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RE: All Steemians get free Byteball tokens! Have you claimed yours yet?

in #steem5 years ago

I followed your post, everything was ok until last step...

Didn't receive any payment after this


Based on the output it looks like you may have already linked your account to a wallet before?

Yes, I did, but there was some error and payment didn't go thru, so I re-installed wallet. Probably error that can't be fixed?

It probably linked to the other wallet :(
Did you backup your first wallet before deleting it? Maybe the tokens are there.

Yes, I did, but don't know how to access that back up. With what program I can enter backup?

There are instructions in my post for taking a backup. Did you do those steps?

Yes, but don't know how to access that file. It is on my PC.

Yes. Wherever you saved it.

I know where I saved it, but don't know what to do with it? How to access it, with what program?

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