STEEM Trading Stats for Today 1.12.2019

in #steem7 months ago

Last month of this year has started, lets see how STEEM does.

24h Volume - 75.69437310 BTC which is around $564,990 USD. Not bad during this bear times when BTC keeps dropping.

STEEM Exchanges

Notice if there is not liquidity doesnt mean theres none just CMC couldnt track it or so. Ie Upbit shares books with Bittrex so it surely is liquid. If you want to register to Huobi HERE IS A LINK - REGISTER NOW. Needs documents but its worth it, loads of opportunities vs Binance for buying there and selling on the other.

HitBTC of course skip, this scam should be delisted already.

Blockchain Activity

STEEM is top4 used blockchain in the world, pretty sick. EOS top1, TLOS is a fork. So top4 has 3 graphene based blockchains. Top8 is Bitshares older borther of STEEM.


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Did you heard about the crypto bridge shooting down?

mate i wrote about these problems 28 days ago, but idiot abusers of ocdb and others killed the post to get out of trending on steemit -

this post got to top of reddit for 2 days but of course abusers with free delegations know better.

They didn't kill just your post. They're killing steemit.
I even saw the big Bitconnect promoter raking rewards on steemit again.

"killing steemit" is the funniest thing I could've read today, thank you. You should create a community for your vote-trading activity since you obviously don't understand downvotes on disagreement of rewards on overrewarded garbage posts like these.

We'll see who's right.
But I can tell right away that you don't know much about human behavior. I will upvote my friends and family no matter what. If you want to call that vote-trading it's your problem.

No one's asking not to vote your friends and family, but doing that and that alone is not helpful to your own investment. If you don't like others disagreeing with you doing that, it's your problem.

So you suggest me to join one of the curation trails and upvote Marky's cake post or Craig Grant's bounce castles post?
Or maybe the posts of the sick guy's from Philipines? Or maybe posts of the famous American expat in Thailand?

I'll cut it here but the so-called new steem doesn't work and save your breath and stop convincing me the other way. Our only hopes are communities and SMTs.
You can form your own community but my guess is that it will not be among the popular ones.

over 30h on treding of 100k+ community but here killed in 1h from trending

all with free delegations that were to be used for upvotes.

I think Steem would be rise in Price if advertiser can easy spend there money to advertise here.

With a share Modell ( like on Youtube). So we get more Content Creators / more Advertiser / More user.

With the current System, people start, because of some $ downvoting we never get mass adoption.

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