I don't like Justin Sun's acquisition of Steemit Inc, FORK HIS STAKE OUT #steemcash

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The headline that give it away

Just one of the titles: "Why this man paid over $4.5 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett", proves that Justin Sun can not be trusted. He paid $4.5 million to have dinner with a crony capitalist, that has nothing to do with the philosophy of anarcho capitalism and crypto currency. The fact that so many steemians are positive about this, show how corrupt-able they are for a little Chinese money.

The solution, a HARDFORK

Call the new steem fork #STEEMCASH.

Now would be a good time to fork out the Steemit inc stake, maybe also reset all stakes over 10000 STEEM + STEEM POWER to 10000 (or any variation over this idea) and let the rest of the community have their stake in the new #STEEMCASH.

This is my suggestion after the whales and witnesses has proven to be extremely power hungry and not really caring aout the greater STEEM COMMUNITY.

I don't know who could make this happen, but I throw the idea out there!!

LASSECASH is resistant to Justin Sun's actions

As for LASSECASH, no matter what happens to STEEM then I believe Steem Engine will survive and therefore LASSECASH will survive. LASSECASH has about 700 token holders, instant transactions, 0 fees and creator (me) only holds about 20% of the stake (very little compared to most if not all crypto's of today). So best investment ever and its so cheap that even a small fish from Africa can become a whale in LASSECASH.

/Lasse Ehlers


I don't like Justin Sun's acquisition of Steemit Inc

I don't know if I am digging the orca / whale reset but contentious fork is def on the table.

I'm almost thinking not even a fork. Think, one of the biggest problems w Steem is everything is crammed into one blockchain.

It's a clusterfuck compensated by expensive ass hardware. Think a redesign onto a new chain is in order.

We can def migrate the data but I sick and tired of shady crypto people and disingenuous hype hustlers.

My vision of crypto is serving people. Not hype, not vaporware, not abandonware. Not snake oil. Not smoke and mirrors. Not deception.

Ultimately, I am sick of the depravity on this space and think I am finally coming to the realization that of I want this shared vision to exist, we have to build it on our own platform.

Too many snakes here and it has wore down my soul. Fills me with an anger I hate. Anyways, getting too deep into my feels.

I know we had our disagreements in the past but I'm willing to give everybody a second chance.

I am imaging a platform that leverages SFRs model of moderation and with a bigger stick so to speak.

Crayon eating ancaps may be like that's too authoritian. And I'd say shut up beeetch. Look at the predicament the lack thereof has placed.

Authoritarianism isn't intrinsically bad. If employed judiciously and without malice it could be good. Anyways, I'm just rambling and I doubt to you are really interested in any of this.

Just thinking out loud.

He paid $4.5 million to promote Tron. It was in the mainstream news, he's a promoter. Not saying it a good way to spend that amount of money but i think that's why he paid so much. He can spend 4.5 million and hype the Tron token price 2-3% worth $50 million based on it's marketcap.

I understand this, I still think:

We can create value among ourselves in my view, we don't need crony's money, also I don't want a crony to be the leader of my beloved STEEM COMMUNITY. That's my point.

paid over $4.5 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett

Woah, now that's an interesting development. Did you watch the interview?

No I did not watch it, do you know what crony capitalism is? Do you know that Bitcoin is 100% anarcho capitalistic and that STEEM should be too?

Of course, but the cronies are showing their hand, why wouldn't we look?

Not sure what you mean by that?

That's a fair statement. Justin Sun submitted the winning bid for the Glide Foundation's annual "charity" auction.

In the interview, Justin was asked why he wanted to have lunch with Warren Buffet. He gave three bullet points to explain his action.

  1. Justin made a lot of money following WB's financial advice, so he wanted to "pay back" WB for his inspiration (with his $4.5 million donation to WB's "charity")

  2. Justin makes the statement that the Glide "charity" is focused on local communities, like his tron and bit-torrent, so he wanted to contribute to funding. (fluffy answer)

  3. Justin wants to be the "bridge" between the financial institutional investors and the crypto world - hoping that WB would soften his view against bitcoin and cryptos in general and encourage moneybag investors to begin buying on the exchanges to increase value.

Justin doesn't think he'll change WB's mind (which might be a good thing)

Still crony behaviour of Justin in my view... I dont care about "moneybag" investors... and Justin made his money on crony capitalistic behaviours.

End of story.

(I bet WB told JS six words... consolidate if you want to survive.)

@lasseehlers I found this to be an interesting perspective on Sun's ownership of Steemit, inc. The question that really matters is "Who influences the steem blockchain?"


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