How to UNDELEGATE STEEM Power (step by step)

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If you wish to delegate (Lend) STEEM Power (SP) to someone in the future, then you will probably experience not understanding how to undelegated. There are articles about this out there but I think that more of these articles should be created so we can spread awareness around this topic. Both me, and probably others have struggled with this, but I will now provide a tutorial on how to undelegated any STEEM Power you have ever delegated.

The few easy steps to succeed with the undelegation:

  •   Copy the URL that finds place down below  

Before you paste this URL in your browser, we need to do a few changes to the URL...  

  • Replace “youraccount”, that you can see appearing after “delegator” which is you, with your own STEEM username/account name.
  • Replace “otheraccount” with the username/account name which is holding your SP. 

Now you can paste this URL in the browser. You will be directed to where you will have to confirm your action (undelegation). Here you confirm and type your account name and password. 

If you have done all the steps correctly, then you should have succeeded with the undelegation.  

That is it!

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Have your Delegated STEEM Power to a friend, user or a service? Then ho much? Let me know in the comments below and I will answer everyone!




Thanks for the info! I'm almost done with waiting (7 days) to get back my delegated SP from minnowbooster. So everyone beware that you will not get your delegated SP back for 7 days once you have undelegated.
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I remember realising this as well when I delegated my first STEEM Power to minnowbooster. I got shocked as well. I also happend to not pay attention to my bandwidth, so I got scared for a little while when i saw my bandwidth in minus for a hour.

But I believe that delegating is a great thing, as I am giving my responsibility to upvote good post, to someone that actually can make a difference.

Are you regretting your delegation too minnowbooster? Or am I not understanding correctly?

I was just playing around with it and learning. Once I build up a bit more SP I will probably give an ongoing amount to minnow booster or other helpful bots that help build the community.

Great to hear! I wish you best of luck in your STEEM future!

Thank you for sharing it ! :)

No worries @minseungchoi

Important to inform the people on the STEEM block chain!

I can see that someone is delegating to your account? how did you manage to get such a great delegation?

It is kind of hard to explain... I think I only can say that Koreans are happy to share with others for growing up together. But It doesn't mean that other countries people never share. I am sure you will be able to find someone who can support you. I hope you can find someone soon! Good luck!

Thank you @minseungchoi, I am growing my account following, slowly but steady. I am not worried about not being supported with delegation, just as long as I can provide good enough content :) But, the future will tell.

I am traveling to Turkey btw, for a two international G1 competition, Turkish Open and European Club Championships. Just wanted let you know, just give a quick update.

Yeah! that's true. but it is difficult to do without SP. even just following, writing and voting at mid night? Anyway! Good luck!!
I wanted to participate in Turkish Open, but it is expensive a bit to go from Australia.. Good luck for your competition! Hope to hear great news soon!

Thank you very much! Aiming to bring some back some good news :)

thank you so much, very useful

No worries my friend @xauxag

We are all in this together, and it is important that we share this knowledge :)

Thanks @johnasp96 just undelegated mine

No problem @emekasegun

Great to hear you succeeded with your undelegation :D

Did you have this knowledge about undelegating before this post?

not working anymore

I want study

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I know this comment is super late on this post, but this is the first post that comes up if you google "undelegate steem power". With steembottracker there is a "Delegation Manager" under tools:

It just opens up steemconnect if you do this in the steembottracker's delegation manager.
You can find it here:

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