60 SBD Mega Giveaway Contest: New Milestone - 60 Reputation Score!

in #steem6 years ago (edited)

The time has come! You have helped me hit the 60 reputation (profile) score on Steem!

Hitting this number has been a goal of mine since my start back in December of last year and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I could not have hit this milestone without you, my loyal follower, and without the help of @dtube, @dlive, @jerrybanfield, and many others who supported me over these past 5 months.

Let this milestone serve as an encouragement to you my friend. One of the reasons I set this goal is to show others that it is possible. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

With that said...help me celebrate!

60 Reputation Score.PNG

To be entered in the contest, please complete ALL of the following:

1. Upvote this post

2. Leave a thoughtful comment below

3. Resteem this post

4. And follow @kenmelendez

That's it! Super easy!

Thank you guys again for helping me achieve this milestone...you guys rock!

Can't wait to see you in the next vlog. Until next time, remember...YOU ARE AWESOME!

Take care.


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Congrats :)
It is indeed a great success to hit 60 in just 5 months! You must be really proud :)

Congrats! Soon enough you will be 65 like me!

You know it @bwells! Higher and higher is the goal!

Congratulation. 60 reputation is my dream too. Hopefully, I will get there soon.

Yes @simonpeter35 just keep on moving forward my friend. You WILL get there!

Thanks buddy, let's keep moving forward.

congrats man! once you hit 55 that isht goes slow as hell.

@kiefpreston.com don't worry about that, just work on getting your content upvoted by large accounts such as DTube and DLive. DTube has been a cornerstone for me reaching this goal.


Congrats Ken! Have been following you since day one and i must say you're a very hardworking and passionate person and are thus very well deserving of this. A week or so ago, I was reading one of your posts and i was certainly wasn't as informed and enlightened as you, just know it taught me a lot that day. So I can tell you've done countless hours of research, because Climbing the ladder of reputation from 50 - 60 is not an easy thing compare to 25-50. I know you have really put in several efforts to achieve this.

You deserve many more milestones ahead. Today is the day when you can sit relaxed and have a review of your journey till now. Don't forget to sip on the beer while going through. :)

Amazing man you are with endless possibilities. For now, just enjoy!


@jordanlove I always enjoy reading the comments you leave on my posts. Appreciate you bud and am super happy to be serving the community with inspiration and motivation. Cheers to you my friend.


Congratulations on the achievements you have accomplished. keep the spirit to reach the maximum limit. My prayer is with you.

Congratulation on your great success bro. Wish you will get an amazing journey in the upcoming days. It is the first day I saw your post. Hopefully we will be connected in future days. Have a blast bro.

Congrats!! Great achievement!! I´m working on the 60 since quite a while and I guess it will take some more time. It is funny how easy it was for some time and then from 55 on it gets really slowly. Glad you made it!

Nobody wants to turn 60 in real live but everyone wants the 60 on Steemit!! 😁

Keep on Steeming!! 💪

@kenmelendez wow a big Congratulations to you! You are so much blessed. I know that you have work so hard to achieve this milestones, I have nothing but full support and appreciation. Another success , milestones here on Steemit, another opportunity to inspire and encourage other people. Here is my congratulatory video to you

Ken, I wish you nothing but success as you continue to progress here. Continue to be hardworking and be that inspiration to everyone. I commend you for your generousity. Hardwork really pays off. Continue to reach for your dream here, I will be looking forward for your future endeavors. Job well done, cheers!
Another important thing I've notice from you is that you seems to be very approachable and humble, I can really sense the sincerity in your posts. I guess you are very optimistic in life, reading every posts you do are full of positive outlook
You have come a long way !Dreams are essential I believe,Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase. There will be no goal to reach. We will all be nothing without dreams. Whatever your desire and heart wants follow it!

@zam398 WOW WOW WOW. You made a video congratulating me. I haven't had anyone do that before. I appreciate you so much and am thankful to have you in my life. Lets continue rockin' this Steem journey together!


Welcome , I really wanted to have a very sincere and honest message. Godbless Ken

Congratulations bro Ken,for 5 months on steemit hitting 60 reputations was an awesome milestone bro!

We are proud of having you here in this platform,you really did a good job and a good example to those fellow steemians to reach their goal or milestone on steemit.

And thank you to a great and loyal followers you had,specially @dtube @dlive and to our very owned @jerrybanfield..


Keep on steeming and inspired other fellow steemians.


Bien ^_^

Yeah @jerrybanfield has some interesting posts and it's nice getting an upvote from @dtube nice!

indeed friend,he has a lot of interesting post!

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