Annoucing Steemium - Steem promotion made easy, cheap and intelligent

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What is Steemium?

Steemium is a service that leverage every promotion services on the Steem blockchain through a comprehensible interface.

How does it work?

1. Fund your account by sending STEEM or SBD to @steemium,

(Your available funds will show up within one minute in the Fund section.)

2. Select you post

(Enter the link to the Steem post you would like to promote or click to load "Last Post")

3. Choose how high in trending you want your post to go by moving the budget slider.

You can also visualize where your post will be at the next day or in a different #category.

Untick the "Allow Comments" box if you don't want us to use services that leave promotional comment on your post.

4. Launch your promotion with one of the speed to cost strategy.

You can now let Steemium take care of the rest! Your post will get upvoted to it's desired position within the next 3-4 hours.

You can later monitor your campaigns progress in the Campaigns section.
Your actual promotion cost and the amount of organic votes received will be summarized.

We also have cool looking charts that show statistics on the evolution of the trending economics:


I used this for the first time a week or so ago. It was easy to use and has a nice interface.

It's a great service!

Did you get some STEEM from them for this promotion? :P

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No, I didn't. :) dang next time I should ask.

Did you get any butthurt cream?



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Drop the mic!

Fair question :)


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You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

But I didn't see you on trending ? :O

I promoted someone else's post and not all the way to trending

I'd love to see you, along with a few others on trending. Would make a change to see some people on there whom the community actually genuinely likes and admires

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Don't be such an asskisser.

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hahaha what's wrong? Does no one loves you and say nice things to you? or was it just a clever ploy to try and get a drama token? lol #billynomates

Heh :) something like that

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I am gonna try it. Thank you for making steemit life bit easier :)

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This sounds cool and apparently you've made it into trending with your own post so it seems to work.

Could you tell a bit about which bots your bidding on, what your ROI requirements for those are and what your cut is?

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Great questions, There is currently no fees.
We have cost protections, For example with balanced strategy won't bid unless there would be 1% capacity after the bid. Economic 5%

Hope that answer your questions.

Yep, pretty much. Sounds like a good deal, curious to see how this can be sustainable offering.

I might save up a few hundred STEEM to try it out and make it to trending. Will only take a couple of years... :-D

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Good idea and even better execution! Promoting your post manually to top trending spots does take a lot of manual work and some waiting...

We have used the promotion service by @steemium thrice and had a great experience with the application and the support staff.

It is a great way to get maximum exposure to steem post to attract potential voters and thus bringing maximum profits to the users.

We will strongly recommend @steemium if anyone has a need to promote quality content on steem easily and profitably!

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Don't get me wrong but.."thus bringing maximum profits to the users." This mentality is fucked up..The point is not to amass the maximum amount of money over crappy content..but rather sharing the pool fairly. This is the best way of generating poor quality content. In fact what is needed is the possibility to filter content by vote that counts as one only. This would show what is really trending by popularity not by money which overvalue bullshit and hence deserve us in the long run. I remember having seen it somewhere but can't find back this interface yet. (This is not personally directed at swapsteem which I think is doing great work nonetheless)

@steemium Heya, thanks for providing such a important info it will help alotnto newbies like us.. Will use it today for sure when I will post a new blog hope for the best results... Thanks keep it up =)

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This is exciting! Going to try Steemium out later today.

That’s sounds amazing..!!

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used this, works like a charm!

Not to be confused with Steemeum which is something totally different.
"A virtual mobile mining app initiative and community on the Steem Blockchain." @steemeum

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