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RE: Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster for Mining Steem

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Hell yea! This is the kinda of stuff I like to see. Just curious are you building the STEEM wallet and then installing CPU miner? I've seen several toturials and my mining operation has failed. I'm running a droplet on digital ocean and have an instance on AWS both running Ubuntu.

I'd be happy to get the wallet compiled for straters.


I don't really know how yet. I will figure it out for the next post! :) I am pretty sure I will be using CPU miner, but might modify it to use the GPUs. We will see... The next post will have a lot more information.

Very cool. I wouldn't mind getting in touch with you whenever you have things up and running. I have a RPI 3 myself collecting dust and wouldn't mind putting it to use.

How can you have a rpi3 collecting dust? lol. I've got 3 original rpi B's and I'm using them all lol they make great media front ends, or even just single / dual purpose servers... I use 2 as kodi media pc's, and one that runs mysql to have a shared library! (Files are located on the internet or on file servers I have....

Because you asked, and I'm certainly not complaining, I live in a Veterans rehabilitation housing and most of my stuff is in storage. I have to pick and choose between what toys I can have going at any one time. The Pi might be something I choose to fire up.

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