Open Letter of a Miner "Witness" to the communities of Steem, Golos, Peerplays, Decent, Bitshares. "Corruption is here" you "Be Aware"steemCreated with Sketch.

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Spanish here:

Witness its the same like a miner but need the communities voted for him for work on the chain.

I'm "melea-trust" one active witness of PPY.


Short part from summary.
go to ***
If you do not have time to read it all now. ;)

It could not be otherwise, again in the course of my life I encounter corruption, people who want to buy me for money, promises and what they want is me under his control. I know that's why I do not sell.

When you have the ability to create, to be self-taught; in life to put it in short words, you know you can steal you all your belongings, but this do not worry, if you're like me, because you know you'll be back to do it again, you know if you've done more than three times is my case, a fourth or tenth time be easy to do it again and every time you wake up faster and better than the last time manner. Why learn from the experience, I'm always learning. And that's my peace, I can steal the material, but not the ability to do it again, my skills learned are mine and bear my signature.

I have to talk a little about me, so you understand why I write this.
It is not that votes or see me I'm a cool person, it is to know who I am, and that you must continue reading this:

Because it affects you as a user.

Let's go to the center of the idea of ​​writing this post now, at this moment of my life I am to meet 38 years. And well done.

Just this year I showed interest in participating in mining of crypto currency PPY to undermine currencies Peerplays was not the same as mine ZEC, BTC, DASH, ETH, was not enough to turn my miners, No, I could not undermine connecting me to the network . to start mining was informed from the team PPY steps,

1- Connect and to register the mining assign a name and an identification let my witness have a name. in my case "melea-trust"

2- Nominate my witness melea-trust in the network and peerplays steemit groups.

3- Just as a political candidate should get votes.

I will explain to step 3, and develop briefly.

I write a post steemit and explain my intentions and abilities to undermine ppy their community. and I am a good candidate and that should give me your vote.

As I participated in the ico belonged to the group of Telegram PPY ( ) and there I announced my candidacy and will not send any message mp anyone asking for votes or anyone sending me messages I wanted to buy me, just after a nomination and legal participation, I get to vote for my 34 accounts today and I'm in position 32 of 45actives witness working in blocks, I am an active witness, witnesses are responsible for keeping the network running and so today 100% works fine and we are also prepared all as the team as professionals we are to improve our servers if necessary for network growth. We are transparent to the Peerplays community, on groups are there in answering questions or participating in active discussions. We have never shown intentions to centralize or make our demanding something in return d keep working.

*** Summary here.

A summary of my ideals and why.

In short I stressed by having a new profile on all sides.

For be a learning of English, new, on forums, but old in crypto trading, example is: long time ago when the € came to light, change my savings to € because I knew it would rise in value against the $ in its infancy and so, the euro made me earn my first dollars. My first trade of coins.

Fortunately for me, but not in the country where he was studying at the time, I realized that the country was destined to a huge inflation and economic collapse, like me? a student not excellent grades can predict inflation when the contrary all speak of wealth and an incredible country in the near future, is what I have, I see things where others see but a reality in disguise. You're a visionary. Or you see truths from lies, deceptions hidden to put it another way.

I believed in my prediction and save $ and € and once finished the studies I got on a plane after selling all my worldly possessions and sell my feelings to myself because I knew I would not go back, I was so sure that I thought would happen and not just what I thought, well I talk to my I discussed friends with many, over 100 just two or three saw the same as me, all that after I myself buy my ideas, convince and back left my friends and family, all, how good when get on the plane could not carry my savings, and money from the sale of my car, my motorbike, my jewelry, my computers, had dollars and euros, as was a computer already knew the bitcoin and spend my money from virtual to bitcoins, left me a part to get to my destination and gradually spend my bitcoins, as it is not easy to start from scratch in a country without friends and where I found what was for me an unexpected communication barrier; Catalan as a language. we will summarize and address the point of all these words.

Today I live in Barcelona in Spain and I am happy and I speak Catalan, I communicate perfectly here, the country I left behind today is among the top five countries in the world with the highest inflation, is the country most devastated economically in every way, so bad the country's situation which I speak but so bad that its population does not have to eat, that companies left the country and left; do not produce enough food, they suffer from what is called shortages. The country today is on the verge of a civil war. And those more than 100 friends who did not agree, tell me today; You were right this is the jungle, this is the abyss, can not even leave the country because everything is very bad, you're rich or very very very poor.


And you right now. you ask yourself
Why you should care or you should continue reading?

That affects you, especially you.

This I am about to write is happening right now in this social network called DECENT, DCT.


Ok here?

keep going,

Based on my experience in my career to witness of PPY, I followed my steps for be a DECENT witness but it turns out

It was not the same, well it is, but it is not. I explain ok.

The main difference and the reason for this post is that I received private messages commenting: I will vote and you vote me, or I have 700k DTC I vote?
Another message says 30k, another message and another, and so was counting more than 6 messages:



1 of many corrup.png

2 of many corrup.png


I'm not going to reveal their names, It's not my style at all. My intention is that you vote to stop them.

sell people.jpg

 Buy votes?

 Bribe me by voting for me?

 Buy me as an object or a worker for a pool, not thinking that they try to do?

And it is so, I do not deceive me, my answer to all these messages was a copy and paste text.



Why do I say what I say or do I think so?

Therefore called corruption, that is called bribery, that is called sell for a vote, that's called me a Blep! what it's what I want is money today here and now.

Thus, the vote was giving me today, I would be taken away tomorrow. Thus the voting system works. You vote, if you do not well, you simply withdraw your vote,
Not great?
Yes, when you vote and exercise your voting function, of course it is great, so start voting after reading this and start feeling great, guaranteed. Voting is power. And feel good.

What I mean is that each vote has a value equal to the money it keeps the person voting. Witnesses not have won by more votes, they win; for more coins voters hold accounts with voting, that is the value that gives work to the witness, the sum of all currencies accounts that have voted for him.

For example, if I have one vote and is an account that has a million coins, I'll be on someone's list with 100 votes and the total currency in 1000 are the sum of all their votes. No matter the vote, more if the money add up all the votes. That's why you should vote no matter how much money you have today in that account. every vote counts here is true.

Knowing this and based on that corruption is the factor by which leave behind that corrupt country by that, it is as it is, and not by its president or his deputy, or neighbor, is because most are corrupt and corrupt and therefore leave the country fell into the abyss where this increasingly low, it seems that there is no limit, I'm sorry, but I live well in Barcelona today. ;) I was a visionary 12 years ago when I left that country. I warn you now fall into something that already lived. Corruption is a cancer that lives in every corner of the planet that do not pollute.

Total after reading these messages of indecent propositions, to use humor, but not a funny thing, I decide to try to recapitulate a little what happens and that there is corruption and I find that assets and witnesses who they are like me waiting votes are talking about a whale with puppets voting and this Bleping pretty and a witness who has three or more different puppets witnesses my fellow witnesses are not stupid and are chasing the whale; are set to lose blocks all at the same time, why it is suspected that obviously the witness takes three or more different witnesses on the same server and as he fails electricity to the washer the server loses power and blocks lose or because it is down a torrent movie, lol, the server will lose data again and missed block again, lost three blocks at the same time. ashamed of you,

Total now for me, have bought you explain those messages, bla bla. I until I found such a faker of those in slack so it happened;

Right now I'm writing this post in Spanish, then I translate it with google, as in the slack of DCT I've met a character who told me was Spanish and speak to him in Spanish and well, but you could tell it was a Spanish copy and paste a translator. and I realized that Spanish did not speak Spanish it was a faker, epic but not amazing. there is everything in corruption and this is always disguised.

I will not explain, the reason to be corrupt, have unfavorable consequences for your future.

But if I'm going to explain that, you should not sell you as a witness by offerings in exchange for receiving one vote.
Well, you should not do that, just as you have said you get it, you'll call when very comfortable and quiet're demanding, to ask something in return to keep that vow, and you're still having bread corrupt your mouth.

So, if it hurts, do not it's going whole decentralization, this goes a prosperous future, this is about democracy. So get out of here with your corruption and your disgust you give me trying to consume everything, like a mushroom, a plague, a cancer. Go home.

I understand it. because I lived it, and to give you an idea of my life and the damage corruption has done it.

An apartment I left behind in that country when I left, not to sell and leave something there, if he fails my foray into the other world, have somewhere to come back, that floor is now there, but it's nothing, you can not sell, the government invented processed and passed a law and the floor is mine but no, and you're done, you will not lie, it's not a horror movie, it's not science fiction, it is a reality that happens in the world and known only to those who live and those who hear these horror stories. But I want to be a reliable witness, I want to say, communicate, warn of things that are happening or will happen.

melea = my name is my slogan "melea is trust and that is priceless, and you know it."

And this is real life, things happen and do not whole until someone comes and tells you what you teach and change your way of seeing things.

In short if you witness or you use networks;
Steem, Golos, Peerplays, Bitshares, Decent.
You should pay attention to that you can vote and you must. Because corruption is here and want you to blep in the background.


As I write, so you see your vote for what it is, something that is priceless, so you would want to buy, if you vote freely, freely you feel, if you sold yourself by one vote, you must know; you will be asked for something in return, do not be naive, let us not play: I did not know, I did not think. If so and you sold yourself, you're a witness bought, part of a pool of witnesses purchased from someone who is centralizing the network, for example now talking about someone who apparently has centralized more than 25% of the DECENT network. Which translates as a manipulation in buying votes. Easy.

 You who can vote:

Do not you offer to buy a witness for your vote, you should be ashamed, you should vote responsibly and only witnesses with adequate equipment with a clear identity, to convey to you his proposals will do our best to keep the blockchain of network alive and efficiently 24x7x365 days. They are people before witnesses and that inspire confidence.
Your vote counts and has weight, no matter who today have one single currency or no, if you're not a puppet, you vote, your vote is legal and many legal votes are needed to fight corruption and that this decentralized system that we operate as such. And not manipulated by a whale.

I and my colleagues Witness, I say you below are 100% legal.
Because we are legal? to see who voted for each of us and see that we are not selling anyone, for example I have not sent any private to them and they never sent me any private demanding the vote. That is why we are clean and it is they who began to fight corruption before me, and inspired me to make this post, but nobody knows I'm transcribing right now, will be for everyone at the same time and I invite you to share it relayed to diffuse the call to vote. So that everyone knows that corruption is here and there to get her out. The message will not die here in my 65 followers today, share if you care about your network.

In the picture above you can see who I voted for witnesses in the Peerplays, Steem and Decent, networks.

 Peerplays 34 Votes


 melea-trust voting for 28

Image for whom I voted on PPY chain.
Please: You can vote for them with confidence as I have, please vote for them all and include me on the list.

votes melea-trust for.png

 Steem 1 Vote


melea voted for.png

I have not had time to promote my candidacy and I have to study a little as to get to know the community and to vote for me. Only me vote for me lol.

 Decent 8 Votes


melea-trust voting for
decent any.png

Here if I have promoted my candidacy but note that I have not voted for anyone, that is to say that those who have voted for me was by their free choice, I did not promise anything to anyone and I do not know who voted for me unless it is A well-known name.

So I ask you,
Do you want to remove the corrupt, next to me and my companions witnesses and show them that we can vote and make the voting system works against a corrupts whales?


It is easy; or vote you, or you can delegate your vote. The result is the same, "Hey I exist and vote" and i vote responsibly.

The only result that has this action to vote or delegate their vote is a future for your safe and clean network, not puppets, no vote buying, this is something you have to do at the beginning of every decentralized and democratic training is all of It not required but you should know that it is an obligation.

As for witnesses is an obligation to pay monthly bills servers for the network continues to function. For example, I am obliged to pay monthly rent of more than 150$ for 3 servers, only for Decent network , while waiting for votes and not win money, as I hope, it will be my decision, on how long dedicated work for free network while waiting for votes, if not I get feedback rating I turn on that network and light it in another, and the network loses me as a worker because although it was good, I did not get the votes of the community.

To end soon

Ok, and I trust that I am? o Why you should trust me?

Bitcointalk link, look for my post there for history, melea and see that everything I said and predicted step. Check out my twitter also that besides my attempts to block-psofía there are predictions that are 100% and do not talk about shitcoins that are only polo, or bittrex that even my grandmother and her friends Bingo the can pump moon, we are talking predictions from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, Ripple, not belong to a group of fake coins will go up and say they know and tell you to buy them, your purchase while they sell expensive.

Total, I am confident about that, you should come to that conclusion you and notice that I do not have an address for donations, which do not ask, I do not accept that the rejected private groups offering money to promote shitcoins , no, I just want to look good, do not cheat.

If you have confidence in me and want to vote for me and my teammates 100% legal try to make this work democratically and decentralized free of corruption and whales disguised little fish with puppets.

Delegate your vote or vote for me, and which I vote, please also voted, new votes for the new additions, will draw up a report melea post my name proxy votes and votes cast.

In short you should vote it is important here the list.

Delegate your vote, if you do not know how I'll explain works in pictures:



Or you vote for me or you put me as a proxy for you to vote for the same as me, that action is called delegate vote. I vote in your name without spending your money of course, vote and I pay.


Use for translate:
your lenguaje.png

Link to a website of Spanish that realizes for the community, in the link shows like to vote Peerplays or to delegate the vote.


At the moment there is no GUI Wallet yet, you only can vote for the moment with the cli-wallet, with comand "vote_for_miner"



 vote_for_miner YOURaccountHERE melea-trust true true


So your vote or delegate your vote, but do not let them steal the future corrupt, to buy, including a Lambo, what you have is to vote. Vote, vote, vote, vote. For witness.


They do not steal, but just so you know. This is not resolved by calling the police or thinking that will sort itself out, this is solved by voting, so the system is there for you to use you, not to take advantage of it and you four scammers.

Vote or delegates, and write a post showing that you voted or delegate your vote and I assure you that if I see the post with the label (#ivote100%legal) you will vote your post, and this post is 100% power up, so if you were vote for do you think that this great and do not want to be corrupt, then I will vote your post back too, to see that you are not corrupt and that if you voted no matter what your account balance but if your identity on the network. So vote, I will vote, but 100% legal, no one here is going to demand anything to anyone tomorrow. Only that works well or we take the vote not to continue working on, Simple Network without threatening or purchase. Easy and nice, do your part collaborates vote for the witness.

The best intentions for the community. adding I'm just beginning. and I want to help more in everything possible.


Trust = Priceless


Article By @roelandp to, about Witness and responsibilities.

And although the holder of the article only names five networks, this exercise of your right to vote is valid in what attempt of currency with voting rights. And in life itself.



 My proposal to be a Witness PPY

 My proposal to be a Witness on Steem


 My Proposal for be a Witness on Decent

Thanks and vote for the others Witness that you trust too.
Appreciated for real.

you are.jpg
When you vote, so please do it!
Cheers! 🍻

Repeat after me; I was not born to be plankton or whale food.
🏊 ꕀ 🐳 ꕀ

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Great post , hope you do well :)


Thank you, an honor from you, the pleasure is mine. Thank you

melea = priceless! :-) Great post Melea, thank you for sharing. You continue to have all my support, trust, and faith.


Nice to see you are around. ;) Thanks for the words, i apreciated and you know it. Cheers!

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the process, let us know. EOS uses the same mechanism with some additions, but we're always keen to make it safer.


wow thanks sir, you make fell like I'm flattered and you, give me something new to work on, and even more knowing that I am quite active in the Eos community and I aspire to be a witness of Eos too, I also think they would affect the subject to a future as you have seen.

I am new to PeerPlays, BitShares and Steem but it is my intention to get involved in the communities and eventually learn enough to make my own witness endorsements. In the meantime though, I respect what you're saying and I am very anti-corruption myself so happy to select you as my PPY proxy for now until I figure out things for myself.


You are welcome, be a witness its great job, good luck!
And the best its be Witness 100% Legal.

Interesting post. Thank you. I"m a Steemit beginner and curious how it works.


Witness its like a miner, but people voted you for do the job.You are welcome to ask any about, to me.


Thank you for response.

Hard to read a google translated text. Are you from Venezuela? Argentina?


Are you from Venezuela? Argentina?
Im from Cryptoworld! Cheers!




The only clue was it's a country inside the top 5 for inflation. Venezuela would be #1. Absolutely terrible whats going on there at the moment.


The important here its vote for miner Witness, its very important vote whit responsibility. Thanks and please vote for the Witness you trust. cheers!