Steem is mentioned in a research paper titled "An Equilibrium Valuation of Bitcoin and Decentralized Network Assets"

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Authored by Emiliano S. Pagnotta and Andrea Buraschi from Imperial College London, I found a mention of Steem in between the pages. Actually, two - the other being being Steemit. That's twice as much as mention of anything else, except for Bitcoin. I'll take that double combo lol. Check it out here:

I don't even know if the paper has any weight, but it looks serious and probably worth paying attention to. Maybe not. Maybe it's just full of fluff. My only activity in the blockchain space these days is waiting for Steem's communities, Smart Media Tokens, EOS's launch, and Tauchain's Alpha release. Can't be bothered about anything else at this point really. Anyway, Steem's at page 5 of the research paper as an example of being in demand because it's censorship resistant. Not the full picture, but fair enough. Can't say the same about bank accounts and traditional media platforms.

The rest of the paper seems to go into game-theoretical studies, economic models, and such. Overall, I just tend to see potential capital flow into decentralised platforms for virtue of being accessible alternatives to the existing powerful centralised systems. Too lazy to think too much about it, but Steem is what people are using actively already, so I think it's relatively safer compared to most cryptocurrencies. I've already hedged this position with EOS and diversified into other assets anyway so there's a certain peace of mind.

On the other hand, Tauchain Agoras is still a work-in-progress, but I now already have expectations for it to turn out to be one of the best inventions ever, hence my confidence in its future. Nope, the research paper doesn't even mention this project at all. It's flying under everybody's radar! *evil grin*. But that's the nature of the hard-to-understand concepts underlying Tau I guess. Or.. maybe I'm just crazy :)

Not to be taken as financial advice.

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It was also mentioned in Communications of the ACM back in January. It was a decent article, and it's a high profile publication. I wrote about it in Review: Decentralized Blockchain-Based Electronic Marketplaces [Communications of the ACM, January 2018] (Aside: Steem was mentioned!!!).

Thanks for the share @remlaps!

Greetings, Kevin

I believe that blockchain, being something new and little used, can still grow a lot. You need larger sites to see how this technology works and to create products on top of it. Steemit was a product created that, for now, is working very well.

Here in Brazil for example, the largest private bank we have partnered with ripple to use its blockchain to create some payment method ...

Over time, I imagine that many partnerships and creations will be made in this area.

Thank you and good

bravo, I like your post

This is very interesting, Kevin. Thank you for sharing this as it is encouraging to see The Wider World accepting what we are doing in cryptocurrencies and specifically with steemit

For sure it's always nice to dig out these papers. It's definitely out there like the Internet :). Thanks for dropping by @terrybrock, I miss our conversations!

I agree, Kevin, it’s good to see Steem/it mentioned anywhere, especially, in serious literature.

My wife picked up a few books about blockchain & crypto currency to deepen her understanding. I remember how excited she & I were when they used Steemit as one of the examples, in her textbooks 🤓. May this go on to be a trend! 👐🏼


Yup DPoS is being used in some blockchain projects, like Steem :)

Hello @kevinwong

Good to know about the mention of steem. In a crypto based research paper where no other crypto was mentioned other than bitcoin and steem, is an eloquent sign we are in the right direction.

As you are waiting for the communities, SMT, so are many of us too and I really wonder when that would be. I really would love SMT to be launched before the much anticipated eos. I have the feeling that eos coming before SMT may derive away those who wanted to make use of SMT, to eos. What do you think?

@eurogee of @euronation community

Hard to comment. Anyone wanting to build on EOS at the moment would need more development work put in, while SMT is pretty much lighter in any required dev work.

Ohhhhhhh that's great news. SMT is a goto then. Thanks for this enlightenment.

@eurogee of @euronation community

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So much hyped about EOS, right now Ethereum has so much flaws and drawback. (If you look at the most recent JUST Token, an ERC20 token)

As a blockchain developer (I just got started), I think the future is more favourable to EOS, I really like the DPOS concept; let just hope for the best that everything goes well 🙌

Dpos is not without its weaknesses. Shrinking the number of nodes down to 20 or so for speed comes at the cost of security. Witnesses can collude or even be bribed with relative ease. It’s still not tested in a high-cap setting. But if the world starts shifting into multitudes of dpos chains, then I think each chain should be secure enough but probably not be entrusted with funds in the order of trillions. Tens or hundreds of billions maybe. But what do I know lol

I can't wait until Steem is worth $1 trillion to really test it out :)

i'll be surprised if that happens..

I agree with that, but steem is a good example of the witness system;

who knows what happen in the future? Just patiently wait until June ....
( I might start my new project on eos instead of eth haha )

I've worked with eth stuff before. Not desirable, at least to me. But some people have opinions about c++ being used on EOS.

Solidity is okay, but the issue of ETH is that so many flaws project. Meaning that Blockchain developer need more time to test out their project.

Most blockchains, especially smart contract platforms are like toys at this stage. There's no way to proof beforehand that a contract is without bugs, and when it happens it's too late. An example being the DAO exploit back in 2016 on the Ethereum network. I'll wait for Tauchain for these things personally, but I think EOS might be one of the best solutions at the moment for infinite programmability. I just wouldn't want to write a critical contract and not have it last longer than a person's lifetime without possibility of exploits / bug crashes.. and it's a problem if the programming language is undecidable, with possibility of occupying contradictory complexities in code.

Yea totally agree, I saw some project did this because the messed up unsigned integer and integer haha.

I haven't look into Tauchain in details yet, so I can't comment on that.

it's the best thing any dev or investor can do for themselves, imo.

and for SMT, god know what Steemit, Inc is doing inside haha.

For contribution to Steemit official repo, my Pull Request was queued for almost 1 month, with no response. After almost a month or two, they merged my PR, so I feel like Steem are not quite open about their development process. 😕

Well that is so awesome that Steem is featured in a paper like that! It shows progression in the world, at least in my book. Because it shows that crypto is becoming more mainstream and that the blockchain is being utilized in so many new ways. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!

So a mutual friend who has also invested heavily in tau introduced me to Ohad's project. while I dont understand the technicalities , so I asked my partner to help.
He's a fan of Ohad. So, yes we're glad it's flying under the radar.
Although Kevin the website should be fixed.

This is the first time I have heard Tauchain Agoras. I gotta say that you are going to run into a problem with that one. The so called experts are mostly not. Sciences have been taken over by a cult in many areas. However I have a feeling that eventually you guys will figure that out. Then I think you will see a lot of success.

Good Luck with it.

Thanks @commonlaw. That's agreeable. Ohad (the founder) himself has good insights into it - check out the IRC logs. He's quite something else I must say. I think being part logical deduction machine, Tauchain will enable a convergence of correct propositions that will far outweigh incorrect ones over time.

I wonder if knowledge of the difference between the language of emotions and the language of the analytical mind would help sus out the cultist. I know that a human being can tell when someones contradictions are really a liars fraud, but what about a machines doing the same thing?

IRC logs as in makes IRC logs awesome? As I said today is the first time I have run into theses ideas.

I like the correlation. Thank you for this.

steem has only path and that is to the moon ;)

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Hmmm. Diversified into project like EOS is a much safer choice. Damn the Tauchain is really challenging my low IQ, have a real hard time to understand it. So it does not take brain to invest in it, but balls for me.

Steem is getting some of the respect it deserves. Steem rocks!! Thanks @kevinwong

Of course, It's mentioned! I would be surprised if it was not! :D
Good luck to you with Tauchain Agoras, my friend! :-)

Dahh.. I don't know much about it... just trying my best to know it by doing it. Write to earn it and utilise it... that's it

Where can I buy Tau/Agoras?
Tau itself has no token much in the same way as the internet, as a piece of technology, has no need for a token. However, the best way to invest in this project is by purchasing Agoras tokens, which will be the primary currency of the marketplace to be built over Tau.
Currently, these tokens are placeholder tokens in the form of an Omni Asset based on the Bitcoin blockchain. They will be exchanged for actual Agoras tokens once our own blockchain is ready.

Is the Agoras token being exchanged yet? Is the blockchain for it ready?

It's on bitshares dex now as open.agrs. Becareful about withdrawing it though as it's an open.agrs token! Feel free to drop by the telegram channel for any question :)

word. Same name on telegram?

yup the link's in the faq (link in post)

More you talk about Agoras more I go and check more information about it.
It's like hypnosis!

lol do your own research of course :) i just wanna give the project more exposure.

Every time I don't do something physical for an extended period I also feel lazy and lack any motivation to do stuff, so I will go out on a limb and say that your punching bag need a good pounding :)

STEEM? really I'd have to check this out but one thing I'm agreeing to is that STEEM is a future potential cryptocurrency

Inorder to tone down the rate of these kind of comments, I have to give you 100% upvote and leave you this reply!

"Offering massive rewards is how you get people here and earn a chance to keep them. Not with nonsensical posts about why STEEM will moon by 2019 or the latest news from some Steemit convention."

  • Yallapapi (2018).

Note: the rewards goes to people whose talents actually deserves it

Getting/attracting high quality bloggers, vloggers, journalists, youtubers, writers, artists etc adds up to increase the quality of steemit = high price of steem.


I totally didn't get it lol

Awwww menh. A million pint of energy went into that comment. Aaaaaah

Link is dead for me

There might just be more knowledge about the tauchian agoras than you think, well for me, iono shii about it, but now that you mentioned it, i will check it out. but Steem is what people are using actively already, so I think it's relatively safer compared to most cryptocurrencies. youre right about this

Amazing project “Tauchain Agoras”. When it comes to Steem price, it’s consolidating after nice run. I do belive there is more to it than just a temporary bounce. Just take a look at the chart. And we are about to break 1 mil. users.

Communities and SMTs will determine investors' final conclusion about any other move left for STEEM blockchain.

With the way things are going, I think that blockchain technology and steem itself is beyond what we think. Over here in Nigeria, I'm amazed already by the level of impact steem has created already and blockchain in general.

I am now earnestly looking forward to a day we will have a decentralized network service providers, it's possible with the blockchain technology, I believe so.

Thank you Mr. Kevin for this wonderful information, this is goodnews

@kevinwong, I agree with your opinions as you mentioned here. Everyone have eye opened already to steem tokens and steem blockchain. We are still waiting to launch Smart Media Tokens, EOS's launch. I'd like to find much about Tauchain. It's Alpha release will be awesome I think. Steem already using very actively. No need to worry about that and price will up.

Tauchain Agoras is still a work-in-progress, but I now already have expectations for it to turn out to be one of the best inventions ever

Yep. I believe the same and your portfolio most of succeed when I saw. So about Tauchain project, we can definitely hope it will find success way. Thanks to the letter.

Well, they say knowledge is power. Thank you for this little bit piece of information, I'm pretty sure it will vome in handy for me (read conversation starter) lol
Great Post Nonetheless.

Great post here! Thank you. Yes, Tau seemed too good to be true, but once I understood Ohad's genius level..and his commitment to the project, I dived into Agoras. Imagine being able to scale truth. Tau will be the most disruptive technology since the internet.

If I keep reading this kind of comments, i just might sell my soul to purchase tons of Agoras!

Is it a creative copy and paste? along with @milano1113, I kinda suspect. I remember stuff that I read online. Will check later.

As if you will get it :P

Yeah it's copy and pasted from comments of the reddit faq. Forever mute!

No proof

Wait, i hope you are kidding 😱

Someone tell me you're kidding!

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Great article and very informative, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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We realised the valuation of bitcoins and other blockchain tokens
here,, in a new type of production to growth economy is greatfull

now,,steem is a great currency,,really awesome steem based post and greatfull ofmachine,,just wow

Its great! Upvote for that!

A mention here and there could be the spark...
I think it is really good news actually.

Hey brother your post is verry helpful, i always like your post, love you brother........

Someday it will be accepted universally.

Communities, Smts, Eos.. I think this year is going to be a lot better in the blockchain.. I just hope Steem doesn't disappoint and it will be worth the wait..

Thanks @kevinwong for the heads up. It's good to hear about the mentioning of Steem.

I have also been looking into that EOS. Still learning but it looks to be something worth investing in. From what I understand it's the same guy who founded Steem, Dan Larimer.

good news don't you think?

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Steem and EOS will be moon more after launch SMTs & EOS's release. I have no longer experience about Tauchain Agros.

Yes, you are just crazy 😉

Hi, I just followed you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed!!@romyjaykar

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Wealso is waiting for Steem's communities, Smart Media Tokens, EOS's launch, and Tauchain's Alpha release. Hope everything works well @kevinwong. Warm greetings from me, @arafatnur

As time is going by it is feeling nice that Steem is being known to people.And really hope in the coming that we got see some magical adoption of it and the community of Steemit as well.

Thanks for sharing the news buddy !

I will stick with crazy :P

Nice beautiful post

I hope we get rich with the Steems, hahahaha..

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Comment plagiarized from @etherpunk in this thread.