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RE: Vessel Connectivity + SteemDB syncing (after yesterday's downtime)

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Hi @jesta! Not sure if you're monitoring replies, but could you update data? It seems the last update was Sep 11 in my case. As you know, uses follwers_mvests from it, many authors are struggling with low's voting while they actually should be voted by

I know that data is not urgent at all. Probably busy voting is the only regular use case :) but I think it's still worth to update since's voting power tends to reach 100% quite often these days. Many thanks!


Still trying to check every couple days, or at least every week or two :)

Yeah, I've been having a bit of trouble keeping that service running, the data is getting absolutely huge and takes a really long time to actually update for all 1m+ accounts. I made some changes over the last few days that will hopefully get it running again.

Thank you for your reply. Yeah many people are actually waiting for that update :) Thank you for your work!

ps. If you need a test, just update mine first, then I'll let you know if it works well :)

Just in case you may not know this, it seems updating stopped. I saw updating started Sunday from 'a' to 'bitcoin-' something. and then yesterday it seems restarted from 'a' and then seems entirely stopped. Thank you so much for updating and please check if you didn't know this.