- Category popularity and total payouts vs. STEEM price

in steem •  3 years ago

I updated with two new charts, category popularity and the total payouts vs STEEM price.
If there is a chart, data or stats you would like to see, please leave a comment and vote on the ideas of others.

Manipulate and view these charts live on

Category popularity 

Payouts vs. STEEM price

Feel free to use the data some other way:


Special thanks to @linouxis9 for his feedback.

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It's pretty interesting that all the categories have merged together over the past month. I'm investigating the site now. Awesome stuff!

As an investor of steem, i would like to see active users within 24 hours, but newly created accounts were excluded.


Certainly can be done. Filtering newly created accounts, define new? 1 day/1 week?


Thank you very much for doing this, Almost 50% of the newly created accounts are zombies, they never login ,never vote, never post, but 1 week will be better, because some people will lose interest within one week.


I'll have a report on this come out tomorrow :)


Check out -- "active users" is defined as votes or comments in a given period. Registrations themselves do not count

Are you feeding your database directly from a custom version of Steemd, or are you using the cli_wallet API?


The data is coming from steemd with the debug_node plugin.

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