Why I won't support Jerry Banfield anymore - JerryCoin

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Everyone who knows me is aware that I am not one to start fights, to defame someone or anything of the sort. I believe above all that kindness can go a long way. However, I cannot in the name of peace justify not doing my absolute best to put this message out there. Hopefully the information on this post will give everyone enough references to make the right choice.

Some History and a small Disclaimer

I was one of those users that found the platform because of Jerry Banfield. In this sense I'm grateful that he made enough noise so that I could find Steem relatively early in my crypto venture. Its exactly because of this fact, that I used to defend Jerry in the very beginning. I always assumed innocence, lack of proper communication skills and an overall quirkiness to his way of interacting with other people.

Because I felt grateful to participate of Steem, I was always too quick to turn a blind eye. Meaning, that even though some things were obviously shady, like the $50 account creation service, I would easily believe the story behind that ridiculous fumble.

But, lets start from the top...

Why is Jerry Hated so much?

I used to ask myself that very question all the time. It made absolutely no sense to me. He was someone promoting Steem, onboarding users to the platform indirectly, making videos about Steem with an enthusiasm that was probably unmatched by any other youtuber.

As a matter of fact Jerry would tell people in his videos to sell all their crypto and buy into Steem. As much as that might be a bold thing to say, It also meant, at least to me, that everyone participating of Steem(holding bags) would be grateful to Jerry for being the biggest promoter outside of Steem. (Promoting Steem inside Steem is silly)

Very vocal Steemians constantly attacked jerry, and this made it hard for me to be objective. Maybe, the idea that a good guy was being wrongfully accused was obfuscating my objective pragmatism.

And then, it started to make sense...

I decided to do some research on Jerry and find out if there was something I did not know about him, something I needed to know to get the whole picture. I found out that before coming to Steem he was kicked and Banned from Udemy and later on the Dash community.

Without me having to explain any details regarding those interesting expulsions from two different platforms, two different communities, It becomes obvious that assuming that Jerry has always done right by the people he claims to care about, does not really compute.

Ask yourself these Questions?

If Jerry was making Udemy money, if he was a top selling author for Udemy: Why Would Udemy work against their own best interest? If Jerry was making them money hand and foot, Why would they cut him off?

The following is an excerpt from a key piece of information regarding that unusual decision, as told by someone who is currently participating of Udemy.

When Udemy hit the 10m user mark things changed. they no longer needed to leverage the power of get rich quick schemes for growth. The networking effect was well in play and the snowball was rolling.

Udemy banned all get rich quick courses, kicked jerry off the site with a thanks very much for all the users, although shit quality, it ranked us well and aided in the growth.

What about Dash? Why would Dash reject Jerry too? - I dug into these questions as well, and found out that he was never kicked out per say. He might claim he was to some people, but this was not the case.

What happened with Dash is that Jerry's proposals did not get accepted by the community. In very much the same way that he comes up with proposals for Steem, like the Peer to Peer project and the Steemfest 2.5. Jerry had some ideas regarding Dash Budget Proposals, and since they did not pass muster, he felt compelled to retaliate and attack the integrity of the Community.

In other words, he decided to attack, to FUD the one thing he was supposed to help, because he was not getting his way. He sold his masternode at this time too.

How is that for some context and history?

Get rich Quick Schemes is the name of his Game

Now Jerry's profile started to make a lot more sense, the whole point was not to work for the betterment of the communities he was participating in, the plan was for him to make a ton of money first, and if that helps others, well that is fine, but that's never been the focus.

With this new contextual lens the videos on youtube made a lot more sense. When he talked about being so bullish on Steem, and the "hacks" and the "tricks" he was both appealing to the hot words, and riding high on his dopamine train. There are quite a few videos on how to beat the system,with all the dodgy language you will expect.

I realize we might disagree on this very aspect, but I happen to think that teaching people how to game the system, how to squeeze every last penny of you VP, being that the focus of the lesson is pretty dodgy. Instead of teaching people how to interact, how to grow within the communities, he chooses to dangle the carrot on the stick and appeal to greed and the fear of missing out. It's a shit tactic in my opinion, but I digress.

All of the sudden the accusations from good natured witnesses like @drakos made a lot more sense to me. There was no way Jerry did not know he was not acting in an honest manner, he just thought he could get away with it, and that is a giant difference.

I call this the "Banfield Effect"

It's when you basically commit harakiri by acting dishonestly, get caught and then immediately backpedal using the "I didn't know any better card" aided by prayers and family pictures.

In none canonical order, here are some of the remarkable Harakiri moments.

Bribing Whales

Soon after launching his witness campaign, Jerry started to send a lot of steem to whales and dolphins so he could get their support. All the information is on the blockchain for anyone to see, this is not hearsay by all means.

Some would call this corruption, and I'm one of them. But of course, he said he was sorry and he stopped. He did not know it would be frowned upon for some reason.

Selling Free Information & Lying about Earnings

When Jerry was caught doing this he of course removed the course he was selling. Let me be perfectly clear about what happened here. Jerry was helped by other Witnesses, he gathered all the information needed to run a witness server from free sources, including other people, and then put it on his website for sale for $180 bucks, telling everyone that they could be witnesses too.

You can look at these videos yourself. He would tell people pay me $180 dollars for this course, and you will be able to make $295 dollars per day mining Steem.

A job he did not clearly understand pretty much at all, but regardless decided to sell for a steep price.

Steem Account Creation

So here is another scenario were Jerry thought he could swoop in, save the day and make tons of money. Most of us who participate of this platform are aware that Steemit Inc at times takes weeks to approve accounts. This bottle neck was a golden opportunity, so Jerry decided to start his own service.

For the modest sum of $50 he would give you an account worth (at the time) less than $10 dollars. It was a great deal, you did not have to wait of course, and that is why the whole thing was justified. But just like his previous mishaps he all of the sudden found out this was not right. He was claiming he was the only other option out there. A big OOPS!

He wrote a post apologizing, telling all the witnesses who called him out, he did not know.

@ats-david who is a Steemian Witness that does not mince his words, had a few things to say about this.

As you can see, there was some obvious inconsistencies in his apology. Jerry both knew, and also did not know. He had to come clean and tell everyone a very ugly (in my opinion) truth. Jerry was not writing his own posts. In other words, Jerry had hired someone to do the work for him, thus he was ignorant of the information the posts contained.

Steemfest 2.5 then renamed Steemsummer

This one was pretty epic. Basically, Jerry did not talk to @roelandp about this at all, and he decided he would run his own version of SteemFest 2.5, use Steem and Steemians to help him fund it. His original post has been edited of course, but the comment section basically illustrates all the reasons as to why this was such a fumble.

This is another classic case of "oops, I didn't know that I could not steal your idea". Because, we've all done it, right?

Please note, he was not going to do this for free or anything of the sort. The event was going to be a paid event, a way for him to make money. I only clarify because someone told me otherwise once, and I had to point out his declared intention to sell tickets.

I think this was the first time I've ever seen @anomadsoul flag anyone. He is one of the kindest dudes on this platform, so this seemed out of character for him.

His 21k Steem Prediction

This post was the one that broke the camels back for me. After watching his video, I removed my witness vote from Jerry and had to painfully admit, that as much as I may dislike @berniesander's choice of words, he had been right all along.

This is basically Jerry's version of Carlos Mattos. The viral video of him screaming Bitconnect was the only thing going through my head as I watched this video. It was propaganda, wishful thinking and a video that without a doubt hurt the legitimacy of Steem.

You might not know this, and I would not blame you, but Steem is constantly being attacked by FUDers as a scam. They call it a PONZI, because of how the initial system was setup, otherwise called ninja mining. I won't go into that subject to deeply, but I will simply say, that how steem began is not what it currently is. The people who have joined, the people that have built communities and projects are a testament to that.

However, we can't fail to see how these types of videos, made to bait people with unrealistic promises hurt our platform. Cheerleading from a podium of unrealistic ignorance is not going to help us in the slightest.

Why am I making this post today?

Because I care, because I really do. And Jerry's newest Harakiri cannot go uncontested. I can't be silent about this, not anymore.

I know that even though I'm making this post, and I'm going to talk to everyone I can about how the math of his idea is skewed, and how he is basically making a power grab, there will be some that will ignore the warning signs and start sending him STEEM. That fact won't stop me from trying. If I get some flags for this, so be it, I'll take them and move on with my life.

Let's start from the beginning....

SMT's are a Promise, not a current reality

I'm not trying to attack Steemit Inc, but the truth is that nothing in life is guaranteed. I could die tomorrow simply by eating a pizza. So to make plans on top of the promise of "SMT's are coming soon" is naive to say the least.

What I'm trying to say is that the possibility that Jerry Coin never exists is out there. There is absolutely no guarantee that it will ever happen. If you can't accept this fact, then we can't have a rational discussion on the subject.

You are giving him the keys to a tank

By people sending Jerry liquid Steem you are effectively helping to create a whale that does not have to care about absolutely anything anyone has to say about him. I think we need to learn from the recent history and come to grips with the fact that if he feels justified, he will act in his own self interest without taking into account anyone else.

So, having jerry become a megawhale is basically giving him the political weight of @blocktrades without any of the ethics we would all like to see from someone with that much stake. Imagine if @blocktrades goes rouge and starts upvoting a wife, because F it... This would be a ranchorelaxo on steroids.

You are also allowing him to control more of the witness allocation pool. He could effectively vote for himself and keep himself in the top 20 if he becomes a megawhale. Who is going to stop him? Who can stop him? Do you see the problem with this?

You are not getting anything special

I don't know if the post was written poorly intentionally, but because of Jerry's history I happen to think it just might. When you first read it, it seems to imply you are going to be getting 10X your investment everyday. This of course made very little sense to me, but after reading some of his replies to the questions on his post I finally understood what he meant.

If you send Jerry 1000 Steem Power he promises to vote you back with 10k Steem Power once a day. Please not he does not specify VP when he does so, he just says he will vote you back with 10K Steem Power once a day. Now, here is how this gets really interesting. You could vote for yourself 10 times, and basically achieve the same result. You might have to vote for yourself 11 times, maybe, but it would basically be the same and you would not have to send Jerry a penny.

Now, he does promise the disguised self-upvote(because that's what it is) to be forever. If you do the math, it would take more than a 1.3 years for you to recover your investment meanwhile you are not exposed to the valuation of Steem.

To summarize, you are out the money, you have a "promise", because that it's all it is at this moment, and you won't be exposed to the increase of valuation of Steem. But, he will.

There is no smart contract to protect you

There is absolutely no way Jerry can be forced to fulfill the end of the bargain. He could easily stop upvoting you, and there would not be a damn thing anyone could do to make him do it. If you naively think that Steemit Inc, or @ned would step in to protect those who got scammed, if such a thing would happen, you might not be aware of Zeartul a top 30 witness who got away with thousands of stolen Steem claiming he was hacked.

I remember @neoxian doing his absolute best to help the victims, but don't be fooled. @neoxian is not Steemit Inc, and he had no obligation to do anything. He just did it our of the goodness of his heart and that is how he got my witness vote.

So, to make this absolutely clear, you have absolutely no protections, none.

We are all adults

I can't tell you what to do. You will read the evidence I've presented, read the comments of trusted people on this platform and make up your mind. However, do not say you were not warned. The chances of this working are so slim I'm flabbergasted by the fact that I'm seeing people jumping aboard the titanic feeling invincible.

@tcpolymath added some notable remarks to the conversation

In conclusion

I'm willing to accept the repercussions of my actions. Honestly, this was too much for me to just stand around and do nothing. If this information helps 5% of his would be "clients" walk away from the disaster, I would feel like It was worth spending all day writing this.

Much love to you all...

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I learned from here that Jerry is worse than I thought.
It also brought to my attention that a certain long time shitposter is a satanist:

But so are Donald Drumpf, Engela Merkel, Craig Grant, almost if not every rapper, politician, bankster that was and is, Big Herc and Shaun Attwood so nothing too shocking here.

can't you fuck off with your self satisfaction with bot votes .... go join her church then .... smart guy ... "you learned", you mean you heard something that sounds good to you and are willing to say whatever bullshit you think is right, without thinking because your mind is shattered ...

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This comment confuses me. You learned from "where" that "whom" is a Satanist?

The answer to your "whom" is in screenshot that I uploaded.
The answer to your "where" is: this thread.

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theres nothing wrong with being a long time shit poster and satanist... also if you really believe that Donald trump and "almost every rapper" belong on your shit list then you deserve to be kicked off the platform with Jerry as well.

At the same time i do agree with you that about @Stellabelle being bad for steemit. I dont really follow her and have nothign personal against her. But there is no way possible that she can work for Steemits direct competitor, and still have Steemits best interests in mind. If you disagree with me I urge you to find any fortune 500 company that would hire an executive level employee and let them keep their executive level job at their competitor

As long as shes not running for witness though i don't see a problem, same with Jerry. I could care less about the wealth they amass as long as they keep it out of politics which is easily verifiable thanks to the blockchain

Impressive use of Bidbots on your comment. I never knew this was possible. I really only thought you could use them for posts. Is this the future of the comments section? Will it go the same way as the trending page?

I was thinking the same thing... lol

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Thanks for shedding some light on this subject meno. This reminds me of another system ive heard of where people elect others to have their best interest at heart and then out of nowhere they try and screw the people who elected them. Then when its politically safe to go against this elected person everyone comes out with their torches and pitchforks. I guess our learning curve is a little slow.

I really dislike the fact that you are 100% correct on this one... we are very slow to learn.

Well a lot of your points are true . Thanks for the heads up and the courage to bring this up. I will be looking into it some more . For the time being the witness vote has been removed.

Excellent post. I prefer not to take sides in any conflict and to remain neutral - which helps find the path to balance. That said, when there is imminent existential threat - we need to take sides.

In this case, I don't currently feel such a serious threat - but it does need to be said that we are discussing a power grab using exploitative methods and that can very much lead to a serious problem for Steem. When people see that the highest profile people in a community are pulling scams, they just assume that the community is no better than any other (or might even be worse). This is a sad thing for Steem since it really is different and offers so much potential.

If anything good can come out of this, we can all learn about the ways that we are commonly the victim of mind control techniques and confidence tricks.

Jerry has actually sent me 300 steem previously as part of his program of helping witnesses below the 80 mark and so I am thankful for that (though it seems that few people actually heard about it and claimed it - he didn't just auto send it out to every witness under #80).

I am torn though between wondering if he is a split personality with an 'angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other' - or whether he might even just be a front for someone else. He could easily use his position to do real good but for some reason he nearly always seems to find a way to 'cock it up' (as we say in Britain).

Jerry, if you are as sincere as you claim to be, then why do you keep repeatedly trying to harness the power of the entire community to boost your own power and why do you keep misleading people - generally who are the new users who don't know any better?

There are a few witnesses that jerry helped with liquid steem to cover their costs. I honestly won't sit here and say that was a bad thing to do.

However, I'm comfortable with the idea that one can do a good thing for the wrong reasons.

So, this is to say, that it might be an attempt to sway support, a manipulative tactic, and not that he actually cares. I would not know if this is the case, I obviously have no evidence to back it up, at this point in time is speculation, simply because of other things he has done in the past.

He is comfortable with bribing, that's plain and simple, and the evidence is there.

Again, I'm not saying he was doing it that with ill intent. But I'm not willing to remove my skepticism from the equation.

Agreed. I might be less cynical if I hadn't spent the last 15 years studying the world of politics and the psychology involved!

I was ( @castellano witness) one of the ones he offered 100 steem or so to help cover costs, as much as i was temped to reply I stuck to principles and just ignored that post.

If he really want to help cover costs he could rotate his humungus proxied vest between witnesses above 100 that he thinks are doing something useful and go unnoticed or something.

The is no charity or free money on the table in this environment and specially not from our beloved used cars salesman Honest Jan

Creo que por cosas asi es que te ganastes mi respeto hace mucho tiempo.

Gracias hermano, pero también debo reconocer que esta cadena me ha echo torcer muchos principios.

Es difícil encontrar un equilibrio entre el compromiso individual y el bienestar general cuando creamos comunidades.

Lo importante es que muchos (al menos en mi caso era así) pensábamos que estábamos solos y eramos pocos y no es así... Aquí nos encontramos y aprendemos entre todos.

PS Joke: Por usar el corrector ortográfico no me gane ningún respeto rayos tenia 6 errores en el comentario en ingles.

money will make people do weird shit

Thank you, @meno, I keep trying to give @jerrybanfield the benefit of the doubt --especially, with his expressed interest in spirituality-- but I must admit that I also continue to get the sense that "Get rich Quick Schemes is the name of his Game". Living in Florida, I nearly signed up for Jerry's Steemfest 2.5 but pulled out once I heard from @roelandp. Much information to digest in your comprehensive post and I appreciate your daring to care enough about our community to share these valuable findings with us. Will resteem, so that newer, more trusting souls are not also deceived.

You are welcome brother, and thank you for your help spreading the word.

It's a saddening and sobering message, but I feel obligated to share it. Thanks, again, for following your conscience. _/|\_

interest in spirituality does not imply enlightenment or balance.

Not, but it implies (at least) seeking to lead a life of integrity...

Technically everyone actually IS a spirit - so depending on the nature of the pursuit of understanding of spirit, it can in some cases be that being a 'spiritual' person is actually a sign of delusion, since it is really impossible not to be a spiritual person. I am not commenting on Jerry, you or any specific person here - just on the logic of the situation in general.

Here’s a short interview & spiritual aphorisms of mine if you’re interested to know where I’m coming from : https://idriesshahfoundation.org/interview-with-yahia-lababidi/

Peace 🙏🏼

I wasn't around for the account creation thing, but I read the apology post and this sticks out today:

The part I am specifically sorry for is taking almost no time before making the post to consider what else we as a community were already doing about this and making my own offensive solution.

@steembasicincome is essentially an identical plan to Jerry's except that it has community benefit in the sponsorship portion, and the account growth feeds into the system rather than being handed over to the owner. It's about 2x as efficient as Jerry's program even at the most-basic level. (Disclosure: I work for SBI on a small level.)

@qurator is a slightly different system but it offers a vote in return for delegation that is essentially identical to Jerry's between 500 and 4000 SP, and better at 5000. Plus you get to keep ownership of your SP and your witness vote.

So if you're looking for a service that behaves like Jerry is saying, there are ones out there being run by people with solid track-records, and offering better benefits.

Sbi is a great program, i also use @Silvagoldbotty best roi for delegation.

You try and google anytging to do with steem and a youtube video will pop of him.

Honestly Poly, do you think Jerry doesn't know about SBI or Qurator? I mean, he might tell you he's never heard of them, but this is a Crypto Expert, a Steem expert at that.

It's shameless brother... I'm serious, I'm not trying to pick a fight, but if we don't defend the platform, then Who Will? it wont be Ned....

I have no idea what Jerry knows. I don't follow him, that one just got resteemed into my feed and I started commenting because I seemed to be the only one who the math made sense to. (Probably because I did a lot of it before joining SBI.)

lol... it won't be Ned... truth!

Wow i know of @qurator someone was telling me about @steembasicincome it was totally madness. Can you imagine.. I wonder who still votes him as a witness though. I am looking for people to vote to complete my 30 witness just not jerry.

The only witness I'm voting for and you aren't already is @followbtcnews.

oh yeah right @tcpolymath will see to that. Thanks for saying

Hi, @etemi, you could also consider @comedyopenmic for witness too. They're a happy bunch of people looking to make the best out of this place. and yeah, just so you know, this message isn't spam. I'm a friend of @jamesub. so i listen to your covers in the studio.

If you don t know 30 witnesses to vote on, you can set someone that you trust and does good work for the community as a proxy. Thats what I did.

I personally have found SBI to be quite helpful. It makes a difference in my post payouts.

Trending page worth, very well and RESPECTFULLY written.

Thank you kubs... <3

I feel the need to state, although I've never been a Jerry fan, I have defended him.

He's gone crazy and if he doesn't understand the system, he should by now.

Nicely written point of view and discription.

Thank you resteeming this. Wow, so much for a "redfish" to learn. I was semi-aware of Jerry and just got an odd sense of the Jerrydom he was building. I'm probably still too uneducated to have opinions yet but reading posts like this go a long way to changing that. So, thanks to @meno too for taking such a strong stance for the community. It seems like that can come with some risk.

Without a second phone, I realised last year that I needed another way to open a second blog. I discovered Jerry's smiling visage, he only wanted how fucking much to set up an account? It took me a while to find @someguy123, but it was well worth the wait. The difference between going without food for a week and going without coffee for a week. I can live without coffee, but I really like to eat. Nearly as much as I like to nap.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


For a long time I have mistrusted Jerry's intentions but could not put my finger on why. I see he has cancelled now, so maybe your post had the desired effect. Good job.

Jerry is the #1 threat to the long term potential of Steemit. I saw him for what he was when he threw a fit because DASH didn't accept his proposals. I wouldn't have either, why would DASH want Jerry as the face of the crypto. It would have been the death kiss, and now he's trying to kill STEEM.

I came to Steemit thanks to his youtube videos but quickly realized he is harming this platform when started understanding more. He is bringing people but from start giving them wrong expectations and attitude. Now this, another way to just take the steem from uninformed. He should be removed from witness list for this scam.

Just finding a reference to your post here this evening and I've now read it @meno. I admire the courage displayed to write it!

New to online blogging in general and our Steem Community in particular, I have had some serious questions in my own mind about one of the most basic aspects of human relationships. Who do you trust? Challenging enough "out there," but "in here!?"

Well, I "don't know you from Adam," @meno, but in "the real world," I know about the character of a man who would do what you have represented yourself as having done for our Community in writing this. All efforts to maintain the highest integrity in any enterprise will always have my full support.

So ... Short and sweet. I am now following you (don't slip up 😉! ), 100% upvoted, and resteemed to my legion (219 and counting ...) of followers. 👍

Steemin’ along and on the move ... Posted using Partiko Android

hey @roleerob thanks for commenting, your comment made me smile!


Wow! That was a fast response @meno! 👍

I've been stumbling around "in here" trying to figure out how to follow through on my commitment to resteem your post. I did it exactly once before and thought there was a button somewhere by Reply ... Not seeing it now ... I think maybe "time's up" and I cannot resteem this post now.

Is that right?

Steemin’ along and on the move ... Posted using Partiko Android

yes, after payout it won't let you anymore!

but I appreciate the gesture!

Blast! 😞 So ... Note to self, on sequence for the future, resteem first, then upvote ... OK ...

Well, I know it's going to "hurt," but guess you'll have to pass on the "legion of followers" part. At least for now. But, I am following, so I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

Keep up the good work @meno! 😊

Steemin’ along and on the move ... Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for this. Resteemed. I wanted to call Jerry to talk about this, but don't have 810 dollars free at the moment for a phone call!

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.24.55.png

Wow... my wife was one of the world's TOP "telephone psychics" (national TV and all) and she only got $8.99 a minute!

That's totally ridonculous... megalomania at its finest!

Holy crap!! hahahahah is this real? You have to be joking, please tell me this is not real... please...

All that with a prayer shirt.... do we need to say more?

$16.67 a minute better get you the highest res fucking images of his colon lining or something, man.


Unbelievably true!

What does this guy do? predict the future?

@meno i must say it took you alot of courage to write this after analyzing these things and making out research i didnt know of these accusations but i believe they are true. When i first came on the platform i followed just anybody and gave my witness vote to just anyone, i studied jerrbanfield and found out he was just some greedy guy who couldn't even upvote his followers or people commenting on his post that is my own imprrssion and conclusion for someone who is greedy. They have alot of steem power and do not suppport anyone with it, once i knew this i immediately removed my vote from him. Infact you saying this i went back to make sure he wasnt part of my witness i hate greedy people who use other peoples success to achieve greatness. I love the fact you had to say everything and to think that they are other good witness am friends with @neoxian and @prc other good witnesses @pfunk who deserve to be in his position and even higher position do not get there because someone is stepping on other peoples success is making me go mad. Jerrybanfield just find a way to manipulate peeople into making money for him. His end is near

It's really really good to see that Jerry is finally getting called out on. This guy is just like you mention 100% money focused and at least as well in my opinion not bringing any good to the steem community. Thank you for this great & detailed article!

I'm grateful everyone helped me get the word out... thank you as well.

This is a brave and well thought out post dude. I am glad you are saying what a lot of us are thinking.

we can't be afraid to do what's right because of the fear of retaliation... i mean.. I wont lie, i know i might have made an enemy today, but I hope that my intentions are clear.

Its not about jerry, its not that i want people to hate him. I want people not get scammed, i want for this project of ours, this blockchain of us to make it.

Thank you for calling this out today @meno, i always wondered why he was hated for all the promotions he does. I did spend a lot of time going through each link on this post and the finding were quite irritating. Claiming to help a community when in fact you're doing it for your pockets is a big phony. More users need to see this before they get scammed. I will be resteeming.

It's just sad that we have to brave in this platform to stand against whales. Decentralization is still really a far fetched idea. I really hope one vote system will soon change the landscape of steemit. And perhaps a more democratic system can be implemented. Just by casting your votes, you'll have say on the platform.

what are you talking about. this entirely is the way things are supposed to happen. Abandon this idea that the ideal utopian system is ever going to come about. People are not nice by nature and anytime you let up your guard for even just a second, instantly there will be an evil actor bent on taking everything you have

It's entirely irrelevant to my reply. I'll just let it slip. Have a good day.

the one vote system is not the answer. The one vote system is entirely the opposite of the answer. Do you understand the reason why staking was invented? The weighted staking is a security measure to ensure that the network cannot be attacked easily. without it all one would would need to do to screw over the system is create a ton of spam accounts to have them rape the reward pool by givnig themselves an artificailly inflated stake meanwhile they will be downvoting your content while upvoting theirs. the 1 person 1 vote system was ruled out originally for a reason

Ok now there's some constructive argument. well obviously weighted stake is not working. People will same interest will only upvote among themselves. If there's a way to combine both will be great. I'm no expert but I think it can be solved with account creation limits? For now, I don't know if KYC is the way to go. But I'm happy to hear some opinions.

the problem is that you want something for nothing. Life doesnt work that way hun. You want to get paid for "creating" content.... then go out there and hustle up a damn following who has money and wants to support you, just like everyone else who gets paid for their content has been doing since content began getting paid for

You clearly have no idea what you're talking bout. I've been talking to an idiot.. Bye.

Most big exchanges that deal with SEPA and other withdrawals rely heavily on kyc, it just wouldnt work here.
The way it could possibly work is weight votes against an already set mechanic on the steem blockchain.
A hybrid system that takes into account reputation and stake, for example. Pure 1 account/1 vote cannot work if you are unable to determine a bot from a person.

That way you create a system of where the community is the one that determines based on consensus how valuable your vote should or should not be, along with the investment you put in.
Ofc for this to work youdd need to get rid of bots.... Anyways. SMTs are coming, and i dont think the 1 account/1 vote will be as simplistic as it sounds.

Says the guy thinking about kyc on a blockchain...

thank you @pharesim any chance you can upvote my comment so it shows up

When you smell a rat, it's usually a rat. Upvoted, resteemed and all that.

Next mega whale to slaughter is coming up. Soon.

not only that, he was even banned from posting facebook ads, he is giving bad ideas of get rich scheme, specially youth watch these type of channels like jerry , because they dont have patience and want to get rich as quick as possible which is not true. And jerry is teaching how to get rich with spamming people. I like to call him the father of bots, if you would take a look at his history, you will see numerous numbers of transfers to bots, because of those his shit goes on trending. while others dont have that kind to money to spend on it.

Ah, so this is the witness you were eluding to that doesn't belong in the top 20...
Makes sense.
I never got a good 'vibe' from him, but didn't know why. Intuition is always right.
Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

PS. I can't help but notice that Steem is still very much a ponzi/pyramid scheme/system. Whilst it isn't technically multilevel marketing, in that you don't need to outlay cash, like with Herbalife, Dotera, etc. it is a pyramid and those that were part of setting it up or in very early are at the top and likely to always be at the top regardless of how many of us climb the ladder up. Just a thought. I love Steem and it still has immense potential.

the climb is hard, but its not impossible. there are literally 2 witnesses I can think of that go in the game late and are killing it... one of them you know, Crimson.

Oh, for sure. I am certain that we can wealth here and unlike most Ponzi schemes, it isn’t (or at least doesn’t yet seem to be) at the expense of others.

im sick and tired of this notion everybody on steemit has that just because things arent fucking easy for you that the game must be fucking rigged. get over your lack of skills and learn to play the fucking game. The only part about Steemit that was scam was the mining drama. But looking around the cryptospheer right now, I almost like the fact that steemitINC still hold such a large share of the wealth. It ensures that they will have the funds to keep working on steem until its actually ready for it to be in the hands of the people. Currently its nowhere near ready... the fact that Jerry Banefield is a top witness proves this entirely

Careful padawan. There wasn’t an iota of complaint in any word that I said here. I was stating the obvious. It’s a pyramid, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reap rewards here.
My rep and SP is vastly higher than yours which likely means I am working harder than you are. That is exactly the same for @meno. We are both here for the community as well as the financial potential.
But mark these words, just because we love Steemit doesn’t mean we have to love everything about it nor does it mean we can’t thinktank together to improve it.
That is why Meno posted this.
There are witnesses that do the right thing AND earn money. Jerry doesn’t seem to be one of those.

Ive only been here for 2 months, and yes i agree that the current whales and early adopters have an advantage but thats the case in literally every single economy that has ever existed.

I keep hearing the critique of the wealth centralization like its a bad thing, and i just don't see it that way because like you said were still at the beginning of all of this. the only way for those extra early stakholders to profit tho (which is why they invested) is if they cash out. It will happen, just not tomorrow not next year maybe not in the next 5 or 10 years, but the longer they wait to cash out then thats good for all of us because that means less steem is available to be sold and the price increases.

Yes. Every monetary system has been set up as a pyramid to benefit the few. It’s not something to venerate.

But you’re right, those original whales could all suddenly decide to withdraw and 13 weeks later (unless, like most oligarchs, they have a special loophole and can do it sooner) the platform disintegrates leaving hindreds thousands or more people empty pocketed. That’s the potential negative ponzi of it.
I like your positive thinking. Let’s hope you’re right and they stick with it for the long haul and we create an incredible community that supports each other.

ive spoke to many of the people who hold the wealth you speak of and they all understand that its not in their best interest to do that. Sure they could all sell at once and destroy the platform, but if they're here to make money why would they sabotage what is making them money?

Wait until they have been here long enough to feel part of the "Early Adopter Advantage". They will be fighting tooth and nail to keep it. :)

You could actually look at any job or company on the planet and relate it to a Ponzi scheme if you wanted. There is a reason CEO’s make the most money ;)

No arguments there. We live in a pyramid system. It’s shit, but that’s how it rolls.
CEOs don’t necessarily make the most money because of any special contribution to society though. Most of them get there because of the wealth they were born into, some of them because of the heads they trod on to prop themselves up, a few because they worked smart.
An intelligent, compassionate person doesn’t venerate dysfunctional systems. We try to invent better ones that will inevitably replace this archaic one we’re existing in and we start by identifying the problems in it.

have you ever even attempted to manage or run your own business. Things just don't work that way. Every single CEO of a successful company is there entirely because of their skill. Sure many of them came from rich backgrounds but the money itself doesent help them one bit. If they don't know how to actually be a CEO then the business will fail and they will be sued into poverty by the shareholders

The reason why the offspring of the rich and powerful tend to do well is due to a number of reasons, first being selective breeding(having standards) over time favors the strong, creative, intelligent, and beautiful. The second reason why is because they grow up around a bunch of rich and powerful people. These children get first hand knowledge of something that the rest of us are only able to speculate on form the moment of birth. You should read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" the author may have not been entirely truthful about his life, but who wouldn't embellish certain things a bit while writing an autobiography

The misnomer that most people make about being born into wealth is that it has to do with the money itself that creates and perpetuates more wealth. But no, that’s not the case, it is knowing the underlying game and having access to the processes and the people that make that game function at its core level that make those born in wealth attain skills. It is because they are taught those skills and anybody born Into any other class doesn’t get taught those same skills. When you went to school did you get taught how to do your taxes? Did you get taught how to even budget and finance? That’s what the book rich dad poor dad alludes to, that there is again there are loopholes and it is not shared to the meeting it is kept in the hands of the few.

You are wrong. Majority because they worked smart and was humble. But that is too painful for you to hear so you tell yourself a fantasy story. I'm sure you know a genius better system? Let's hear it. Let's hear the genius system that you want to use that is better than capitalism.

Haha. Well, not only am I friends with CEOs of massive corporations, but my uncle was a CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and I’ve hung out with Richard Branson. I think I know what I’m talking about. It’s not fantasy buddy.
There are far better systems than greed capitalism. We don’t have to resign ourselves to what we have now because we have the intelligence to create better systems, but we can only do it together when we aren’t complacent and apathetic.

Better system but you didn't mention any? Haha.


I am very happy that there are people like you who cares about community. I also was invited by this guy and was supporting him and even voted for him as a witness, but after he became an upvote bot and after I saw his non profitable partnership and after I saw him gathering money for those steem meetings, I also removed my vote.

His partnership that cost 23 steem per month gives even less upvotes and in fact if he will upvote everyday with $1.6 we got only about 0.7 steem dollar per day and it's about 21 steem, so we give even more than we get, people don't understand that because they count the total upvote and it's 1.6 x 30 thinking that they will earn more, but it's a trick he even don't explain all the details.

The other think, making a new coin called j-b-c is not supporting steem but clear that he thinks about his own interest.

I also was invited by him and joined steemit almost at the same time when he joined, and watched a lot of his videos and did everything to grow, but nothing was working for me, poor people don't understand everything about steem and they just join the guy because he has a lot of subscribers on youtube. I hope we will have more people in steem blockchain who explain the truth to the crowd.

I am also doing my best to help people grow, to show them that upvoting bots are not profitable, to make them interact more and bring value to the community. Lately I moved to dtube because it's the only solution for me to grow on steem blockchain after writing articles for 11 months and not being noticed by whales. I am more than one year on steem blockchain and I will do my best to make people understand who is the good guy here and who is not.

I am not against Jerry and I wish him the best and I wish that he understand that this is a social network and he has to care more about the community not about him self, especially about the future of steem. He never answer and it's almost impossible to talk to him, but I will write here that I don't hate anyone but I believe that everybody can change, we all do mistakes, the most important is to fix them before is too late !

I don't have a big steem power to upvote this and I decided now to support only dtubes video because dtube is paying a bit for our upvotes and I need to support my community, we all make videos, but I will resteem this to my almot 4600 followers wishing that more people will know the truth !

Thanks again for caring about the community and for making this hard work, analysis is not that easy. Followed by @Clixmoney , cheers. ☺

thank you for your support, for your kind reply... You won a follower, just checked out your videos, pretty cool...

Thanks, I am doing my best. ☺

@clixmoney is great @meno. Glad to see some affinity here.

The amount of politics that exists in this place never ceases to amaze. It can be entertaining at times thot.

It's one of those things where you get a good insight into the human psyche. M because you can't hide on the blockchain, so anything you do is there to be called out on either today or tomorrow.

That is very true, tip! 0.5 hide

Thank you :)


WTF! This post change the way i see Jerry. From his videos i find out steemit for the first time but didnt cross my mind he is so shameless.
He does everything he can for his own interest.
I did a post 4 days ago talking exactly about this type of habbit through whales where they do anything for more and more money, not giving anything back. Just business!

No comment.

I feel like I am in the same boat as you. I have ignored the sketchiness for a while because I thought he had good intentions but that can’t be assumed anymore.

One Friday night a month ago Jerry’s YouTube ad for STEEM came on between videos. I thought to myself “hey why not watch this and see what his recruitment is all about”. I let the full 40 minutes play and I was shocked at the number of false claims and apparent lack of knowledge. The one claim that he made that STEEM would surpass BTC market cap is obviously impossible.

Your post has help me see the reality that I knew was there but wasn’t admitting for some reason. Thank you.

It will be interesting to see what @freedom does with their delegation and witness vote(via @pumpkin proxy). @freedom’s support has launched Jerry into the top witnesses. Now that Jerry has shutdown the voting bot I expect @freedom will remove support which may cut Jerry’s witness income.

any video that talks about surpassing BTC market cap discredit the coins which is just sad bc steem is awesome. :)

woo hoo! i have a newfound respect for you @meno and thank you @eonwarped for sending this my way. you my friend are one of the best things that has happened to em on steemit!

@underground thank you for sending me this too as a backup and for always being there for me, you are forever my UndyZZ

dearest meno, you really outdid yourself in this post and to think i was on my way to doing something i moght regret. i’m totally in awe of your knowledge, writing, argument and proof. this is an amazing post and im honored to know you.

from the bottom of my heart, i thank you.

i have been so confused as to why everyone was picking on jerrry and had gotten flagged today by bernie just for being in jerrys room! wtf

all said and done bernie took the flag back but shit got hairy. this brings a lot of clarity to the situation and that is my main reason for my gratitude. additionally, i always had a nagging feeling about jerry but could never put my finger on it. hes still made money. still smart, but all the facts presented show that its all in harm of the platform. ugh!! a behavior i cannot support.


Speak of the devil.

Muahahah!! Who da debil?

(wow, the eyes are orange)

@meno btw not sure if i mentioned it but Jerry Coin was redacted. I was in the room when he took it back with Bernie hovering and lurking his room --- just in case you hadn't heard.

great news indeed.... well, I think the community reacted on time, that is something to celebrate.

i'll share the convo with you if you want .. maybe in helpie. shit was crazy ... just sayin, and yes apparently ppl who know a lot like yourself really buckled down and cried out. it was heard! :)

I am clearly one of the stupid ones. Phished first, and then sucked in by Jerry Banfield. I cannot begin to say that I understand the finer details of this, but the broad brush strokes I get. Somehow, and I don't recall how I came across him - possibly when I was phished - and was vulnerable. That said, I had a funny feeling about him. Call it a sixth sense, intuition, whatever, but I voted him as a witness and now wish I hadn't! How can I unvote him?

I used to think I was quite savvy. Some of my encounters on @steemit are showing me that I am just a babe in the woods, never mind a red fish!

Thanks though for this: found it because it was re-steemed by @therneau, founder of the #teamsouthafrica discord server. I, too am going to re-steem.

Thanks and much appreciated - to you and all who commented. Enlightening....

Crypto is still the wild west, and honestly everyone needs to just to their best to stay safe and always be skeptic.

Don't put yourself down either, at least you recognize there was something fishy about it.

And, you are now here, you are learning and moving forward... so all in all, you are winning.

Yip, it does seem a little like the wild west and mostly unfathomable. I do have to listen to my little voice more - in the virtual world. I listen to it in real life, so why not, here?

Anyhow, I am learning all the time and wrote about my experience having been phished, hacked and recovering my rep and hope that others will have learned from that.

Thanks for the encouragement and yes, I do get the sense that I am winning - one little step at a time!

Thanks for the mention @fionasfavourites :)

I did a post many moons ago on Jerry. Had to go scratching through the dusty archives to find it ;)

I'm sure you and @meno would appreciate it.


Please feel free to check it out.

And I thought this was bad.


This man is just so full of crap it's not even funny anymore. The little good that he does in cover some Witness server costs is nothing compared to the enormous amount of bull he's pulling.

And ffs, who the hell pleasures himself like that?

This was the video that broke the camel's back as they say... I took my witness vote back after this.

Regarding the self pleasuring, its really none of my business... I hope, and I say this respectfully, that people are making their decisions not based on that.

The point was the dishonesty, not his sexual quirks...

This is not good. I already have un-followed him and resteemed your post so that others may learn about the things what you mentioned in this post. How horrible was the case of Zeartul and bellyrub! This platform is not free of scammers, some of them are big names.

I have seen a few anti-jerry post, but I have to say, Thank you. You made it very clear, showed the evidence, and explained the case very well. I never liked late night infomercials, and they all seemed pretty dodgy, but some people liked them.

So thanks for the very good clarification of the issue.

Welcome to the good side.;)
We also have cookies.
And we don't try to scam yo:)

I don't mean this to sound shallow and mean, but I go with this gut feeling all the time and I usually am right. I have never trusted @jerrybanfield or wanted to read his articles or invest in his ventures because of his goody-two-shoes wide open eyes and glib smile, while bragging I'm a vegan so believe my shtick because my shit doesn't stink. I don't dislike the fellow, I don't know him, I would have to get to know you before I like or hate you. I don't trust people who copy others ideas and promise easy success and think eating a certain way will make a person character pure and their shit taste like rainbow icecream. Vegan food smells the same as any other food at the end of the day as it ends up being flushed down the toilet.

I've seen plenty of these kinda hucksters in the Dharma Sangha circus. It was his face looking so open and angelic like he has a direct connection to all that is holy. I never read what he posted because I don't visit the trending page that much. I mostly look for updates for Steemit improvements. The rest of the content is not my kind of reading content.

This is the sad thing about bidbots anyone can buy a bid, maybe that isn't sad, perhaps that's fair, we all have access to high rewards if we have the funds but isn't that like the real world? Only the rich can buy advertising. Look at corporations that poison the world can buy advertising and buy off governments to look the other way and at the same time give corporations tax-free favor status because politicians need corporate funding to run for office.

Steemit has no rules, so I give everyone some advice,

"Buyer Beware," and grow up.

Until you can make a system that everyone has an even playing field to trend or be totally ignored and is safe from scammers stop whining and bickering. That's is why I don't watch the news anymore. Too much complaining and talking shit about everyone while nothing productive gets done!"

One cool thing about the bidbots is the trending page there is more variety, the circle jerkers and whales don't write anything unusual, they push content out every day, and it is the same old stuff over and over and over... At least @yallapapi is funny, and that gold dust guy was hilarious because he was so obvious, over the top huckster. I don't agree with flagging the abuser's comments to silence them while you are flagging their article, that's playing dirty. The accused person isn't allowed to defend themselves.

I'm afraid those with the power to flag people into oblivion will flag per personal views rather than have a set of rules everyone has to follow when flagging. I think bidbots should have a set limit of how much an account can buy per post, per day, and per week.

the bidbot conversation probably won't ever be resolved with our current system. The platform's users can't seem to find a common ground and even though facts can be presented, most of them like to go with how they feel.

Regarding the trending, I don't like 80% of its content, but I'm under no delusion there was ever a Golden Age of trending. I've seen the past trending posts.

I think the trending page needs to go and one can find trending posts under tags.

I believe white-list, black-list, and vote buying ability based on the quality of posts per Smartsteem vote buying system is an excellent way to go for bidbots if we are to keep the system we have.

Although Smartsteem has been caught selling votes to the characters that are in hot water with the Steemit Gods and protectors right now.

However, we need a set list of rules for all bidbots and flagging bots/people, or I see people and bots flagging competitors or people's personal/scientific/religious/political views they don't agree with out of existence.

I can't think of one service that is 100% right all the time, and I'm not only talking about crypto, but I hear you, and I share your frustrations.

I happen to think that Oracles might be the ones to save us from ourselves, as long as we are smart enough to stack the different levels of approvability and lever them against a databases of consensus.

Now this would operate parallel to steem, trading against it, so that we could effectively attempt to create a healthier environment, not by completely eliminating the ugly, but by controlling it, removing some incentives (the ego driven ones mainly) and effectively building a wall (triggering words there) between quality content and gaming of trending.

Have you by any chance watched the video shared by SteemitBlog?... it gave me a bit of hope, it really did...

I am looking forward to the new systems just because I like learning, we are in beta.

I'm not a technical person and have no clue about how systems work until I get into the system and work with it, I learn from doing.

I've read about SMTs and oracles, but I haven't watched the video. I will check it out @memo.

My gut and reading history tells me you can't regulate morality or greed through math/algorithms and government enforcement. I think that makes black markets and criminals. The only thing that works controlling greed is fear of going to hell, and some people don't care whether they go to hell.

If someone can come up with some math and a system that can even the economic playing field here on Steemit while mitigating scammer-easy-money mentality we can apply it to all economies, it would change the world!

If you do the math, it would take more than a 1.3 years for you to recover your investment

My math says it will take 2.5 yrs. Its 35%-40% ROI per yr if you vote yourself 10 times a day.

I estimated a conservative growth on steem valuation, following its current trend. But if it stays the same, then yes, the number would be much higher.

Thank you, I read his post earlier today and it seemed like a lot of money and I was pretty sure SMTs didn't exist yet. Thanks for the heads up, resteemed.

I'm right with you on this one. If it smells like a dead fish, it's probably not a juicy steak...
Just 1 more scam in a line of scams...

I intended to bring this up on our meeting monday, but I felt like putting this out there was almost urgent. (see his wallet, steem is coming in)

Oh, I don't doubt that he's pulling in the steem. He's good at it, always coming up with some new way to fleece the sheep...

it's crazy how people would jump in on anything because the name behind it has a fairly high SP. doesn't make it better than a crappy idea.

Aha. So this is why I was named in steem.chat a month or so ago because I voted for him as witness.

Sad news indeed. Oh well, so much for him being adorable and a nice guy.

Thank you for putting this information together!

I'm grateful to you for not playing politics and doing what's right those weeks ago. It took courage to put your position in the top 20 in jeopardy. That did not go unnoticed by me. I may be a small stake holder, but I believe in this place and I want to make sure that everyone who stands in the leadership has goals that align with my own.

i'm greatfull to you and thank you very much dear @pharesim
your vote is very benefited for me
i will be playing to god for you
stay well and healthy every day and every moment

Get this Jerry fraud off Steemit & Respect for your honesty

I hope this post makes it to the trending page, it would for sure deserve it for the effort that was put in and the great information!</b<

Jerry his video's a year ago also were the reason why steem got my attention, I used to follow him and have him in my witness voting list but that changed a long time back when he changed his account to an upvote bot.

Excellent and informative assessment. I did not know about his adventures on other platforms. I doubt I'm the reason this post happened, but I think I remember asking you for it over in Discord. I was eager to hear the opinion of someone who had actually chosen to stop defending him, rather than the same stuff I hear from the huge anti-Banfield sentiment everywhere in the community.

I mean, I get that it's the Internet and we're supposed to be our worst to each other here, but I like to have a bigger reason to hate a guy than "he is capable and willing to fellate himself." That's all I've heard about Jerry for a couple weeks now; it's become a bit of a meme on here and everyone's been joining in the fun about it, and honestly it embarrasses me a bit.

Why should I care; why should we care if someone enjoys that? I don't want to get too political but it seems to me that one of the defining values of the crypto community is liberty. I'm not saying it's not funny. I just don't understand why we pick that as an attack surface, when there is so much more about this man to attack.

I have always placed a higher value on the opinions of those who have changed their mind. I think this is just how it works. For me, using the topic of religion as an example:

  • Listening to former atheists' conversion stories is far more interesting than sitting in church listening to an evangelist waffle on about Jesus.
  • Listening to former evangelists' stories on why they became atheists is far more interesting than spending an afternoon listening to an established and lifelong atheist on how right they think they are.

It's just how it works. So thank you for your perspective, and I am now more certain than ever that none of my stake will ever touch this person in any way reasonably preventable.

tl;dr. try getting to the point next time faggot LOL jk

i used to be a commie, now im a libertarian

Respect what you highlighted here! One more use of his Liquidity STEEM Request, he is using it to pay for bid bot curation rewards to the delegators! Somehow you might noticed that, some how not! But every vote bot owner must keep liquidity STEEM to pay curation profit daily! So, this is a must!
I think it's a really bad idea to invest STEEM in others account! Like you said, there are no @neoxian's who can help people who got scam by f#$king scammers!
One other thing, if anyone want to make a STEEM account within 10 minutes you might follow @timcliff's guidelines!
At last I already muted this guy, I feel so annoying with his articles which earns thousands of STEEM for nothing at all!
Good job done!


Holy cow, I don't want to make judgements based on this one post but... yeah. Thank you for the research and, what seems, a very balanced opinion. tipuvote! 20 hide

Yes!! This post is excellent and well written. It is so thought out and clearly you have done the research before making this decision. I give you all the props in the world for speaking the truth and trying to save at least one person from falling victim. When I first joined Steemit I quickly seen his face all over the place and seen a few nice post. I thought from the outside, it looked legit. That is his goal though, isn't it?

I would follow along keeping an eye out for post on Steemit. I then found him off of Steemit. This partners info was the moment I knew he was out for himself. Get rich quick is all he cares about and it is so obvious. Okay yes we all want to get rich one day right? However, I quickly realized he does not care about the community and is obviously "secretly" self centered.

After word got out more and more about his mishaps I did notice the increase in pictures of his child. What a way to attempt to steal those vulnerable steemit hearts huh. I did give him the benefit of the doubt at first because I mean, let's be honest here, majority of us want to get rich too. I thought ok this is sketchy but the dude clearly knows what works so props to him. It wasn't until I realized the cost it took from so many others losing for him to get rich that I backed away compeltly. I will stick to being poor and actually helping others succeed than to be rich by taking a ton of their money on hopes of a false dream.

I haven't been paying attention to much else outside of what I seen. I also don't fully understand all of it so I have to say that my opinion could be way wrong but for now it does look like he is a get rich and rape everyone else kind of dude. I would be extremely disappointed to see him as a top witness.

I think this is as good a reason as any to remove the ability to self vote as a witness. I'm still puzzled as to why this option is even available.

the only way this could be enforced would be to come up with a system that could enforce 1 user, 1 account.

How to achieve that, while keeping the level of anonymity people would like to have. I have absolutely no clue.

In other words, a witness could create a @fakewhaleaccount - clean his holdings thru an exchange like binance (obfuscating the source) and vote himself back as a witness, and no one would ever know.

Of course! Doh!

I wonder if a negative vote to say you really don't agree with a certain witness' policies would work to balance things out.

there was a proposition for that, it was thrown off the table, people could not agree on it.

Because the witness account doesn't need to be the one you hold your coins in

Thank you for taking a stance in defense of the Steemit community. Calling out someone who is successful usually comes with risk. But for new(er) users such as myself, information like this incredibly helpful. I've looked at who the top steemians are, so I've seen Jerry's blogs and what-not and wondered why he's been successful. And of course, a person might want to join forces with or emulate the actions that led to success, or just believe that the transparency of a blockchain system people will conduct themselves honorably. Maybe that's a silly way to think, as many times the most successful people are just out for themselves and ethical behavior is lost in the quest for $$$. I will take you at your word that there is some cause for concern, of course, I will also need look a little deeper myself. Regardless, thank you for another course at Steemy-U. Posts like this are the building block for greater strength and accountability.

I was already pretty wary from the beginning, but wow. Absolutely disgusting. I was here for some of those dumb stunts but did not know how far back it went or some of the other stunts also.

And I'm glad someone broke down his latest idiotic scheme because my eyes were rolling to the back of my head long before I had any patience to analyze what the hell the post was talking about. At least it looks like it backtracked though.

Like I said, I suspect he kept it vague intentionally... @futurethinker made the same comment, and what motivation would he have to defame Jerry?

Damn. Sad. Lotta interesting info here. So much I was an still am unaware of. I will vouch for @anomadsoul being a super awesome dude though. Lol.