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Everyone that I follow should receive a 0.001 STEEM memo with the word "Gift!" in it.

I will send everyone that follows me a 0.001 STEEM memo and future weekly payouts.

Watch my memo history here:

I have a total of 18,575 followed accounts:

Edit: 01/25 8:18 PM EST

I ran my unfollow bot - I will run my memo bot with 0.001 STEEM when I get to 5,000 followers. Also, the SBD rewards for this post will be sent to my followers at the end of the curation period for this post. I will update again after the bots finish their duties.

Edit: 01/26 4:39 PM EST

My bandwidth ran down from sending out memos, but it is now recovering. I'm sending out 0.001 SBD to each of my followers inviting them to this post:

Hi follower! My followers will split the SBD rewards for Upvote so everyone gets a higher payout.

Edit: 01/30 1:53 AM EST

I will take a snapshot of my followers approximately when the curation finishes which happens tomorrow. The SBD Rewards for this Post will be sent to these followers as bandwidth permits.

Thanks for the Resteems, Upvotes & Follows! I will have more campaigns similar to this one coming soon. I will try to get one more update in before the curation happens.


Great idea
Thanks for the gift!
I wish you luck and success on the application of your plan

Thank you so much!!!

Please, refrain from these schemes and produce quality content. This degrades the quality of our blockchain and does not add value. @steemflagrewards

It is not a scheme and it is very quality content. It does not degrades the quality of our blockchain and it does add value.

Vote farming is a term coined to describe the practice of offering rewards for upvotes. Why is it problematic?

Because instead of contributing positive curation to the platform and finding posts of merit, the user's voting power is instead diverted. This is what I mean by diminishing curation.

Do you think if every user on Steem engaged in what you were doing that the platform would be sustainable? I think you need to consider the broader scope of your actions.

What about upvote bots? They are doing exactly what you are describing - vote farming. Many users offer rewards of SBD/STEEM to the upvote bots. Should the use of upvoting bots be discouraged on Steem?

Yes, I support the absolute removal of bid bots from the Steem ecosystem.

I believe bid bots are contrary to meritocractic rewards and the ideal of Steem being an equal voice platform ever being achieved.

It is one of the more difficult problems to address on the platform. I plan to write more about that and also the problem of cliques of corporatized interest engaging in circular voting among other things.

Thanks for bringing that to my awareness!

Thanks for your gift ;) I also have one for you ;)
A 100% Upvote, value $1 ;) keep going!

Thanks man...

nice of you sir
I also received 0.001 steem

Lots of free gifts :) But good intentions ;) Upvoted you to return the favor.

Wow that is very generous, thank you @money-dreamer

thanks for the gift

Thank you @money-dreamer

thank you very much

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