Vessel Connectivity + SteemDB syncing (after yesterday's downtime)

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After the downtime experienced yesterday, many services are still coming back online and some connectivity may still be limited. I've received a number of messages today about using Vessel and not being able to connect, so I figured a PSA was in order to help get those struggling connected again.

If the server you've used previously is currently unavailable while using Vessel, head into the settings tab and enter:

You'll be able to connect and start using Vessel again, while the rest of the API servers are still replaying and getting re-established. This is a server I've been running for the past year or so, and while currently proxying websocket requests to, will swap back over to my server once the reindexing of the blockchain is completed.

On a related note - is back online and catching up on the data it missed out on since the blockchain has recovered. It will take a bit to process the blocks that have been generated today, but will eventually catch up. The witnesses page is functional again and account history is also being processed once more.

Thanks goes out to @almost-digital for both developing and pointing out lineman to me, which was why was able to come back online so quickly!


Hi @jesta! Not sure if you're monitoring replies, but could you update data? It seems the last update was Sep 11 in my case. As you know, uses follwers_mvests from it, many authors are struggling with low's voting while they actually should be voted by

I know that data is not urgent at all. Probably busy voting is the only regular use case :) but I think it's still worth to update since's voting power tends to reach 100% quite often these days. Many thanks!

Still trying to check every couple days, or at least every week or two :)

Yeah, I've been having a bit of trouble keeping that service running, the data is getting absolutely huge and takes a really long time to actually update for all 1m+ accounts. I made some changes over the last few days that will hopefully get it running again.

Thank you for your reply. Yeah many people are actually waiting for that update :) Thank you for your work!

ps. If you need a test, just update mine first, then I'll let you know if it works well :)

Just in case you may not know this, it seems updating stopped. I saw updating started Sunday from 'a' to 'bitcoin-' something. and then yesterday it seems restarted from 'a' and then seems entirely stopped. Thank you so much for updating and please check if you didn't know this.

Thanks for the update and continued support!

Hi friend, I noticed that the information of users in is not updated for example if you consult my profile you will notice that the information provided does not coinside with the current one, the number of followers for example differs from that indicated by It seems as if the data was frozen at some point in time and was not updated anymore!

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Thanks that you are still active and improving everything about steem. I like the hf20 and I'm glad I choosed you as a witness. I have only positive ideas about this, you can check them here : The positive side of Hard Fork 20 !

Thanks for the update, and thank you for creating Vessel. I strongly prefer desktop or hard-copy wallets to backup my crypto, so I appreciate having this option.

Don't forget about steemstats, it's been offline for over a week ;)

Hrm, I just looked at it and I'm not sure if steemstats is going to survive hf20. The APIs have changed enough over the course of the last year+ that I don't think it's going to function without some sort of major rework :/

Hey, oh ok - RIP! :/
Most of the features have been replaced by a combination of Ginabot and Steempeak now so maybe it's time to let steemstats go to a better place. sniff

Hola quién me enseña a usar esto!?

I don't know if you ever come here anymore , but I am trying to figure out why the golos section on does not work , I love the steemit section and wish the golos was working also , was hoping you could fix it. Thank You for your time.

I've had issues with availability of golos servers, which is why that section stopped updating a while ago. I think they also changed a few things that made it difficult to maintain, and I sort of gave up chasing new servers until things calmed down.

I can look around to see if the waters calmed a bit and somethings available.

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as @blockchainstudio already mentioned
@jesta bluengel also hopes to make steemdb update !

wish happy halloween and
be always happy with ♥ steemlife !

thanks :)

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