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So I'd like get a lot more STEEM, not necessarily SBD.

I've usually been shifting my SBD into Bitcoin every time it gets to be about $100 or so. I talked myself into POWERING up instead and sending my SBD to purchase STEEM.


But, really?

48 SBD will only get me 35 STEEM? Is there another way to gain STEEM? That seems... expensive. I've got about $150 in bitcoin lying around, but that will only buy 125 STEEM.

Yes, Quality Content is great. But even the articles I write only net $1 or so with about 14-20 upvotes. Even the best articles might not have great reach (though I automate their distribution to Twitter and Reddit to get more reach). Is the problem that I've only got 264 followers?

Maybe more followers would equate to more votes but the last thing I want is to post followmespam on every post in the introduceyourself thread. I also would rather have high quality followers that respond to my content, not bot-ish types or those that don't even speak the same language as me.

I've heard that you can 'rent' STEEM from whales for $150 a month, but I don't think there is much return in that.

Should I just wait until after the August 1st bitcoin fork fallout? Any thoughts?


I have only used blocktrades to convert my BTC to STEEM. It is a bit more expsive than through exchange but its almost instant.

you can go to market, at steemit, trade sbd to steem

yeah, I discuss that. 48 SBD for only 36 STEEM seems weak, though.

"Those are rookie numbers! We gotta get those numbers up!"

Look into it before joining, but I started using Control-Finance to get daily gains of 1%. If you wanted you could turn that into steem. They payout in bitcoin. You don't get your deposit back, but you earn that 1% daily. Check out my referral: https://control-finance.com/?ref=LongStockSilver they have an easy calculator on their website to show you how fast you earn unfer "investment offer" tab. You could turn that into STEEM daily. I'm going to be using a portion to do that.

I will definitely look into this tonight. Thanks for the link!

Yeah, no problem. The best place to look is under their "Investment Offer" tab. Let me know if you have questions. :)

Is it feasible from a laptop? Or a standalone desktop?

I assumed you would need a server farm infrastructure dedicated to it in order for it to be worth it. Thoughts?

I tried it on my laptop, but don't think I did it right. Had some problem with setting up a witness. Anyways, had to give up due to overheating...

If you are thinking about a larger infrastructure, why not look into witnessing?

Is there a minimum recommended computing power for a desktop? I'm installing Ubuntu on my old Sony Vaio now!

Read they only allow CPU mining, so the fastest processor you got. Significantly better results from mining with graphics card, so if you get it to work, just try it.
EDIT: If you mean running as witness, I have no idea!

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