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Can we get a proposal setup for Steem Exchange Listings?

I have been thinking this is a good use of SPS funds for some time now, but am not really sure how best to go about setting one up.

I have talked to several exchanges and it seems they want to get in touch with the developers, or least someone with connections to the developers, as opposed to some random coin holder.

Either way, could those with higher clout and more pull go about setting up an SPS Proposal for Steem Exchange listings?

I would be willing to help in whatever capacity I could.

I know I would vote for such a proposal and I am sure many in the community would as well.

Overall, I can't think of many better ways to spend SPS funds that would directly benefit all users.

More exchange listings will very likely result in a higher steem price as well as easier on-boarding of new users, which in a roundabout way, would likely also help the price of steem.

And a higher price of steem makes it that much easier to on-board new users, it's all somewhat circular and a higher steem price is at the heart of it.

A listing on Coinbase and Bitfinex, or any number of other exchanges could be helpful.

And as we know, many of them charge fees for listing (among other criteria). Using SPS funding for that makes a ton of sense to me.

Let me know your thoughts below.

Stay informed my friends.

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I support

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

I support

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors

Appreciate that you are making an initiative for this, and I will support such a thing if/when proposed (with my tiny stake :).

Also, since you are making this initiative, can you go further and make one about marketing. We all talk about the lack of marketing for Steem. The SPS is 4 months old now, and there is not a single proposal about marketing.

So maybe you can write a post on that as well.

I'm not really making one per say, I was hoping to help drum up some support amongst the whales for one, but none seem to be biting thus far.

Yea I get that ... and also since your voice can be heard a bit more, thats why I'm commenting .... is there some steemians experiance in marketing at all....

I'm sure there are somewhere. I would like to see the SPS fund steem exchange listings and eventually a marketing program like you suggested, but it would need to be headed by marketing professionals. We may need the price of SBDs to go back up and for the SPS to fill quite a bit more before we can really support these from just the SPS, but that is where I would much rather see that money going as opposed to just maintaining projects we already have that were funded via upvotes, or witness earnings.

I would definitely vote for that

Will vote that!

I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’d like to know "INVEST STEEM" on


How come?

Deposits are used to send tips :)
If you want to invest, you can:

  • delegate STEEM POWER
  • buy TPU tokens on steem-engine


I think we should burn all the SPS funds and then upvote all the Burnposts so the Trending page is 100% full of those and every dedicated Steemian should send their STEEM to @null and that will make the price go up and people will want to come here

Yea, it's a bit ironic that the trending page is probably the worst it has ever been after we just went through these major changes.

The changes were never going to work. Originally the curation rewards were higher and it just lead to cookie cutter content mills getting upvoted and everyone just dog piling on top of those post to try to get curation.

Then there is the extreme end where people are just doing the burn posts in a sad attempt to fight the inflation here further choking off what was the most valueable asset to this place. A growing SEO funnel. Couple that with Steemit INC's incompetence and miss management of funds and they have to keep hitting the sell button.

Then take the opposite example with Energi where they are doing huge airdrops and getting people involved and have great marketing and you have something people are excited about.

Would vote for it, thats for sure.

I'd support this proposal. A coinbase listing would be awesome!

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