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I think a big part of the problem is visibility. And before i move to that, new users need to understand that good content is key. Writing another post about crypto market update is not great of its only links to articles that i have to read. Its not ok to share photo of your garden and write some BS about it. Even if someone is sharing third party content, sharing an opinion on it will be better.

New users definitely have to be made aware of the right ideas and not be tempted by 100 dollar posts. Then may be there needs to be a section on how to grow on steemit. Key accounts to follow or key articles to read to get an understanding of steemit. If the user is more aware, may be their expectations are right to start with.

Second something needs to be done about bots. May be delegated SP should be limited to a certain % or total SP. May be only have manual curation, delegated SP cannot be used for curating posts. Something along these lines. Right now i think promoted content is making more money than genuine quality posts.


from everything I am reading, promoted content is making way more money than genuine quality posts, this seems to me mostly because it takes a long time to build a reputation on steemit and a new user doesnt quite understand that. My first posts were longer articles with pictures, but I have no audience, so it seems now that it is pointless to me to think about posting actual quality work until I have enough followers to see what I am posting.

Also, I have 172 followers and it seems that all but about 10 are bots. I had to do a little bit of research to figure that out. That threw me off big time.

Yeah, i am only 2 months old .. so i get what you are saying and my experience was no different. I wasnt getting an audience and the moment you post, it gets burried under a number of other new posts and very soon it seems as old as the genesis block of bitcoin.

And yeah, youll get 10 bots everytime you post some new content and that will stop. It stopped for me after about 300 followers. I did manage to get some actual followers but I do have one that does read all my posts. And i we started following each other after i commented on one of his posts.

Comments or interactions is the way for a new user to go and that has also been told to me by many experienced steemians. I guess once your level goes up, you will get genuine followers. But you should post none the less, even if its for 1 user.

Thanks for the helpful comment. I am Okay with starting small, I just want to know how to.

Here is something to start with and i hope it helps you.

Otherwise, please try this post from @dragosroua that i found very helpful. At the end of this post there is another link to a post about how to start when you're new to steemit.

Give it a month, you will find good content, kind people and genuine interactions.

Appreciate the kind words and helpful links. You are the second person who has reached out to help me with beginner stuff. It is truly appreciated.

No problem. I could have used all this help. With time i have been able to find all this. Happy to help anyone new so that their steemit experience is on fast track and enjoyable.

Also, dont upvote replies unless you get curation rewards or expect curation rewards or you are helping some quality post earn some money through your vote. Unfortunately, like you, my vote also has no monetary value, therefore i am not upvoting your comments. I used to initially use it as a proxy for liking a comment or as gesture to appreciate but it just amounts to wasting voting power. Try and build up SP, and then curate good stuff.

that is new information as well. Thanks for that tidbit, I just "powered up" for the first time, which I think I understand a little, my account is now valued at $.60 hahahaha. This is definitely a very new concept to me. Thanks again, I am sure to read a lot of your content, so if for no other reason keep churning that good stuff out!

I will try and youre welcome. I know how happy i was when my first post earned a cent. Its more happiness than the salary i get each month. It kind of tells you your opinion is worth something to a complete stranger.

quick there a time I Should upvote with my minute amount of influence? or should i mostly not do it at all?

I am not an expert on curation frankly. You can ask bunch of people to explain that to you.

I was just going to write whatever little i know but then a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and i dont want to mislead you and so i deleted what i wrote.

Let me tag the author of this original post and may be he can help or atleast tell you what content to read. @whatsup can you help us understand how curation works or tell us what to read to understand it. Will help both i and @curtross. Steemit whitepaper?

Making great comments and asking this type of question is a good way to create followers.

Personally, I don't think it is a terrible thing to buy a vote, this is actually a site based on crypto investment, when all else fails... invest.