Helping the Steem Alliance Get Started

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I'm part of a temporary Working Group to get the Steem Alliance project moving forward. To be clear, this is a 1 week term to help get the ball moving. After that, other people will likely be chosen instead to run the permanent Working Group.

This coming Sunday January 27 at 1pm EST, there will be another election process to nominate and vote in a more permanent working group that will work towards getting a Foundation group organized with rules in place established by community proposals and voting. Community involvement determines the future of this project.

If you want to join the Discord, please do: Steem Alliance Discord

You can read the working-group channel to see everything we talk about. Nothing is hidden. It's all in the open.

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else for the working group election on January 27, you can show up at the meeting and do so. A post will be forthcoming from @steemalliance shortly to explain in more detail what the Working Group will be responsible to do.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Thanks for playing a part in this project. I imagine I won't understand some of the things they are working on, so hope you can find time to make a post here and there on some of the ideas and moves they are making that are technical in nature.

I'm hopeful they will focus some on creating a push to educate businesses on how utilizing the block chain could benefit them. I believe the future will be in this area, whether through rewards programs for clients/employees, benefits packages, sales, etc. It would be a perfect fit for companies that operate independent of the chain that wouldn't rely on the economy of Steem to benefit. Imagine being able to have a large stake and offer rewards simply off the growth of their stake. So many possibilities that could be explored if we had the right people from here educating those who would benefit.

Imagine being able to have a large stake and offer rewards simply off the growth of their stake

What do you mean?

Finding a way to make business non-reliant on Steem is few and far between. As such, I don't think many are businesses when their only "revenue" is from delegations...?

I mean a business that profits in the real world outside of Steem and is not reliant upon its value. It could use a large stake to reward customers/employees off of the reward pool growth of its stake.

For example, Tarazkp figured that at approx 19k Steem one would earn 1 Steem a day. So if a company bought a few million they instantly would have a return on the stake without ever touching it that could be used to reward loyal customers, or employees. Taking the idea further, they could also allow its use as a discount coupon that would return the Steem to them to make their SP grow allowing growth of their programs.

Ah, interesting ;) Know any business people who would want to try? ;)

Unfortunately no. Maybe one day once I am through this cycle of struggling I will be able to implement such a thing. Hoping though if I keep talking about this someone already here in the community (or several someones) will have the kind of contacts that would listen openly to this. I believe the problem most apps are having is that they all rely on internal customers and the current price of Steem. Usually with large delegations from others as well. If we get businesses targeting a base outside of here, businesses that are profitable without this internal stuff, this chain will shoot unlike any of the others.

Using rounder numbers, say 20k Steem and 400 Steem per year, it's easy to grasp that's not a very high return. ~2% per year. Still, it's compound interest, and eventually would add up to something - except the inflation rate of Steem is dropping yearly, so the return would also.

Interesting idea though =)


Yeah, it would require a decent initial investment. The part that intrigues me is how it would easily be self sufficient for a company after the investment. Even grow if structured correctly. I can easily envision how it could become profitable to reward your customers/employees.

Thanks for commenting. I really believe Steem needs to look outside the bubble and get others to see a value that isn't blogging, or dependent for the company to stay afloat for prices to be high. Complementary to their already running business or new structures that could implement without that dependency.

"The part that intrigues me is how it would easily be self sufficient for a company after the investment."

No, it wouldn't. IRL inflation is higher than 2%, and a 2% return on investment would be a slow decrease in capital, not an increase.

I agree as to all of your other points.


I will write up a post soon explaining more in-depth on some of the ideas I see that would make it self sufficient. Sometimes I don't add enough detail when it is needed, forgetting others don't have my thoughts following them as I do. One of my faults that was pointed out to me years ago in writing classes.

I appreciate your input as you are one of the deeper thinkers here at Steemit.

" are one of the deeper thinkers here at Steemit."


Thanks for the kind words =)

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This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

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Thanks for being willing to stand in the breach for all of us Steemers. I'd be happy to see you stand for election on a more permanent basis, if you think you can be of benefit in steering development and meet the needs of the communities and foundation.

I appreciate your stands on many things, but this is just plain work.


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