After all this time

in #steem2 years ago

And after all the low prices, it is nice to see this platform survived. I kinda haven't expected for it to keep running since it is not profitable anymore (from my point of view) especially for people with low SP (not even for the big stake-owners and considering the trends), but it keeps going. I don't know if it is the community that supports it and keeps it going, if there is just inertia (not the user) or simply the hope for better days, but I know a thing:

Seeing Steem running and the active developments from Steemit Inc. gives me hope.

Hope for cryptocurrencies, for the blockchain, and for the idea that there are people willing to create a better system for us to use.

That's a nice thing to have.


I don't have much hope left and rarely post since the last HF...

Is there something about the last HF that made you post more rarely or is it just a coincidence?

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I like your optimism, but the number of the active users is decreasing (dropping/falling), and the real, human interaction is rare on the Steem blockchain in general. This blog post is also a good example for that. The blog post is 14 days old (created on 2019.10.16), but currently there are only 3 comments under it. Two are human comments (from which one is your own), and one is bot comment. This comment of mine will be the third human comment under this blog post.

Yeah, depressing or what?

I guess there is nothing that keeps people here, entertained, not as on facebook...