STEEMIT the best social network?!?

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In this post I'd like to explain you why I think that steemit is the best social media platform avaible today.

Thought behind steemit

Before I get into some of the details I'd like to say that it is the mindset and thought behind this whole network that makes it so great.

Work is the key

Anyone who comments, posts or upvotes creates work that helps the network improve and move further.

And what do you expect when you do work? REWARD ofc!! And that's exactly what steemit is about. The more work you do the more you get rewarded!

Why today's social networks can't compare with steemit!?

This is the most important aspect that today's social networks are missing. Everytime you do anything on social media you create work and the company collects information about what you do. Later they can use that piece of information to show you e.g. advertisements for which they get paid. So they simply get rewarded for the work YOU have done.

Blockchain technology makes it possible

Also decentralization and blockchain are what makes this system so good. No 3rd party service is needed. The more work the community creates the better for the platform and the better it works.


Social networks are NOT FREE!!

Also important to add is that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,... are free to use. The company actually has to have some servers and computers on which the network runs. Your question maybe is how is possible that you use something for free while someone has to put in money so you can even use it... It is caused by the fact that you will eventually create more value by using the platform than are its running costs & expenses.

To sum it up I highly encourage you to spread information and share steemit with others, because the more people will be using the platform the better it will work and the greater the reward pool will be!

Comment, upvote & resteem to support the growth of #STEEMIT!!


This is perfect explanation will resteem this. :)

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I would like to offer a contrary opinion, hopefully whales will be respectful rather than domineering and not mute it.

I like Steem and Steemit, but not very much. With sincere respect for you, mischaro, I feel your post is inaccurate in the message it promotes. This post suggests that Steemit is a meritocracy, and while I really wish it was, it isn't.

Why do I say that? Because I have seen many minnow accounts become inactive, much more frequently than with Facebook or other sites. Why is this happening? Because Steemit promises something that it does not actually provide: meritocracy.

In fact, I'm working on a site called, and while it had one intention, it is being redesigned (its not ready right now) because I wanted to create a space for people like Venezuelans that could write content and receive compensation in crypto. I'm not going to say anymore on that, because my goal here is not to shill.

Anyways, a true social media meritocracy would compensate people for effortful work, but that's not what gets paid. Bots get paid, whales get paid, investors get paid, and minnow content writers go unseen until they ditch the place and move on.

What I see steemit for more than anything is SEO, it has value as a great SEO tool to utilize for your outside website because I can find lots of my posts on front pages, even lil' ol' me. This means that I can direct people to the actual harder to find locations. And that's great for internet minnows.

Currently, the upvote value is crazy. For a true proof of brain meritocracy we would need everyone's one vote to have the same value. This means that when you like something and upvote it it goes up by maybe $0.01, regardless of how much STEEM you have. Sure, whales would hate this idea, in fact, I would doubt there would be any Steem whales at all, which would be good.

I fully agree with the notion of Resource Credits attached to Steem Power or Steem Mana. I'm all for the idea that if you want a voice on the Steem blockchain, you have to be somewhat invested. This should not be a shyte ton of money, but enough to prop up the network value, cover witness costs (really we should go back to POW and never have left).

Steem needs another hard fork, a fairness and equality oriented hard fork. Whales should not be able to downvote people into invisibility, that's censorship, not community censorship, oligarchy-based censorship.

Whales should have incentives I suppose, but not upvote value incentives, because that leads to minnows staying stuck at the bottom and wealthy getting their messages out while the poor can't earn or be seen. Essentially, Steem reversed all the progress made by the printing press.

I believe in Steem, but it needs a lot of changes.

Borderless Is Coming

I agree with you partly, I do not think that steemit will be the best social network nor that btc will be the next currency.

These are just ancestors of the upcomming upgraded versions of these.

I also do not like how the system with bots works but I think that as soon as you have your community of lets say 1k+ active followers you do not care about bots that do nothing. Because those people also invest in steem currency.

Now it is one of the best times to invest in it actually because the higher value your account has the bigger influence but also if steem goes up the investment will be worth it.

Also please delete tge image 😅🤣 it is quite distracting.

Image removed as requested. :)

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