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This is my doodle of a pirate who's "seen some shit". These days he questions his life choices, wondering if he could have been more than a lowlife murdering thief, if he could have been loved, stupid thoughts...he'd like to believe he was beyond naive lowlander drivel, but deep down, he wonders if he's the naive one to think this life would ever bring him anything but bitterness and sorrow. 😀


Well enough of that, earlier tonight I dropped into a chat on discord discussing the @steemalliance project. You can read up on some details about it here. But basically it's a Steemit backed community foundation. Basically an organizational structure run and operated by the community to do "tbd stuff for the betterment of Steem".

My first impression...this is gonna be rough.

As a blockchain decentralized community, there are some common values that we all share here that sort of bind us. Decentralization, transparency, inclusivity, and for a lot of people, the "f" word..."fairness". Hmmmm.

Listening to the discussion it was a bit chaotic, which is to be expected, and there was a lot of what I like to call "worrying about gentrification on Mars". This is a totally made up by me analogy that I use. The idea is say we work at NASA and we decide we want to put a man on Mars. During the brainstorming of how we're going to do this someone says "how are we going to avoid gentrification in Mars real estate???" and it's like dude, we haven't even designed a shuttle, or decided who's going to go, or figured out a thousand other problems before we need to worry about something like that. That's random, but I've been using that for years now I think and it's what popped into my head listening to the chatter.

I thought that because just figuring out how you're going to even approach designing the organizational structure is a huge task. Currently the roadmap is that the current group of people working on this are working towards figuring out a way to vote for the people that are going to focus on designing the actual structure, which won't necessarily be the members of the organization, just the ones who design how the actual members will be voted in, replaced, etc. Sound complicated? Yea, that's because it is.

So some concerns that were repeated a lot were about making sure that the organization was not centralized, looking out for people having conflicts of interests, making sure everyone has a voice, and things of that nature it seemed like, at least to me, were some of the primary concerns.

Well, I might be on a lonely island by myself with my opinions, but honestly for me those things are at the bottom of the totem pole. For me, the greatest priority with this would be as soon as humanly possible, shipping SOMETHING. It doesn't have to be the next killer dapp, it just needs to be something. What is the minimum viable product for this organizational structure so that it can function well enough to actually complete a task and achieve a goal. Not necessarily an amazing goal, just some sort of product or thing, whatever. Once we have made SOMETHING, we can tweak the organization, we can tweak the members, we can tweak whatever needs to be tweaked, but in the process of doing that, we're working on the next thing we're going to ship.

We can tweak and polish all aspects of all of the parts of this, but we do that as we are actually focusing on shipping "products"(whatever it may be, maybe not a product, but some goal).

So for me a concentration in the beginning on decentralization, or making sure everyone has a voice, or any of that stuff holds the risk of things becoming stagnated by too many cooks in the kitchen, or basically just having all the multitudes of opinions constantly cancel each other out and us losing the current momentum we have because of all this recent drama. I feel like this is the silver lining that's come from that drama and we need to strike while the iron is hot. If this group/organization could produce some results, ie an actual product/feature in the next 6-8 months, it would be a HUGE win for the Steem community.

If I were you "insiders" working on this, as @ned likes to say, that would be my north star. Priority numero uno, everything else I would worry about secondarily. That's just my two satoshis.

What do you all think???


I really like how you express this all, @midlet - thank you so much for giving insight into the complexity (and the potential movement forward) of this beast! I am VERY new to Steemit, and still making sense of the most basic things here, and finding my people... :-) Happy and fulfilling day to you, Clare

Welcome to Steem @clareartista! Glad you found this useful 😊 if you have any questions about how things work, feel free to ask. I know it’s rough starting out.

It is good to have people in the community who stay abreast of the politics behind the blockchain. I appreciate your "executive summaries" along with your personal perspectives. It helps to understand all of the other information that we read.

Glad you found it informative! 😊

I agree 100%. You can't let Perfection be the enemy of Completion. Get something done, then work on making it better.

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That’s great! Feel like I’ve heard that quote somewhere 😉

I'm pretty sure I didn't make it up. (^_^)

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You described the issue perfectly well with that Mars gentrification phrase. I also would like it if the new organisation gets some work down other than worrying about what may not be ideal in the future.
Just like any drawing or project, the first few steps will always be rough and imperfect.

Yea, the main thing is I just don't want it to fizzle out. People can have short attention spans, so I hope it can get up and running sooner rather than later.

the next group that is to be elected Sunday isn't to design the structure of the pending organization.. .they are to design the process that others can bring for proposals for the structure of the pending organization.

The current group was supposed to do that and then people were upset that they didn't think the first group was formed with enough transparency ... so the first group became the organizers of the process to form the second group.

You're right about the cooks.. and it's been challenging. The first two groups have zero power and are volunteers.

Ahh, this was what I understood but I wrote it wrong, I left out one step of voting for people that will vote for other people.

I listened to these insiders talk in discord two months ago, about the dire need to make a list of things to do in order to be able to make a list of things to do. Sooo, I'm not holding my breath, Mars gentrified besides being a great band or album name pretty much nails it. This alongside with too many cooks in the kitchen and the appointment of an executive chef aka eelee the no resource credits having, no communications in the past, never left Texas USA managing director atop a mysterious board at Stinc has me thoroughly entertained.

The hits just keep coming, I'd rather be a pirate than part of an alliance that's been talked about for ages by a group that's only sure they're beholden to something and voted in by weight via a completely failed economy that rewards all this bot bullshit..

Damn, tell us how you really feel 🤣

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wow crazy man
its very nice
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Doodle + Thoughts on @steemalliance

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