PSA: I will no longer vote for you if you're powering down. I'd rather reward people who are securing the network.

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Title says it all.

I will no longer be manually voting on users who are in a power-down state.

If you're pulling out of the network, I do not see the sense in giving you more stake in the network, I'd rather divert that to someone that's helping to secure the network by keeping their shares vested.

Of course, there are some situations that merit the powering down of your account in order to liquidate some assets, but if you're pulling out and seem to be leaving the platform, I can't vote for you anymore.

Yep, that's about it. Short and sweet.

You're powering down = No votes from me to you.

You aren't powering down = Sure, I'll toss you some votes when I see your stuff.

Hang in there, y'all! Some cool stuff is just around the corner . . .

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Anytime, friend. Welcome to Steem!

I’m on the same page. I think what a lot of people don’t realize about Steemit is that even though it’s important what you write as an author, it’s equally important to curate and being a team player in the community. The secret about Steemit is that you have to give to get, but perhaps those who are powering down right now never realized that in the first place


It's very give and take. Some people strictly focus on taking, and that is not what this was designed for whatsoever . . .

I understand powering down sometimes, that's what makes this place attractive after all! Sometimes, people need a little bit of cash flow to live. But if you're a serial power-downer, ahh, you're just shooting this all in the foot.


At this point in time to power down, is on my opinion, something one will regret in the future. On the other hand like you say, sometimes it’s necessary to power down a bit as well which is fine as long as it’s not to zero


You bring up a good point as Steemians we sort of have an obligation to curate and be a team player in this community. And yes, the secret sauce is, "you have to give to get ". Well, put.


hehe it is indeed the secret sauce hehe

I will no longer vote for you if you're powering down. I'd rather reward people who are securing the network.

This has been my pet hate from day one. I have always said that those that do not power down should be rewarded for their loyalty. I have not powered down once and have absolutely no intention to do so for at least another +3-5 years. I am on a one-way ticket to power up all the way and try to vote for those that are think are in it for the long-term. I am glad that someone else feels the same about this as I do. This is an excellent blog. Stephen


Just getting to a lot of these comments, got to yours just a few hours too late! I'm going to go give you my traditional comment upvote elsewhere haha.

Anyways, good! Hoard it all! We're in the same boat! Keep it up!

@matt-a, I will survive in Steemit, right now I need money for tuition fees, so I power down. I hope you continue to support me. :)

Well that is wise decision taken by you by the way :)

I do like the way of your thinking .There are people working hard and giving their all you sure are doing a great work for the support of them.


I like to think so, although some may disagree. I'm only trying to think of the longterm survival of the network.

That’s makes tons of sense to me 😀

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I haven't powered down since I have joined from June last year @matt-a because I know that if everyone just holds #steem its value will go up and will benefit us all.
People that powers down will just dump steem when its value goes up and it will not really help but will just pull steem price back down again.


Likewise @cryptopie I haven't sold any Steem for 2 years.


Awesome to see someone understand how this works!

Yay, I try to adopt the same principle

Yes that's kind of fair. If people are trying to getout of the network then why vote them and let them stay in. Lets them just take their profit and get out of here faster. Because steem needs people who are dedicated to work and not only think about their development but also of this platform.


Well said! Exactly!

Does that include my whore ass? (Since I'm powering down my funds to pay bills and all that shit right now) If so, I understand. But, boy oh boy. You just wait until you start getting pictures of my taint on PSN, dood.


NO! I completely understand your need at the moment. That's what this is all about, afterall. I've only seen you powerdown once and you even mentioned it in conversation before you even did it. Moving into new homes ain't easy and it sure as hell isn't cheap. Good luck with you sewage situation that's running rampant in your living quarters, btw!


Yeah, I was just dicking around mostly, bro.

Update on that, they're wanting to move us into a different apartment because the foundation needs to be redone on ours apparently and there's a lot of water damage unrelated to the sewage leak. They're offering us a 2 bedroom for the same price as our one. But, we would have to move everything again ourselves, which isn't phsyically possible since we have furniture weighing between 300lbs to 500lbs that they want us to carry up 3 flights of stairs by ourselves when we could barely get them down one flight of stairs with 4 people. Fun times. Think I'll write a post about it. Oh, yeah. My laptop charger is dead and needs replaced, so now I have to do everything from mobile. Even more fun times!


Ugh, kind of cool and kind of not cool at the same time . . .

See if they'll compensate you for hiring a moving service? Shouldn't be that much since it's just apt to apt.

Good luck with your shitty situation!


Upvote because of your "wonderful" situation...

I agree fully! I tend to vote in this manner as well. I like to see people who are here for the long term of Steemit .

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Yep, same here. I don't like to see people simply come to try to take advantage of the money-making aspect and strictly cash out, giving nothing back to the community. I like to see people making money and contributing at the same time, it's harmonious.

I'm powering down to pay for my trip to Steemfest. I know other people just need the money. I'd love to keep on powering up, but some things just can't come out of the family budget. I'm definitely not leaving.

Of course your voting is your own business :) I rarely self-vote, but that's my choice.


Nahh, man! This is a solid reason to powerdown. I'm not saying there's never a reason to, but some people just try to milk it, never thinking about giving anything back to the community that gave them everything that they have. Those people suck, I don't like 'em.

Have you checked this out?


very true, I agree with you 100%.


I've got the steem to pay for my trip, so I'll let others benefit from the fund. It would help if the price could go back up :)

Wow @matt-a,

How come I didn't come across someone like you all this while. I can say that I hate it when I see people powering down especially those with small account. When I see them powering down, I get turned off supporting them because I believe that they don't have a future on this platform. In some cases I even unfollow them when I see them powering down.

For me, I am well vested in steemit as long as it exist and am never powering down.

Glad to me you and glad am seeing this post even though it is old, because it has motivated me to keep steeming. Followed.

@yaanivapeji. regards.

That is a good choice. Let's support the people that believe in the community and want to build it up 🙏🏻😍

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I only saw your post now (after 10 days) so n use to vote now. I agree with your sentiment, why give more to people who will leave. I note another tendency, there are a number of users who work in a group, and withdrawing everything they earn all the time. They will vote for posts, but their votes mean 0. These people also do not understand that you need to built up your strength to benefit more in the long run.

Well that seems racist, my cats need to eat and need liter to poop in.

Also I think I have re-powered up every single week I've powered down (verifiable in the blockchain pretty much every Saturday for a while now), I just take what I need and attempt to keep at least a certain amount of Steem back.

Also also I sometimes need spare spendable Steem to help support Steem based projects, like those found on - I have supported two projects and there is still one on going that I have donated at least once a week (also verifiable by the blockchain).

I still love you and will vote for you though. But through the jest way I wrote this comment, the true portion of it all is that it is not a fair assessment to make that a person is in a powered down mode is not invested in Steem and Steemit :/

Edit: So I re-read the post and I did not catch this glaring portion that relates directly to all I typed:

there are some situations that merit the powering down of your account in order to liquidate some assets

Love you even more now, stayed fair while making the message :)


Wtf, I replied to this a few days ago! The Busy front-end has certainly been having issues lately . . . Guess it wasn't submitted to the chain.

Anyways! I'm glad you went back and re-read haha, there's no way I could hassle EVERYONE that powers down. That would defeat one of the major draws to the platform, getting capital and influence. The people I intended to hassle were people who have seemed to have lost faith in all of this, people who are obviously just trying to milk it and could care less about the community or flourishing of the platform that's paying them, or people that think that they're "onto something," that intend to divest their stake here elsewhere.

Some people gotta eat, some people gotta feed the kitties, some people have stuff to support, and some people have to pay rent . . . like me right now, sadly. Gonna have to trade off some SBD as much as I hate to, but the landlord striketh very shortly.

Also, I missed the upvote window for this comment, so I'm gonna go drop that on ya somewhere else. Thanks for chiming in!

Why should i care about what you say? Youve never upvoted me before. To me, you are just making an empty threat


Well, that's because I don't know who you are and have never heard of you. And now you seem kind of like a dick lol. Unfollow me if you'd like.

My threat isn't empty, btw ;). I assure you.

Amen to that, brother... :)

That's more than fair. You have your own right and honestly it probably provides a more equitable ecosystem for everyone.

sweet!!! this is what its all about thanks!

That's the way it should be

Fantastic work with this one. Nice review and continue the nice work! Glad to peer you posting again. Thank you for the updates.

I keep powering up and hoping that changes will be made to break the oligarchy and make Steem a fairer platform.

Steem price is so low that its not really even worth powering down. I'm just going to keep powering up!

lol I saw your serial power downer comment haha. I think that's the key. Sometimes is ok. I haven't had to do it yet. Maybe sometime. I thought about it to be able to go to steemfest but I don't want to power down so it's not an option.

I'll just sacrifice going this year. Next time!

Hi @matt-a! I am currently in a powering down state, but I do not plan on selling a single Steem any time soon. I made a post about it here! Basically, I'll be using the liquid Steem for post promoting + donations for my charity What is your opinion on this?

I only come here to say this because I recently purchased some votes via smartsteem and I realised you un-voted my post. Since it was a paid upvote, I hope you can re-consider your un-vote since I'm not actually selling any stake nor pulling out of the network.

However, I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I admire what you're doing for the platform! If you have a chance, check out to support Venezuelans in need, all liquid Steem and SP on that account is used to help Venezuelans affected by hyper-inflation, apart from the 1% referral commission to myself on Minnowbooster for vote selling.

Edit: I just read the post I bought votes on, it was a shit post anyway LOL, feel free to keep it un-voted but also check out if you have a chance

Yeah @matt-a that sounds fairly enough to me! Here is one more motivation to never push that power down button))) Though I had situation about a month ago when I was just about to push it to get some cash out, I am glad that situation has changed and I still never pushed that black button)) Let the Heaven help all of us to always go Power UP and never Down!)

And yes I am really waiting for that cool stuff that is still being around the corner!)

It never even occurred to me to turn off the power ... I really hope for the future of Steemit))). I think you made the right decision and I wish you a lot of like-minded people!
Мне даже в голову не приходило отключить питание... Я очень надеюсь на будущее Стимита))). Я думаю, вы приняли правильное решение и я желаю вам много единомышленников!

Nice to meet another one who care:) ...and dozens of those who justify themselves

This is promising to read. I was honestly somewhat late to the steemit game (not the crypto game) and I see so many people getting frustrated and leaving. Let me tell you my eyes are lighting up and I am grinding away. You gotta love it when you know something is great and the crowd is leaving the room :)

I am not powering down! Just saying ... 😏😏

Can't argue with that. We are now moving into a hugely important year for the steem blockchain so personally i don't see any sense in powering down for anybody who believes in the future of steem. I'm trying to increase my stake as much as possible before we head into a massive 12 months for the chain. Now that's not really saying that much but i am picking up little bits that i can afford while the prices are on a low.

Looking at all the developments coming down the line and the new UA ratings, dapps, hardforks and hopefully SMT's it is surely just a matter of time before people realize the true potential of the STEEM blockchain. I'm just counting down the days.