Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!!

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Minnowhelper Writing Contest!!!!

Hello Steemians,
@minnowhelper will run a Writing Contest, in thanks to the support of its users and to encourage the creativity and originality of Posts in Stemmit.

There will be three winners, with the following awards:

1st prize 50% of the SBD curation reward from this Post!!!
2nd prize 30% of the SBD curation reward from this Post!!!
3rd prize 20% of the SBD curation reward from this Post!!!

How to participate?

Each Participant must meet the following requirements.

1. Each Participant must vote this Post with 100%. This will help raise the Prize funds.

2. Each Participant must Resteem this Post. This will help other users to take part in the contest.

3. Write a Creative and Original Post (more than 500 words). Place the Link of your Post as a comment in this Post.

4. Promote your Post with @minnowhelper bot. (not the comment with your link in this Post)

Once these 4 requirements are met, you and other users can vote in the comments the most interesting Post for the community.

Who wins the contest?

The jury are all Steemit users, each user can vote for the links he wants. The link with the most votes wins the contest.
Upvotes have a positive value and downvotes a negative value, only Votes will be counted. Regardless of the weight.

For example, if user @A comments with his link and receives 10 Upvotes and 2 Downvotes, he will have a score of 8.

When @minnowhelper receives the curation reward of this Post, the contest will be terminated and we will announce the winners.

Who will be disqualified?

Users who send Plagiarized Post, or just an image, or meme without any text, or just a video without any Text.

@minnohelper’s team wishes everyone a lot of luck in the contest. Please upvote, and especially, resteem this Post. This way other users can participate in this contest.

Thank you very much for reading and sharing, if you have any questions, do it in this Post or Minnowhelper Slack Chat.

Join to Join Slack!

Win SBD & Have fun!

The @minnowhelper team.


Thank you so much

Wish you the best of luck. Go win this for euronation

No words really.... Splendid post bro. I hope you
win this. 👏👏👏

Me too. Thank you man

Wish you win brother

Thank you so much. I appreciate

Nice one, best of luck

You are a darling

I am a teacher, no one can actually pay us right for what we do. Thanks for appreciating us with this contest. I pray you win

Thank you. And keep up the good work of a teacher

Great, hope you win this

You did justification to the article.

Wow! Thank you

Nice. Hope you win this.

Thank you. Surely

Good luck here.

Well explained. Good luck

Wow! I love this compliment from my boss. That means am improving.

Thank you boss

All the best Euro soldier

Thank you my fellow euro soldier

Its ur vote bro just vote u

I sight you bro. Thank you so much

Let's bring the crown home. All the best

Hahaha. I like that


See my bosses complimenting my post. Am so flattered. Thank you boss

I wish you a grandulous position in this enterprise my dear

You have succeeded already

Hahaha. Thank you so much

Good luck bro

Thank you so much

Wish u the best of luck

Be lucky👍

Thank you so much

Wish you all the best.. You are our hero

Wow! I feel honored

Thumbs up u gat this bro best of luck. Cheers!!!

Good luck bro, courtesy of @steemit-city

Thank you so much sir

wow very nice , i like the narration

Really you like,i think i made lot of grammitical mistakes??

Awesome. I hope you win .

Thanks for your blessings

Awsome as Always 🤗

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Wow beautiful writeup and also you have a beautiful daughter wish u all the best bro

Thankyou very much for your support

I think you are making progress

Your kids are adorable

Awesome... God bless you and your family

You're the best...

You got a 5.52% upvote from @redlambo courtesy of @efepng!

Congratulations you and your daughter. You have my upvote.

Happy birthday girl... Keep glowing

Wow such a beauty 😘


Yo! Great look

too beautiful! I hope you win!

Why so fine though?

The girl is truly beautiful

Best of luck bro

splendid post bro...
go ahead!!

my pleasure dude..

much aprreciated post bro..

hope you won the contest!!

thmx for appreaciation

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Excellent - i will enter. I love these writing contests. Up voted and re Steemed

Going to write something now .... UpVoted and ReSteemed.

Here is my creative post! It's really creative, I'll like everyone who wants a nice read to check it out!


I hope you check out my entry, THanks!


Hi there! I have upvoted and resteemed this post. I have also used the @minnowhelper bot to promote my post. Please accept my submission!



@ minnowhelper I sent you 1.https://steemit.com/foodphotography/@arfaturrahman/photography-food 2.https://steemit.com/nature/@arfaturrahman/vegetable-of-my-garden but you didn't get any vote.I don't know why you didn't get any upvote yet now.Please upvote or return my SBD.

We will check it.
please use the chat next time.


I see in comment section they use bots for upvotes it is good and they are eligible.

is it legal use bot for upvoting comment??? in this contest!!

That means can i use bot for getting upvotes?? But in rules he clearly mension dont use bot for your comment.

Hello @minnowhelper! This is my entry for this one. Hope you'll find time to read this one. It will mean a lot to me. :) Thank you for this nice opportunity for us minnows :) .. https://steemit.com/popcontest/@levinvillas/human-race-isn-t-that-bad-after-all

this is the real story of man and woman who are the senior citizen and thrown out from their desendants and I just became the source of their smiles

good work,
keep it up dear

promote him as well because he is helping poors @minnohelper

I have a one question that is you select winner as who get more upvotes of his comment link in this post or who get more upvotes on his original post.

The winner is who get more upvotes of his comment link in this post.
for example:

Ok now i understood thankyou for suggestion

Upvoted and Resteemed.... going to write something up for you. Any subject ?

the subject is free...

Hello Steemians,
Thanks for the great offer..👌
While he say that it is an easy contest, it is not that easy anyway. I feel a hidden valuable message like you are pushed to get use to read the real posting out there by giving the 80 words comment in your posting. And it teaches me how to use some writing technique in this flatform. So, it teaches you how to read and write a good post invisibly and silently.💘💜💘
resteem done..👌

Hai,i given upvote pls support my comment hear

this my submission for this contest , it's awesome contest
The Colorful Orchids Of Ideal In The World

Hi! I'm really interested in the contest and I'd like to join, but I'm not exactly sure on how to promote my post with your bot, can you or anybody else please explain that to me? Thanks and best of luck to all the contestants.

Please read the instructions in this link http://minnowhelper.com/conditions.php

The more I'm going into it, the more I believe that spam can be overcome in the long run :)


This is the main idea of this contest. Combat spam and promote the creativity of users.

Great, I cannot afford bot services ATM, but when I get enough SD I'll make a transfer.

Hey, thx for the SD, but I cannot log into steemconnect! I get an error!

Ok, so I found the option to transfer via wallet. But can you still provide URL that way?