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All of the Followers of this Account are getting the SBD Rewards for this Post:

The Author Rewards will be paid in a little bit more than 3.5 days. It will be divided between all the Accounts that are following me at the time of Rewards. Follow, if not already, Resteem & Upvote the Post to increase the Reward and earn SBD. The SBD will be sent to everyone in a Memo.

The Reward at the time of publication of this post is $80. I will make edits to the Post with updates. Remember, Resteem to get more Upvotes for the payout!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Wow, it's a good initiative. I support your campaign all the way


wow it's good that you share what you have specially to newbies like me. Steem on!


welcome !! Steem on


good post

Very Creative Campaign!!! Some people may disagree but Im addicted to STEEM!!! I need it. I think about it day and night. When im walking my dog, when im sitting in church, even when im sleeping. I neeed my fix, Upvotes please.

this many upvotes and no peny how??/


A downvote by @sneak took it all away. I have no idea why it was downvoted.


i don't why he downvoted


@musicandmemories @techoverlords There's a radical movement of people who think they are entitled to say who should post what, who is right, and who is wrong. They're flagging people that gives away SBD rewards and donations even though this type of post is helping the community and us minnows to grow...It's ridiculous....


I know why. I know it may seem good to peddle your upvotes for SBD but I assure you that it is counter to the objectives of curation on this platform. Instead of people going and finding quality posts, they are selling their opportunity to curate. Big picture for the long term. This sort of things is NOT GOOD.

Minnows and plankton may wonder why their posts don't get a lot of upvotes and probably get frustrated as a results. So many votes are being soaked up by schemes like this because people generally tend to think in terms of short term rewards. I ask you to please, step back, and consider the broader implications of what you are contributing towards.


I have to agree with you @anthonyadavisii. Your comment actually inspired me to create a post about this. Please check it out.


Outstanding! Upvoted and resteemed. Very thoughtful analysis of the bot situation. I'll drop a comment later today. Thanks for the mention @troyvandeventer!

all fine and good until the selfrightuois downvote you into oblivion like they have done jucypop or honolulu

How possible is this Sir, just saw the post to day thank you.

Well supported!

very good. thank


Ok, supporting 100% for these payments.

Hi @money-dreamer I upvote and I'm following you, you can read my last post to see what you think. regards click here

i support

I am incoming!!!!!

cool idea i did it on the other post a day ago but cant hurt to be seen again here bannersteem.jpg

Thanks for the steem! Thumbs up😊

Thank for your post.

Oh right!!! But muy seems strange and I don't understand very well the reason of this.

more spam to me please hahahaha

Thank youu for your generosity!!!

que excelente iniciativa Gracias

Thank you! Upvoted & Resteem

Just received some! Thank you

wow amazing

Thanks !!

Thank you dreamer 🙏💖💞😁

Upvoted, resteemed and following....great initiative

thank you for the gift sir :)

Nice post. Thanks for the nice sharing.

This is really very cool. We wish you success.

Amazing. Thx a bunch. Much love🤗💥 One Of these days, I’ll figure this all out..... learning more all the time.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 8.78% vote... I was summoned by @money-dreamer! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Thank you so much the the steem. It really gives the little guy encouragement and motivation to keep on steemin'. Thanks again, it is much appreciated! I re-sreemed and upvoted.

Wow this sound really great.
And thank you for the free steem you sent to me
I really appreciate.

i'm very happy, thanks for your send me sdb,allwaus succses for you

Bien compañero, sigamos.

hi dreamer.thank you so much
I got your offer
l am very benefited by you
I have a friend like you proud
i want your suppurt always in steemit work work .
so i upvuted you.image.gif

Thank you 👍🏻

Thank you...again. this is good stuff. Everybody should follow. Thanks

awsome.... cheerss from borneo 😉

Nice post partner

Thanks man. Realy works

Wow, upvoted and resteemed

Resteemed and upvoted, :)

Helpfull info

Whatever you’re doing, I’m 💯% behinds you. Thank you so much @money-dreamer

thanks a lot your gift me steem..

@money -dreamer You have my support

thank you man! Upvoted and Resteemed.

Awesome idea...

Upvoted and resteemed. Rather impressed with your ingenuity. Take care.

Cool! Thank you!

thank you very much @money-dreamer.

Good about that my newbie like me

Thank you for the token of gratitude @money-dreamer much appreciated. Team work make the dream work!! Upvote for upvote

Good campaign that would really help me as a content creator! Thanks for the steem!

as i m new here pllzz say how to earn i will follow evryone bt plzz follow bck nd i always give upvotes nd comments if required mre nd more i m always free 4 doing that.... thankx in advance 4 follow ups... i fell vry happy being a member of steemit...

Good going.
Keep it up 👍

Thank you very much!

Okey i followed you

Idk who would flag you, you are the best !

Interesting. I hope this works better than those stupid bot things. lol

I join 😂

Great, good innovation thanks for the ideas.

thank you for sending me a gift @money-dreamer you are very generous and kind.

Great post and now i am following you

This post has received gratitude of 2.16 % from @appreciator thanks to: @money-dreamer.

Thank You.I followed You.

Thanks for the gift :)

Great initiative Sir. I resteemed.

@money-dreamer - Thank you for the Steem. Have a great weekend.

its good initiative

Ok I'm in. This seems pretty cool

I received the steam dollars you sent today. I think it is a very good plan.
I will not miss follow you.

merci bien

I support this campaign and would continue to

Upvoted & Resteemed. Glad to find a fellow Boston MA person on here. Hard to even find people from USA ;)

Thank you @money-dreamer , already following you ~ Up-voted and Tweeted your post :)

nice post.@money-dreamer i am your new follower and i resteem your all post.
money drem.jpg

@money-dreamer Upvote and resteem done
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Thank you @money-dreamer for the gift! This is an excellent startup for new Steemians to become more involved. You are greatly appreciated by @share4angels.

Following, upvoted, resteemed, commented and shared.

shifu upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks for your reward and i am personally resteem your post @money-dreamerreward.jpg

Cool, very cool.

I like your post and Upvoted :)

Wow .amazing initiative. All the best