Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster for Mining Steem

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Building a Mining rig with 40 Raspberry Pi 3

List of items:

  • 40 Raspberry Pis
  • 40 3ft Ethernet Cables
  • 48 Port Switch (Rack-mountable)
  • Bitscope Rack 40 (Rack-mountable)
  • 2 Adjustable Power Supplies
  • 40 Pi Heatsink Kits

Gather some Pi, collect SD cards and heatsinks.

Add heatsinks to the Pis.

Add Pis to Bitscope Blade. Screw in. 

Note: You don't actually need to take the blades out of the Bitscope Rack 40 if you have nimble fingers. I only did so for the photos.

Fill the Bitscope Rack 40 with all your Pis.

See the one missing? Its going to be the head node. We will cover that in the next post.

Close up the Bitscope Rack 40 and start wiring all the Ethernet Cables. Make them look good.

Connect the Cables to your Switch!

Now we wait for the next post where we will cover software, the head node and adding mining tools.

If you want to see it run, please like this post!


Hell yea! This is the kinda of stuff I like to see. Just curious are you building the STEEM wallet and then installing CPU miner? I've seen several toturials and my mining operation has failed. I'm running a droplet on digital ocean and have an instance on AWS both running Ubuntu.

I'd be happy to get the wallet compiled for straters.

I don't really know how yet. I will figure it out for the next post! :) I am pretty sure I will be using CPU miner, but might modify it to use the GPUs. We will see... The next post will have a lot more information.

Very cool. I wouldn't mind getting in touch with you whenever you have things up and running. I have a RPI 3 myself collecting dust and wouldn't mind putting it to use.

How can you have a rpi3 collecting dust? lol. I've got 3 original rpi B's and I'm using them all lol they make great media front ends, or even just single / dual purpose servers... I use 2 as kodi media pc's, and one that runs mysql to have a shared library! (Files are located on the internet or on file servers I have....

Because you asked, and I'm certainly not complaining, I live in a Veterans rehabilitation housing and most of my stuff is in storage. I have to pick and choose between what toys I can have going at any one time. The Pi might be something I choose to fire up.

See my intro


Good job marcgodard !

Awesome project!!! I was thinking of doing something similar too. Please keep us updated on how it goes for you.

Will do :) I can't wait to play with this and even get myself a rack!

I'm pretty excited to see where you take this.

Is this the first time you've built something like this before?

Yes, I have never built anything rackmountable or cluster based computer. I used to do robotic intelligence and used the university cluster, always wanted my own :)

Here are all the pictures:


I only tested half at a time because they didn't send me power cables for the power supplies. Also why I had to stop!

I can't wait until I get the pi you sent me to make get the os up! This looks beautiful! Did you send me the head node???? is that the one missing? lol

Yep, you got the head node. Now hurry up so I can get it going and mining :)

Sorry, but on raspberrypi steam will not compile for you. Unless you have plenty of time to rewrite steam to ARM :)

How to config the config.ini files between machines ? I mean the miner and witness section.

Trying to figure that out myself :( Let me know if you figure it out.

Ambitious, definitely an incredible learning experience for you. Good luck!

Yes learning a lot. Learning also that mining steem is not worth it. Good thing this rig is good for so much more. Installing spark on it.

Lots of clever people out there 😃

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