Minnowhelper Writing Contest is over!!!!

in steem •  4 months ago

Hello Steemians,
The @minnowhelper Writing contest is over, thank you very much for the support.

The author reward from this Post was 50,564 SBD.

The three winners are the following Users:

1st prize 25.282 SBD!!! @mychidera-eu

2nd prize 15.169 SBD!!! @bhoa

3rd prize 10.113 SBD!!! @mdnafis

We want to give special thanks to @kpd-244 for participating. Unfortunately he did not meet the fourth requirement of the contest, so he was disqualified. Otherwise I would have obtained the third prize.

The three prizes were paid from the @minnowhelperteam account.

At this point, we would like to thank all users who use @minnowhelper daily and especially those who participated in the contest.

Happy Bidding & Have fun!
The @minnowhelper team.

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Hello @jpederson96,
the profits are distributed proportionally to the delegation. 100% of the profits are shared between the SP of @minnowhelper (this includes the leased SP from @minnowbooster and @blocktrades) and the SP from delegators.
Minnowhelper currently has more than 70 Delegators, so this chart shows 24 of the most important.

You will wonder why delegations under 10 SP are not accepted. The answer is that the percentage of profit obtained is less than 0.001 SBD | STEEM so it can not be paid.
You were informed about this two days ago.

Finally, who financed the contests that minnowhelper performs?
One part is financed by minnowhelperteam and the rest by donations obtained from users on the blacklist.


Thanks for the well laid out response!

I wasn't worried about payments, but I did just go above the min again.

I was mainly looking for what percentage gets into the distro because @smartsteem also offers 100% distro. I do, however, believe that the payments per vote period is better than per day which is why I intend to return to 100 SP as soon as this delegation comes back.

In fact, I have reduced my 234 SP delegation from smartsteem down to 100 and will be adding that to either you or @boomerang. Too many accounts to support, too little to support. Either way, this new info has given minnowhelper a priority!


Thank you very much for your support.

its a great pleasure..
for the very first time i have won contest in steemit..
thnx to minnowhelperteam for such a kind of contest.
& hope that more interesting contest will brought by them...

I like it for your great work. For some reason I can not join you. If it were, then I would have joined.

A great plesure ....nice contest...felt the heat!!!

That's nice. Any new contest?

I like it!😍😍😍

Cool! I follow you.

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