Account deactivation scheduled for next week

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Dear Steemians,

Hereby I would like to inform you that I will deactivate my Steemit account within the course of next week.

The main reason is that I actually do not see any longer a use for myself and the sense of this platform as the policy becomes quite contrary to the norms of what blockchain is sensed to be.

When the purpose was to be more inclusive in order to enable people who do not have access to the monetary system to get access to another form of money called crypto-currency the Steemit platfom has more becoming an exclusive system were people do not really feel integrated as only the big whales get rewarded as long as they have invested in expensive bot systems. Some of the guy are upvoting themselves with 100% upvote value and a very high upvote amount. However they are not helping the others by curating them for the quality of the blogs.

Curation bots and other kind of upvotes are also neither understandable and appropriate in my opinion as the author does not know in the end if the blog he posted was read or not. I would like to related to book writers who really welcome being read by the public in order to discuss the content of their books be it a historic or a romanesque topic or whichever subject might be mentioned in the history.

As I know that the system is transparent per default I already started to make a full power-down of my SP´s in order to prep the deactivation of the upcoming deactivation. I am aware that all the published posts will remain in the blockchain system through hashes and so on. The only reason I know how my posts weren´t read is that I never had comments even though I invited people to interact with me. Or might do people not really understand how to communicate which is unfortunately a lost value in our contemporary society.

I know that this post will receive a lot of upvotes which in the end do not have real value as most of them are coming from bots which were sensed to be eliminated in the latest hardfork. I will certainly also get some downvotes, already had 6 for my 2 last posts, without any explanation from the guys and who hide their face cowardingly as they lack bravour (spotted you guys).

So far I am over with this post and hope that I will find a way to reaccess my official steemit wallet in order to transfer my gains to another blockchain system which proves more reliable and honest.

Wishing you all the best no matter if you are a bot, real upvoter or a coward downvoter.

All love

The J


Not sure if Steem will ever grow out of the "social platform that isn't FB, Reddit, etc". With no centralized governance we are pretty much at the mercy of the whales (golden rule= those with the gold make the rules) it seems and their main focus is maximizing their $$$. Sometimes that trickles down to us minnows. Hopefully it I'll get better but my life won't end if it doesn't survive.

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The great thing is that sometimes there is no certainties when supporting some projects. There was no as FB and other Social Medias emerged some time ago and they became big. The point is also to be cautious when reading or hearing about the ambitions of start-ups and new products To me the the rings bell when the strive is to be as big as the bigs. Such ambition prove irresponsible and not sound enough. Obviously our lives will not end when projects do not make it. In some way when posting without investment one can get a healthier approach to the thing and say nevermind what happens it was free money without loss in investment. I also agree with you that the whales goal is to maximize their profit in getting a good ROI even though I do not see what their strategy is when seeing the current value of steem. No sure whether steem will be surviving the next 2 years .
Thank you for having read my post mate.

I can understand your feelings. Many have already left Steem.
However, pulling out your tokens now might not be the best idea since they are worth so little. I didn't check your wallet, so I don't know how much is actually in your account, but I'm betting that the price of Steem will be going up again. My recommendation would be to wait until the price goes up before taking your tokens out. If you leave them powered up for now, you even earn interest on what is powered up. Your master password never expires, so you should be able to access your account at any time, even if it takes a year for the price to go up.

If you do decide to leave Steem forever, you might consider handing your account over to someone else, since opening an account can be a challenge for some. You don't need to give up your tokens; take them out and then hand the master password to someone who could use the account.

Having said all that: I too have felt frustrated at the way it becomes more and more difficult to have any meaningful participation here and have rejoiced when I learned of other platforms that were to compete with Steem. Unfortunately, those platforms all have their issues as well, so I have yet to find anything better. It seems that the crypto-community is mostly about greed, so whatever platform comes along becomes corrupted. There are a few of us that actually do wish to see crypto-currencies become a new world currency and we wait and do what we can in the meantime. Developers are working at systems that will eventually make that happen, but it will take time for these systems to go mainstream. When that happens, I think you will regret having powered down and taken your funds out. I believe that patience will pay off in the long run.

Wishing you the best in whatever you decide.

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I wish I seen this post sooner. I'm not sure if you know but there's currently other interfaces that can be used to interact with the Steem blockchain. They reward new tokens + the regular blockchian tokens. Anything you post on them auto gets posted on your regular Steem blog.

You may want to check them out before calling it quits. I managed to become a whale on at least two of those new Steem interfaces being called Tribes.

As for downvotes, I got a few as well. #newsteem went over board and downvote happy but it seems it has slowed down to a more reasonable rate. There's also those going around downvoting for shits and giggles (most times their downvote is meaning less due to their low SP and VP.

Anyways, don't give up yet. When the price is low thats the time to collect. Its possible Steem may never recover but if it does you wish you stuck around getting as much as you can as it will be much harder to collect if it moons again.

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