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Announcing a website that displays vote distribution over the categories. This data is available per account / for the top 100 users with the most Steem Power (SP) / all users. Filter on the top 100 users with the most SP and see what type of content they upvote the most! Loading the chart for a specific user takes a few seconds.

The goal is to extend this website with more interesting charts, next up is a line chart showing category popularity. I am using a database containing all steem data to generate these, so there are a lot of options. If there is a chart you would like to see, please leave a comment and vote on the ideas of others.

If this post does really well I might look into releasing the steem historic data API or running it as a service.

Feel free to use the data some other way:

GET /api/votes

account_name: show only vote data from this account (any steem account name)

top_sp: show only vote data from the top 100 accounts (SP) (true/false)

days: 0 for all, 1, 7 and 30 for 1, 7, 30 days respectively (0,1,7,30)

For example:


Cool! I've put you on!

Fun app, thx also for the API, great to share it!

This really needs to change soon IMO. Being so introspective is unsustainable.

That's awesome and useful thank you. If you click your link it doesn't go to the website I think you need to add the http:// to it.

Thanks, fixed.

YES! I love graphs so much! I love that so many people are coming out with all these tools to see that data that steemit provides :) Great job :)

hi, I see you're following me ... thanks!

it's working, although my comments are usually good enough to get some votes, yours make me rank even higher and so I get even more votes ... nice!


50% of votes goes to steem related posts

that's quite a worrying trend. the spread needs to be much more diverse to encourage content that will attract new users.

Actually, if you do the math properly, it's only 36.5% over the last 7 days. That's down from 47.4% over the last 30 days. So content is becoming more diversified, as one would expect.

Thanks mauritso. That's a useful tool. As Steemit is the social news version of a free market, as the Steemit Whitepaper tells us, we can make use of to research about the content demand by the whales. Then the supply will be produced by the Steemers. :-) --- I should use this space for cheeky selfpromoting my new post, because I have the feeling that your post will be very successful:

The entrepreneurs that start a new category have a big impact as well.

Currently sub categories are not very rewarding because of the exponential value of the vote.
take a category that has in average 10 votes and one that has 20. The one with 10 gets 10 times 10 = 100 payout, the one with 20 gets 20 times 20 = 400 payout. Double the voting power means four time more payout. Therefore all try to fish in the know categories, which encourages hashtag abuse.

I would suggest to make the payout linear, or at least more linear. In away its your money that is redistributed with up to 10% each year (currently even lot more with round about 0,1% per day) So it should be your choice. I know the exponential payout has two reason, one is to dis-encourage self-votes, second to have some high ranked payouts like a lottery that can attract more useres. Self-payments could be solved through transparency. If someone becomes know as all the time self-voting he can be warned (yellow card) and then down-voted - flagged (red-card)if needed.

To the second: Currently posts are not only rewarded exponentially, but also they get a lot more votes if they become visible on the trending page. So even with linear vote-counting, they are rewarded exponentially, because they attract more voters through being visible.
In away it would be fair if the posts which are displayed on the main site are drawn in a lottery like style. Every time you reload the page the displayed post are drawn though a lottery, the more votes they have the higher the chance to be selected. This would give all participants a fair chance to be listed at the top and therefore attract more votes.

That was just my thoughts to improve steemid for a hopefully better experience for all :)

This reminds me of Barry Silbert on Twitter yesterday, claiming that the market should decide which Ethereum chain wins and the developers shouldn't choose sides. This is flawed thinking IMO -- the developers are the people actually building the protocol and they should decide. Similarly, the content creators on Steemit are the people creating the content and they should decide the categories -- whales will hopefully reward based on quality.

barrysilbert Barry Silbert tweeted @ 03 Aug 2016 - 20:30 UTC

It is sad to see the Ethereum developer community splintering. ETH or ETC, everybody should rally behind whichever chain the market selects

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Ethereum devs are not the ones who funded the developments. Developments were funded by the community. Developers are employed by the community. I concur with Barry Silbert that the Ethereum Foundation and the Ethereum core developers have no business taking a side so long as they keep drawing from the crowdsale money that was paid by both ETC and ETH supporters.

Hi @dantheman , What am I but an entrepreneur starting a new category?
TRP has 123 thousand subscribers in reddit. Thak you for the Minus Six Rep,
that will keep the playground fair

And, where is cooking LOL :)

What is the pink 23%? I'm guessing photography.

The screenshot was made at the beginning of syncing the blockchain data with my database, I think it might be a test category, but I could be wrong. Updated the image.

Thank you fot this cool tool.

This is great info, thanks! I just wish there was a bigger showing for anarchism. Maybe in time!

An interesting graph would be displaying 'when' whales are active - doing upvotes etc - thoughts?

Made a static graph a few months ago displaying when the most SP is used on a day:

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