When do people vote?

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A graph showing the voting power vs the time of the day.

When Do people vote?

Link to full-size graph

This graph shows at what time of the day how much STEEM power is used.

X-axis: Time of the day (average from data of 67 days)
Y-axis: Combined used STEEM power in 30 minutes.

The total STEEM power is calculated by dividing the STEEM power of an account today with the total amount of votes they casted in a day (20 if the amount of votes by an account in a day is less than 20.). Each time someone votes the effective STEEM power for that account for that specific day is taken and the time the vote is casted is added to it, creating a data point. Finally the average of all 67 days is taken and that is used to generate the graph.


aka - don't be an idiot like me and post at 0100 EST and expect your post to be viewed by anyone :D

Thank you! Now I know what time to blast my, "Basic Income Mining Bots for Noob Former Redditors that Introduce Themselves to Reduce Friction while they Get Started with Steemit on Blocktrades" post. ;)

Update: I need to add, "and I need a Dev" to the end of that. ;)

Whose timezone?

X-axis label says "Time of the day (UTC)"
UTC is the time standard, same as Steem uses in the blokchain.

That's a little strange.
I really thought the graph would be more skewed for USA (i.e. est) times.

From this it looks like the EST steemers are only on at work (or school?) between 9am EST and 4pm EST.

I was really expecting a peak around 9pm EST ( 1am UTC) and there is a LITTLE peak, but what 25% lower than the UTC crowd at 4pm ?

I s Steem not as popular in the USA as I think it is?

... or everybody steems from work?

Naah, who possibly would kill time browsing around while at work ...

So if I understand this. So Cal is UTC -8. 14 is the peak. So 6am for those of us in LA land?

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