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Welcome back to another STEEM MARINE army expansion.

Now, I know you guys are wondering, Why are we getting blood angels and not more generic space marines?

Well, the upcoming lore will clarify EVERYTHING.

But, I did want to give you guys a bit of a sneak peek as this is a very important purchase for the STEEM MARINES.

Also, as we are really starting to accumulate worth as our roster grows and grows, I also made sure to upgrade the gear on which we'll be carrying out models in.

These pictures were taken from my local hobbystore, Ahobbyshop

Who are the Blood Angels


The Blood Angels are a fearsome and extremely deadly chapter of the Imperium of Mankind.

These fearsome warriors, clad in crimson gold and black are amongst the first of the founding chapters. In the beginning, there were 20 legions of space marines.

The Blood Angels are one of the most celebrated of Space Marines. Seeing as they served as the 9th Legion created by the Emperor of Mankind himself, they have been present from the beginning.

However, Blood Angels have a genetic flaw passed down from their Primarch and genetic father. The red thirst. Which is a fit of rage in which a blood angel may seek to actually ingest blood. This is a secret only Blood Angels know, but blood angels are taught to control and repress these fits.


Among these Angelic warriors, lies another terrible and dark secret known to only a few. To explain what this curse is, one must go back to the Horus Heresy.

About 10,000 years ago, at the peak of the Imperium of Mankind, there was a great and terrible civil war.

Horus, Warmaster of the Imperium of Mankind fell to chaos, and took 9 Space Marine Legions with him. For 7 horrible and war filled years, the imperium was thrust into war within.

It was at the climax of this civil war that the fate of the Blood Angels would be decided.

You see, Sanguinius, A Primarch (A genetically engineered super human using genetic code from the Emperor of Mankind himself) confronted Horus.

In an epic Battle, Sanguinius was slain by Horus.

Enter the black rage. You see, when Sanguinius was killed, his death echoed through his chapter. Being a Primarch meant that all of his chapter possessed his genetics as a Space Marine can only become a Space Marine after receiving a Gene-seed, which in this case was derived from Sanguinius himself.

There comes a time in every Blood Angel's life with the exception of a few, where they will succumb to the Black Rage. The Black rage is a psychotic state in which the person is overcome with rage at Horus's betrayal and relives Sanguinius's final moments.

When a Blood Angel is overcome with the black rage, they often do not come back from them. And are reduced to psychotic state of pure anger and rage.

Those affected by the Black rage have their armor painted black and are added into the ranks of the Death Company. A squad of troops consisted of Blood Angels who have succumbed to the black rage. They are place on the front lines and form the vanguard of the Blood Angels.

On the Tabletop

The Blood Angels are a fearsome and highly competitive army. They rely on their melee and alpha strike tactics.

When playing a Blood Angels list, you want to bring a few units on the board to hold objectives, and Deep strike the rest of your units right on top of your enemy.

As of 8th Edition, Blood Angels have been pretty competitive making Top 8 of LVO 2018.

Using the red thirst chapter tactic, we are able to wound pretty much anything on nothing worst than a 5+, which is laughable and makes even our most basic troop choice, capable of wounding armor.

And the Black rage special rule is extremely strong as well, giving us +1 attacks to charges, and a 6+ feel no pain roll. This makes them more lethal in close quarters and slightly more durable.

Coupled with the fact that you can deep strike these units, you could counter a lot of things with good positioning and decent deep strikes.


I'll create a post when we get in deep with how blood angels can be used to play competitively, but for now, as of 8th edition, they are deadly.

How Does Blood Angels fit into the Steem Marine picture

Well, I'm afraid I can't tell you yet, as it will ruin the surprise. But We have some very cool plans for them, lets just say.

I did want to give you guys a bit of a sneak peek at what kind of moves that are being made on my end, but everything will be explained in the Lore post.

A Brief Insert Support from you guys

With Steem/SBD being so volatile, My project greatly hinges on followings and supporters.

As you know, we had a major victory in influencing physical buisnesses to start accepting steem

Steem Marines content aims to show why Steem is so great and why you should invest, but it only works if we have everyone on board.

If you're already a supporter, thank you so much! And if you're a big supporter, please consider raising your % of vote strength, this is a project that needs as much support and views as it can get.

If you don't know how to autovote, check out this guide. and if you can, please join my curation trail which will be used to upvote high quality underexposed content, but also tabletop and Warhammer 40k content from other users.

Consider re-steeming and sharing this with folks you think may be interested in nerding out, or perhaps people who want to invest into people who are making an active effort to add value to Steem and the Steemit platform in General.

Please, Also consider joining our community Discord, where you can chat with other like-minded nerds such as myself, and get your voice heard and vote on major decisions.

There is high-quality content bursting out the seems here, and it's only possible by you all who actively support and follow my project. Together, we will make a splash in both communities and add value to STEEM.

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Very interested to see where all this is going!

Nothing more fearsome than Blood Angel Assault troops raining down from the sky!

Thanks so much for creating a curation trail... I really do think this is an important step into building the WH40K community on the Steem blockchain!

I'm a super tiny supporter with a twist on board games in general. I had the chance to watch a couple of videos on Warhammer 40k. Battles seems very exciting!

Also, at what stage in your opinion would be a reasonable move to add the Steem Marines on FANDOM?


Yeah it really is something else. I'm dying to open up everything and start assembling, but I want to make sure I record all of it.

Uh Fandom will come later. After we start pushing out some lore content.

Another nice,
post of yours and followed you PLX follow me also .

I like this game ..My free this passing playing game.

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