales attention and get that big vote, and the votes were big back then. Suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opened once the Steem Proof of Brain concept was introduced as a new "type of mining" some cryptocurrency. If you had any knowledge about anything and some decent writing skills you could of made a killing on this platform.

Of course any new and radical platform like Steemit would be wildly unprepared for massive audiences and it still is. This is a work in progress, 2.5 years in beta state Steem already had hundreds of thousands steemians come and leave the platform.

Some of us long term believers will stay if Steem goes to the moon or if it crashes and burns. Whatever happens we will deal with it, but leaving the platform while it is still work in progress is not very smart thing to do IMO.

The code changed so many times it is hard to count, voting algorithm, curation rewards, payout period, powerdown period, everything changed and will change again until we make it perfect for anyone involved, investors, bloggers and entrepreneurs. And let's make it a hell for any spammer, scammer or any bad actor willing to do anything bad to get some of that Steem.

It is a long and stressful game filled with huge ups and downs, but in the end only the fittest survive. Evolve with the platform like I did and will continue to do so, and the future will be bright for many more anniversaries to come. Remember BTC Bear won't last forever. Peace out and Steem on!


Awesome! I remember those days two years ago. I am glad that you kept the same faith in this system as then. Good luck in the next two years

Those were some wild days, quite a lot happened in those 2 years. Everything now is just fine.


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Happy birthday @moon32walker! ;))


Special HB graphics, awesome and tnx ;)

Heck yeah! We 'old timers' have certainly seen a lot and the adventure WILL continue to surprise. :D

I definitely think the same :)

I'm also one of those who has a lot of faith in Steemit, when I started on the platform, I was quite skeptical about it, but after a year and a little more, I've kept great hopes about it. And eager to learn more about this world.

Happy anniversary!

I'm staying, and happy to see you staying too! Happy anniversary, my dear friend and steem on;)

Tnx I'm staying for sure! Good to see you stay too ;)

Some of us long term believers will stay if Steem goes to the moon or if it crashes and burns. Whatever happens we will deal with it, but leaving the platform while it is still work in progress is not very smart thing to do IMO.

So true. Silly to leave Steemit when it is in it's dips to go post the same content for free on Facebook and Instagram and etc. And to go more to your point, this place still looks like a less than web 1.0 type of web site, but it's usability and great userbase leaves so much growth because of the fact this is still a big work in progress. Congrats on your two years! Coming up on the two year mark soon as well, it doesn't even seem like that long.

It is not that long, but all the dips and tips were insane. From 4$ to 10 cents, then from 10 cents to 8$ back to 1$ :D Some of us who were here for all that time should get a medal for extremely extremely hard balls of steel.

2 years..
24 months..
104 weeks..
730 days..
17.520 hours..
1.051.200 minutes..

Keep it up..

No place I'd rather be. Tnx :)

Happy Steem anniversary!

Tnx! After Croatia win against England it is even happier :)

TWO YEARS?!?!? WOW, do you feel like a dinosaur yet? :D You were here when it all started and if I am going to believe anyone when they say the bear will go away it is going to be you. Happy steemit birthday honey, and here is to many more to come!

I definitely feel a little bit rusty. But nothing good old WD-40 can't fix :)
I'll drink to that!


I am on Steemit almost everyday, but I have no idea what I should write about...I hope it is just a period and I will have better ideas :) HOWEVER! Gratz so much, 2 years are really long time to be still active.

Tnx! You are experiencing a writers block. Go out, make a baby. Learn yoga :P

:D you are right. I should do some yoga xD

What do you think about steemit 2.0 that dan is going to release on EOS, it seems big competitors to steem are joining in, we will have to fight back, we have first movers advantage but you never know...

I'm also on steem until this crashes and burns, sometimes i put money in other times i take profits out, i like to keep my investments as diversified as i can :)

I don't like to diversify from Steem. Still feels like the best project out there from my perspective. Competition is good, but let's us be real here, everything depends on BTC. Once BTC recovers everything else will recover, probably most of the coins will recover.

My main holdings are STEEM, EOS and VeChain, need to increase my STEEM to get the same % in all three, i like to diversify because i don't like to put all my eggs in the same basket, if the basket drops i lose all my eggs

Great going ! @moon32walker going to the moon. Feeling inspired after reading your experience and knowledge.

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I hope they change a few things, it's okay though

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