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Everyone that I follow should receive a 0.001 STEEM memo with the word "Gift!" in it.

I will send everyone that follows me a 0.001 STEEM memo and future weekly payouts.

Watch my memo history here:

I have a total of 18,575 followed accounts:

Edit: 01/25 8:18 PM EST

I ran my unfollow bot - I will run my memo bot with 0.001 STEEM when I get to 5,000 followers. Also, the SBD rewards for this post will be sent to my followers at the end of the curation period for this post. I will update again after the bots finish their duties.

Edit: 01/26 4:39 PM EST

My bandwidth ran down from sending out memos, but it is now recovering. I'm sending out 0.001 SBD to each of my followers inviting them to this post:

Hi follower! My followers will split the SBD rewards for Upvote so everyone gets a higher payout.

Edit: 01/30 1:53 AM EST

I will take a snapshot of my followers approximately when the curation finishes which happens tomorrow. The SBD Rewards for this Post will be sent to these followers as bandwidth permits.

Thanks for the Resteems, Upvotes & Follows! I will have more campaigns similar to this one coming soon. I will try to get one more update in before the curation happens.


Great idea
Thanks for the gift!
I wish you luck and success on the application of your plan

Thank you so much!!!

Please, refrain from these schemes and produce quality content. This degrades the quality of our blockchain and does not add value. @steemflagrewards

It is not a scheme and it is very quality content. It does not degrades the quality of our blockchain and it does add value.

Vote farming is a term coined to describe the practice of offering rewards for upvotes. Why is it problematic?

Because instead of contributing positive curation to the platform and finding posts of merit, the user's voting power is instead diverted. This is what I mean by diminishing curation.

Do you think if every user on Steem engaged in what you were doing that the platform would be sustainable? I think you need to consider the broader scope of your actions.

What about upvote bots? They are doing exactly what you are describing - vote farming. Many users offer rewards of SBD/STEEM to the upvote bots. Should the use of upvoting bots be discouraged on Steem?

Yes, I support the absolute removal of bid bots from the Steem ecosystem.

I believe bid bots are contrary to meritocractic rewards and the ideal of Steem being an equal voice platform ever being achieved.

It is one of the more difficult problems to address on the platform. I plan to write more about that and also the problem of cliques of corporatized interest engaging in circular voting among other things.

Thanks for bringing that to my awareness!

Thanks for your gift ;) I also have one for you ;)
A 100% Upvote, value $1 ;) keep going!

Thanks man...

nice of you sir
I also received 0.001 steem

Lots of free gifts :) But good intentions ;) Upvoted you to return the favor.

Wow that is very generous, thank you @money-dreamer

thanks for the gift

Thank you @money-dreamer

thank you very much

Awesome Thank bro..!!

Thank you!

Thanks for your gift @money-dreamer

Hey @money-dreamer :) I really appreciate the "gift" and I don't see how someone would even consider it spam. Whatever it is, it seemed as if you did it with good intentions. Have a bless day and lets all rise together :)
And you still get my upvote!

Aww thanks for the gifts again!!! hugs!!

Wow! Its awesome. Thanks in advance.

Gift thanks

This really or scam?

I will do it. Look at my account history and all my vested shares. Why would I want to destroy my account and not do it? I can easily write a program to divide the SBD payout of this post between my followers. I'll still profit from the up-votes from the 50% share of STEEM Power I receive from it. And, all the potential reputation I earn from the up-votes.

Once I get to 5,000 followers. I will execute a bot that sends each of my followers a 0.001 STEEM memo telling them about the payout.

If this post gets down-voted so that the payout is less than the number of followers, then I will randomly send it to my followers. For example, if I have 6,000 followers and the payout is $5 SBD, then only a random 5,000 out of my 6,000 followers will get paid. It should be much higher. As of now, I have a $50 up-vote value, so 25% goes to curators, then 37.5% goes to my SP and 37.5% gets dispersed to my followers. I think that is roughly $16.000 SBD / 4,950 followers which equals approximately 0.003 SBD per follower. This is in addition to the 5 STEEM I send out when I hit 5,000 followers.

Ok, I want try use. Thanks for your attention

I was transfered to @money-dreamer with memo gift

Well i must admit thats a good marketing strategy. I just visited your profile because of that xD I wouln't call it spam, well its decentralized platform anyway and you should be a bit weird to call transaction a spam :D

Hi, thank you for your gift @money-dreamer! It was unexpected and pleasant :) have a nice day :)

Hi and thanks for your gift. I'm just curios and just have to ask: how does this work? I might be a little jealous that the articles I write get almost no attention and I have to pay upvote/resteem bots hoping that the content gets out there.

thanks buddy! hope you don't get flagged! keep it up!

I got one flag so far that is bringing the payout down a bit. I hope it gets removed so everybody gets a bigger payout.

A cool thing to do !!Great!!

Very generous indeed

True, I got one memo 20 hours ago, thanks!

Moar like this!

That would be Awesome ! Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Very generous of you, make sure you don't go bankrupt :P

All good deeds are good gesture little or big. This is something original that @money-dreamer did. I have not seen anything like this in steemit since I'm here. We always have to be happy and grateful with what we receive.

I wasn't being sarcastic.

One reason why is sarcasm can't be read, only spoken, and people misinterpret it all the time on the internet (like right now) so I never write anything sarcastic.

My point was that he's giving a lot away and that obviously won't make him bankrupt because he would just stop before that point. But if you give away lot's of what you have you will never have money and it was a light-hearted round about way of saying that. So just me saying don't give too much away you may need it someday. Admittedly that is also hard to grasp from a short line of text on the web.

Edit: I also made the assumption @money-dreamer is a he so sorry if your not

I apologize for my misinterpretation. I just think that @money-dreamer did this kind gesture with purpose, to get more connected with people, and it wasn't @money-dreamer goal to become bankrupt. He probably was implementing thought about "if you freely give, you will freely receive" or "what you sow you shall reap". Knowing that all good what he gives to others will come back multiplied. If i'm wrong @money-dreamer correct me please.

I think it will be beneficial overall from building the connections. I'm sure someday 0.001 STEEM will be worth a lot more than it is right now.

Followed You. I am new any kind of help will be appreciated.

Thank you for following me. I followed you back.

will follow you ...

You made my day, thanks, so there is good people in the world. God Bless you.

Thank you, I was wondering what was it with that "Gift!" Steem on!

This post has received a 5.00 % upvote from @aksdwi thanks to: @money-dreamer.

Thank you very much!

thanks for steem, hope you are healthy and successful always

Yes, hope the same for you too!

Gracias por el apoyo

Thanks, i got the steem.

This is really interesting!

sorry just checked my wallet today and noticed. thank you for acknowledging your followers @money-dreamer. quite a nice gesture. More power to you. :)


That's very generous of you


Hey, man, you gotta have a lot of steem to be giving .001 (one thousandth of 1.0 steem) to 18,575 followers. I don't know why you do it, but THANK YOU. It is not for the amount, it is for the gesture. Thanks. You are a gentleman and a scholar !

I think I'll make it back from the up-votes I get on these posts.

its pretty much what i was thinking , great move anywais im happy !

Wow!! I too got your gift and I followed you. But I don't understand why you are doing this.

Thank you so much. That's a big help for my steemit Account....

Thank you so much for the gift!!! Upvoted you to return the favor :)

Thank you for your 0.001 Steem gift. Feel free to use our resteem service.

wow!!you are doing a great work @money-dreamer ....thanks for the gift, I received it and am very grateful!!

This comment is a lovely surprise also! Thank you @tallblue

Thank you. Got the gift and now following

Excellent. I'll upvote your comment also!

excelente iniciativa @money-dreamer de verdad que es un buen regalo.. estas captando la atención de mucha gente y eso es bueno.. te haces notar en la red.. y muchas gracias por el regalo..

I'm about to send out the SBD to my followers.

Thank you for the gift. Following you to see what this is all about

exactly that, i guess.

Dude got nuked... I'm a tad apprehensive now... Message for follow gig?

Might run dry if you follow too many, resteemed so you could get even more attention

I received your gift! Thank you so much! God bless you :)

I got notified!

Thank you! 😘

Thank you, and what are the weekly payouts for?

Thank you! I'm very grateful and even more that you follow me since I think you are one of the best community members on steemit.

That's a cool way to connect with the people you are following and the ones that are following you. Good on you! :)

Hi there @money-dreamer thank you for my first steem token. Cheers.

thanks for gift ....but i don't undestand why you send me this gift???

Thank you so much, I received by .001. And I am very grateful! Don't listen to those talking about it's spam. It's not.

You are welcome. I won't listen to them.

I will send more gifts out to all the accounts that follow mine.

Thank you so much. I have up voted and followed you. Although currently the up vote is taking its own sweet time.

Got the gift and was really surprised by the initiative!!

Thanks for showing such love :)

Just one thing to watch out for!

Don't just send blindly... Among the 18K you are following there may be dead accounts also :(

I am going to create a filter that will only send them to accounts that have been active within the last 7 days and other minimum criteria.

At least these dead accounts will have some value - a link to my profile :)

Haha!!! As you wish my friend!!

You can choose freely the criteria to spread your generosity.

Whoever downvoted you feel that 0.001 Steem is not enough to bother them but there are many who are benefitting from such generosity!!!

Keep Steem'in hard XD

Thankyou for the gift :D it means alot.

Thanks! I received the "Gift" and I follow you now. God bless.

Thank you! I am following everybody that is following me.

Send me more steem and Upvote my post thank you :)

No problem. They will be coming out soon after this post curates.

thanks for steem, hope you are healthy and successful always

Novel way to introduce yourself. 👍 Following back.

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